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Romance with (TJET+) - Italian Beauty

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by anand_27, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. I know I am late to post my feedback on this site. Thanks to paddleshift who asked me to join this forum. It is good to be here. Here is my post that I was promising since last one week. I shall post the same on carwale.com as well –

    Interesting story of my car hunt

    Thought of changing car was going on since last 6 months. The date for the new car was decided as 9th Oct 2010 because I got last car on 2nd birth day of my elder daughter and this car on 2nd birth day of my younger daughter. It was in Jul’10, I started search for the new car to replace my Indigo LX which was five and half years old and drove me and my family for 1 Lac and 10 thousand KM.
    Last time I did not spend any time in research or finding out which car is suitable, just went blindly for Indigo LX. Even my family saw the car when I brought it home. But this time, I had decided to do research as well as involve my family (mother, wife and elder daughter) in this car hunt and take their feedback, opinion and views before deciding the model. Only one thing was decided that was I would be going in for a petrol car for sure as my home-office commute is reduced by half. I would be driving only around 1200 KM per month.
    I had shortlisted the following models –
    1. Honda City - Tons of Honda City’s are there in my company. This was my first choice due to various reasons and one of the primary reasons was the brand and A.S.S.
    2. FIAT Linea - Seriously I got to know about FIAT Linea only when one of my colleagues bought it! Occasionally I go through the websites sites such as carwale.com, autocarindia.com and never saw any mention of this car in headlines. When I saw my colleague’s car I could not take my eyes off! Such a wonderful, stunning (looks) car
    3. Toyota Corolla (Altis) – My brother had this before his recent Skoda Superb
    4. Chevrolet Cruze – Nice looking and well built car
    5. Volkswagen Vento - While my research was on I got to know that Vento is launched and then I added that to the list

    I knew that I can’t compare Altis and Cruze with other 3 as they are from different category. By the time I was also too decide whether to go on individual or company lease car (to save tax). This calculation took some time and finally I decided that I will go with company lease. I had to drop Altis and Cruze as it was out of the budget allotted by the company. I was not allowed to put additional amount. By end of four years I had to buy the car from company. So with the thought that I had to keep this car at least for four years, I carried my research forward with Honda City, Linea and Vento. Since Vento was new data was not available and between Honda City and Linea, every expert was talking very highly about Honda City.

    My TD Experience- Now since models were shortlisted I started the process of TD.

    Linea - I (along with my family) went to Fortune Motors (Navi Mumbai) for Linea TD. Saw the display vehicle. I had already seen the vehicle at my office but my family was seeing it first time. They were impressed by the awesome looks. It was a wow factor! Asked them to sit at rear seats and check for the comfort. Feedback was that seats are not conformable at all. The support to the thighs is not good. Internal plastic quality was not good. Fit and finish was pathetic! There were sharp edges! Disappointing! Drove both petrol and Diesel and found Diesel better than petrol one in terms of responsiveness. Positives were exterior looks and features, A/C vents at rear. I asked sales executive about the more turbo engine which I had read but he said that they don’t know anything about the same and don’t know when it is getting launched. I told him that I am not interested in the current version (FIRE) and let me know when turbo engine version is launched.
    After a disappointing TD experience of Linea, next week we went for the Honda City TD at Hallmark (Navi Mumbai).
    Honda City – Everyone liked it. Exterior looks were not that appealing like Linea but then was having aggressive stance. Checked the comfort at rear seats, it was excellent. Fit and finish was better than Linea. Lacked in the features offered by Linea. Dealer did not have a manual transmission car as it had gone out. Had to settle for automatic transmission. It carried us nicely. Engine was good and noise level was 0. Gear shift was better than Linea. Met the service advisor and asked for the maintenance costs etc. With all these positives I found the negatives such as lack of features offered by Linea (FIRE) which was one and half Lacs less. Service internals and maintenance cost! Finalized the color after lot of deliberation as Polish Metal. I was more inclined towards Gold Beige. But rest 3 votes were for polish metal.
    So the choice was made! Honda City. While I was about to raise the online purchase (company intranet) order request, I got to know about Vento and then one week after Honda City TD, went to Volkswagen showroom.
    Vento - It was not as appealing as Linea or Honda City. Volkswagen logo was awesome. It looked as polo from front! Why one should pay 10 Lacs for hatch back converted to Sedan? Internal plastic quality was excellent! Fit and finish was too good! Better than Honda City. But color combination, dashboard and instrument panel looked basic like an entry level Sedan! Engine was less responsive than Honda City. Could hardly fit the 3rd person at rear. But was more comfortable for two people than Honda City. Another issue was of availability. Service advisor told me about 3 months waiting and I left Vento thought at showroom.

    I told my family that FIAT is coming up with new model. Though date was not known we can try that as well. By this time, my wife and mother had lost their patience. I had no choice but to book Honda City. I came back home and raised the purchase order for Honda City. It went through several approvals and finally was pending at purchase department. I had to settle for the date as 17th Oct as till 8th Oct there were inauspicious days.

    Flirting with Linea T-JET - On 23rd Sep, while surfing through carwale.com, I came across the review of T-JET and date of launch as 8th Oct. Also they mentioned that it addressed the issues of earlier model and also GC is increased to 170MM. Next day I asked purchase department to hold on the purchase of Honda City as I wanted to take a look at Linea T-Jet. Somehow I convinced my wife to wait for 8th Oct and join me for one more TD. I promised her that this time, it will be last time. I called up sales executive but he mentioned that they are not aware of any such news. In fact till 2nd Oct, these guys did not confirm that T-Jet is getting launched on 8th Oct. It was frustrating and disappointing that FIAT guys are so much weak in marketing their products!!!

    So finally it was launched on 8th. I was hooked to internet from office (very rare). I called fortune motors on 8th Oct morning to check the availability of vehicle for display and TD, it was not ready. I called up Wasan Motors at Chembur and he told to come to showroom at evening for TD and display which I could not. So on 9th afternoon at 12:30 I (along with my wife and daughters) was at Wasan motors. When I was about to enter the showroom from main gate, there was the Italian beauty (in Tuscan Wine) welcoming us. Inside the showroom, we were welcomed by the trained sales executive (wasn’t surprised as carwale.com had mentioned this in review). Since display car was not at showroom, he explained the features of Demo car standing at the sun! But then it was worth sanding there, impressed by the mighty looks of 16 inch alloy and 205 wide tiers. Floored by the 1st looks. I was infacutated towards this beauty from the day I looked at my colleagues’ car, but then this time it was looking more beautiful. After initial feature explanation, took TD.

    Below is my TD report that I posted on carwale.com on 9th Oct –

    Quick update: I took TD of T-Jet today (Wasan Motors, Chembur Mumbai) and also saw new color as well.
    Exterior Looks: Looks stunning on 16 inch alloy wheels and 205 wide tiers. It is very appealing and makes the statement of a higher segment car. I saw all 3 premium colors as well as Hip Hop Black, personally I felt that it looks too good in Tuscan Wine followed by Hip Hop Black, Fox Trot Azure and then Sunbeam Beige. Again, color is something very personal.
    Power & Performance: Way better than FIRE one. I felt engine was very responsive and better than Honda City (No hard feeling Honda fans. I too is? (you can say was) Honda fan till I took TD of T-Jet. TD was on highway as well as Mumbai traffic (could not cross 90 as it was Mumbai highway (Sion-Panvel) which is always crowded). Could not take it on free road towards Vashi as vehicle was not registered. Very stable and disk brakes do wonder in terms or stopping the vehicle from higher speed. Suspension and handling is Much Much better than Honda City. Hats off to FIAT! Another advantage for me is 170 MM of ground clearance which should not be an issue when I travel country side.
    Interior: Very much improved. Last time when I looked at Linea, it was not of worth paying 8+ Lacs. Now feel is very good. It could have been better. Still no match to Honda City. Italian leather seat covers are very nice.
    Features: No need of mentioning as everybody on this forum knows. BLUE & Me is a revolution in this class. Too Good! This time, sales person was knowledgeable and hence I tried it and all my family members were happy to see this.
    In the end I felt that it has all the pluses and worth paying 10.70 Lacs on road Navi Mumbai (company lease). Individual 10 Lacs On Road (Navi Mumbai). I would still see an improvement in Gear Box, Plastic quality and of course, A.S.S. They are promising that T-Jet customers will have special service. Let’s see. Time will prove that but service at 15, 000 KM is a big bonus for people like me where as Honda service is at every 5, 000 KMs. Not sure if this is true for all services of only initial one.
    So to conclude: I had kept purchase order (generated to buy Honda City) on hold on 23-Sep when I got to know that T-Jet is getting launched on 8th Oct. I did this even when I knew that I will miss two imp milestones - 1. Car Booking on 9th as it was my daughter's 2nd birth day 2. Wanted car to be delivered on 17th Oct on Dasera Day (One of the auspicious Days out of 3.5 days in a year)
    But now I feel that the decision was worth. I am doing one favor on me and booking T-Jet. Just now raised a request to my finance dept, and asked them to process a purchase order to buy Fiat Linea T-Jet Plus model (Tuscon Wine). They will take 2-3 days as they need to process the new order and will undergo all approvals again.
    After TD, I asked Wasan guy on when they can deliver the car. He told that he can deliver the same by 21st Oct. so I was missing my milestone by 4 days. I insisted but he said that none of the dealers are given with the spare car and no one can even deliver the car on 17th. With this answer, I came straight back to Fortune Motors (Navi Mumbai), this time I could see all premium colors. I asked the same question, when they can deliver the car. Same answer not before 21st Oct. I went back without confirming the booking. Checked with all other dealers and same answer. I called up Fortune guys again on Monday, he asked me for the preferred color. My preference was Tuscan Wine. he too mentioned that there is one Tuscan Wine color that has come for the display for one of his showrooms and still not sent to the showroom. He checked with his manager and agreed to reserve that car for me so that it can be delivered to me on 17th. And then this is how I got my car delivered on 17th. Below are the pics –

    After the car delivery, I posted the below feedback on 17th night on carwale.com

    And finally I got the Italian beauty at my door step. I drove around 70 KM today and needless to mention, it was very impressive drive. This is the 1st car delivered in Navi Mumbai and dealer told that may be the 1st delivery in Mumbai (though he was not sure). Anyways does not matter whether I am first or not but then I could see people turning their heads and looking at this beautiful car till it vanishes from their sight. Man! It looks stunning and drive and handling is too good. It may be too early but I think my decision to go for T-Jet over City and Vento is worth Million dollars. Shall send you pics in next 2-3 days.

    After couple of days, sales executive, along with his manager came to my home and gifted wine bottle and a letter signed by Mr. Kapoor. Fortune folks also sent one email to Mr. Balaji, RM FIAT congratulating me to be their first Customer. In the same email thread asked Mr. Balaji on confirming the 1st retail Customer in Mumbai but he has not yet got back?……..Any ways does not matter. On 26th Oct I posted the below on carwale.com forum. This is my first ownership feedback after driving few KM’s
    Due to my slip disk problem I am not advised to go for a longer drive. Hopefully I may go to my native place (500 KM from Mumbai) for Diwali and then shall send more details. It is too early to provide any concrete review but after driving my car 500+ KM here is my initial feedback. Ideally I should write more about the performance and ride but can’t resist to write about the other aspects. So here it is -
    Exterior – This is written by many and I have also written in my TD review. This is better looking car than Vento and Honda City. I see people turning their heads towards the car to get the glimpse of the same. In my company/society, this is the 1st T-Jet and became a talking point. Obliviously they are talking about the looks more than anything else unless they drive. It looks better than earlier due to 16 inch alloy. Looks upper segment car
    Interior – Far better than the earlier model. Fit, finish and plastic quality is much more improved now. This was one of the negatives and reason for me to almost book Honda City. But compared to City and Vento, still needs some more refinement. Seat Covers are good and I liked the steering design. Excellent! Earlier I felt that rear space is not adequate in Linea but now I disagree with everyone (including me). There is more than enough space and if you take front seats completely back, you need to sleep to touch the front end of the car. I guess 6.5 Feet tall person also can easily seat at front and still can have good amount of space at rear. Yesterday 4 people sat at rear seat (with discomfort though). I felt seats are quite low compared to Honda City. Vento back seats are more comfortable for 2 people, third one cannot seat at middle.
    Features – You may already know so no need to write more. Just to conclude in one line – “Competitors can’t even come close”
    Engine/Power – Awesome! Trust me! Better than Honda City. I am not comparing with Vento as I found petrol Vento under powered when compared with Honda City. Now I feel more confident at signal and in traffic. Pleasure to drive in the City traffic as well as highways. I did not go on the proper highway yet but driven this on the palm beach road (Navi Mumbai. Famous for speeding and accidents). No noise at all at high speed. Personally I felt that Honda City engine is more refined at lower speed compared to T-Jet. But once it passes 2000 RPM it gives you the punch and then you feel in different world. First time when I filled in the petrol it was Power petrol but yesterday I used unleaded petrol (so called Sadha petrol) and found that there is a lag till I get pass 1600 RPM. Till yesterday, I did not feel the same. It drove 6 people (4 in back and 2 in front) without any issues. Of those 5 friends 4 drove the car and were very happy about the engine performance. Hardly any noise entering into Cabin!!!
    Latest update is that I went to my native place. Driven 1600 KM’s so far. I shall write more about the same next week. I have taken pics of car at my farm as well. Will attach the same next week, till that time, here are the pics taken at parking slot of my society
  2. Congratulations again ! Awesome colour and a brilliant machine !
  3. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Congrats Mr. Anand. T-JET is not only a beauty, It has the power too.
    I wish you many years of happy romance with your T-JET. :clap
    The color looks awesome on Linea. Keep updating the thread. :)
  4. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    Congrates Anand,
    You own the India's most beautiful n stylish car with more power!!!!
    Colour is also good !!!
  5. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Congrats Anand,interesting write up
    By the way,how to maintain those beige colour seat covers???!!!.I had an extreme idea of getting the seat cover done in the body colour,in my case flamenco red,how would that look?!!
    Happy motoring
  6. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Congratulations and best wishes, anand_27, on becoming a proud owner of a Fiat 1.4 T-Jet Plus TW. Explore and enjoy the T-Jet.
  7. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Congrats Anand. Enjoyed reading your review and your story for car hunt :). I'm sure you are enjoying your drive.

    Drive safe!
  8. Thank you all!

    Yes I am enjoying every moment of my drive. I shall post the ownership review along with my exp of native place visit in few days.
  9. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    Congrats on the wine anand. Beauty with brains and brawn, I think TJet deserves such a sobriquet. Many happy miles!
  10. NAREN64


    Hai Anand,

    welcome to TFI. Nice reviews of your T Jet. Car looks fantastic. Happy & safe driving.

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