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Road Tax in Bangalore

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by Cubbie, May 9, 2011.

  1. What is road tax percentage charged in bangalore? Concorde is charging 15.54% instead to 13%+ 10 % cess,that comes to 14.3.
    I am having difficult time in convincing the them as my relative is trying to book a 2012 Dynamic.
  2. ravindra


    Re-registering the car in different state is really a big pain. First of all you need to get an NOC from the state where it is originally registered and paying the life time tax at Bangalore which is definitely a hole in the pocket. Just to give an idea - I paid Rs.10000/= for 1996 model Maruti Car when I re-registered it in Karnataka in 2010 (that is after 14 years of using it at Delhi). It was not worth getting anything from Delhi RTO as refund of road tax, as the amount was meager Rs.1600/- as life time tax paid in 1996. Yes Delhi and other places you can manage but in Bangalore it is difficult to manage because the police have all the records and the normal excuse that "I have come for a short trip" will not hold good at Bangalore.

    But if you are working for Central Govt or Central Govt undertaking (including public sector undertakings) then by producing a letter from your employer you can opt for paying yearly tax which definitely is cheaper than paying the life time tax and especially for a person who is planning to go back to his native state after few years.

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