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Salem to Coimbatore, 4 lane road status

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by dhaya76, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. dhaya76

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    Last weekend was excellent and I had a great drive from Chennai - Coimbatore - Chennai. Things went on as per plan and the drive was so comfortable. As we all know there is 4 lane work going on from Perumanallur to Coimbatore. I have few updates,

    The road work is still progress in many towns. Some of the bridges are already completed and opened for traffic. But we need to be very careful about these bridges and roads. The new roads don't have lane marking and hence you can expect vehicles at high speeds hovering corners to corners. At the top of the bridges, they have put speed breakers and there is no marking on them. A small hording will be available, since they are small and at high speed we will miss these. I saw a small accident on one of the bridge where the first car (Innova) made a sudden stop and i10 which came right behind rear ended with Innova and the damage to the car is heavy (I saw the front windshield broken, radiator broken, bumper and bonnet displacement. Thankfully no one was injured).

    Avinashi bye pass is ready and opened. Beyond Karumathampatti, I am not too sure because I didn't travel beyond. But what I heard is that, until Neelambur the same conditions. My opinion is that, do not travel these roads after 10 pm and take some other route to reach Coimbatore from Salem/Erode since it is not safe and also you will encounter lots of diversions and bumps on the road which will make you uncomfortable.

    Will update on these roads after my next trip. After your trip, please update the status so that we all able to plan our trip comfortably.
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