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SALE! OEM Touch Screen System - Bluetooth/USB/Aux/Canbus/- with warranty - 8 months old for sale

Discussion in 'TFI Classifieds' started by Prabhakaran, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Prabhakaran

    Prabhakaran Timido

    Dear all,

    Selling price - 19.5k. Free shipping. Piano Black Colour - 4 months warranty remaining.

    I own a 2013 Linea Mjd (old model) in Chennai. As I'm planning to sell my car in the next few months, I have decided to sell the Virtue India OEM infotainment touch screen system which I purchased on June 2015. I got it for 25k and now selling it for 19.5k. It's rarely used and is in mint condition, there are no issues with the device.

    Bluetooth - Canbus - Usb - Aux - SD card - Maps - 3G dongle and mirror link support etc..

    Please find below link for more details on the product: http://www.virtueindia.in/product/punto-car-player/

    I'm available on +919841352555. Kindly whatsapp or call me for more details.



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  2. Prabhakaran

    Prabhakaran Timido

    As per the request of one of the TeamFiat member, below are the additional details and cost is reduced to 18K:

    Wiring Video:

    1) Digial LCD Monitor, High definition, Touch Screen
    2).Car Radio, AM/FM, RDS Feature
    4). GPS navigation
    5).Analog TV
    6).Bluetooth function
    7).IPOD function
    8).AUX function,USB plug,SD slot
    9).Wince 6.0 operation system
    10).Including External CANBUS connection box
    11).Support Rearview camera
    12).Support Steering wheel control
    13).Support original blue&me

    Brand-New A9 dual core CPU platform, built-in ARM Cortex A9 dual core CPU
    1) The CPU: ARM Cortex A9, high frequency 1.4G x 2, double level cache, L1 cache is 32KB, the L2 cache is 512KB.
    GPU:400MHz accelerated 3D processor, support OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0, OpenGL VG 1.1.
    2) Memory, 256M memory, processing speed up to 1866M DDR3
    4) Support 1080P, 60pf HD video, such as RMVB, MKV, TS, H.264, MPEG4, VOB, AVS, VP6, VP8, HD video, support 3D HD movies, also supports lossless audio, audio, quality as CD, such as APE, FLC and other formats
    5) The TFT high-definition screen, resolution up to 800*480, with a HD map, no matter from the video and map, to give people more clear visual perception.
    6) Can support WIFI or 3G internet.
    7).GPS navigation, support real 3D map
    8).Bluetooth support phone-book and music play.
    9).AUX function,USB plug,SD slot
    10).DVD Laguages (English, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish, Saudi Arabia, Hyboria, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, German, ,Thailand, Japanese, Russian)
  3. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Does it match with our dashboard... Please msg me with this regards.. I may plan to decide on getting this
  4. aks_karthik

    aks_karthik Novizio

    Looks cool and i am planning to have the same. will call you some time.
    what's the Map you are using and where did you install it in chennai?
    I am having 2009 linea and hope it's a direct fit replacing the current mid piece/system.
    Whether it's still installed in your car?
  5. Annan1975

    Annan1975 Timido

    still on sale?

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