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Road rage - How do you deal with it?

Discussion in 'Safety First!' started by PatchyBoy, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    1.I never compete with any one on road, give way to who ever wants to over take, do not mind a last rank in the speed test.
    2.I never join issues with anyone,when someone shouts or picks up an argument, I give it to him and make him feel a winner.
    3.I have developed a thick skin and do not mind being wronged.once a drunkard biker crashed on to my car coming in the wrong side and cost me damages of 20k,I did not ask him a single question, looked only at the possitive that he was not hurt.
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  2. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    Hmmm.. I confess.

    I often end up getting angry, while I see someone blocking my way in a fast lane by just talking on phone or busy discussing with his co-passenger. I will be forced to honk to get their attention back on road. At times, the driver in front of me waves his hands to let me pass (angrily..) and I show my hand in a thanking fashion (sarcastically..).

    During my last drive in NH7, I had to honk behind a JCB earth mover in the fast lane (at ~20 kmph) trying to overtake a truck moving at similar speed. After letting know the JCB driver that he shouldn't be in this lane at such a slow speed, he steered his vehicle as though it'll hit my car. I had to scold him with rude words when my 1.5 year old niece was looking at all these things from behind. Felt very bad that I was a terrible example in front of her.

    I have to admit that I feel bad about all those rages and I'm seriously trying to control it. This article is very helpful for that, thanks a lot Rajan.
  3. I too feel the same but, there is nothing you or I can do to educate them unless law become strict with everything not just for sun films or helmets. Why there selective implementation of the law.All the traffic laws are broken on road,any person awere of the law feels he is victimized by raging bulls on the road.
    I don't know why traffic police can't recruit more people and handle offenders fine them . That would also generate good revenue for their department.Oh no i forgot about corruption here!! sorry i am expecting too much aaa.
    I feel it is rooted some where in education system,for ex in japan until 3rd standard there are no exams but they are thought on values in life and discipline.
    Look at our education system they are bringing out fierce warriors who are taught compete for every thing including parking space on the road.
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  4. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    One of the reasons I thought of starting this discussion -

    I used to be very aggressive on the road. If any cabbie overtook me on the wrong side, especially when I am doing a right turn / U turn, I used to chase him down, overtake and drive at 20 kmph for the next km or so, without allowing him side to overtake me. Same thing with BMTC buses. I always used to get pissed off at pillion riders giving signals. It is not as if they have any control over the bike. I have even rolled down the window and yelled at people, flipped the finger at unruly drivers, etc. I spent one night in the police station, because I pulled down a pavement rider, kicked him and broke one of his ribs. Any kind of road rage not involving weapons - you name it, I have probably done it.

    Then something happened. I started listening to vedic chants in my car. It is a known fact that chanting vedas regulates one's breathing. I think the effect is both physiological and psychological. After this change, I found that I do not get annoyed by any of the same things that would make me seethe in the past. Strangely, it reduced my commute time by 10 minutes and I started arriving at work feeling energized and not stressed. To make things sweeter, my mileage improved as well :D

    As for me - road rage is a thing of the past. I have changed the one thing I have control over and am a much more sensible driver now.

  5. Rajan,

    It takes more than just you, me or I to make such a open confession.I am sure you are on right path.
    I noticed you weren't bothered to about the small damage to your car in Davangere when a Santro brushed up against the fender.
    I also feel age has some thing to do with this for say majority of the people there may be few people will be a in minority side, No i am not talking about minority word as used by politicians.
  6. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    My mom always asks me to do that, but sadly I don't. (You can blame my age or maturity levels)

    Probably I would, after I hit the mid-thirties. :)
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  7. I used to be abusive and would get physical some one does a mistake which could have caused grave injury or loss of life, now a days I talk to them with out being abusive many people either say sorry or try to get an argument started but since there is no reciprocating tone or anger they seem to get confused and leave the scene.

    This is has worked to me for great extent but some time even though i am being nice other person tend of abusive for no apparent reason.yesterday i was coming back home on vespa after it's 4th service.
    one person in a 100 cc motor bike was having a indicator and suddenly cut across my lane to go to his right, i stopped the scooter in time , looked at that guy.
    He was like firing abuses like bullets from a machine gun on me and drove fast in rage into a residential colony road, hope that guy is still okay and haven't hurt any one.
    It took me a while to know what exactly happened.

    Please don't get me wrong here, many times i see people from US or other Asian countries whom i get a chance to interact are so calm and at peace with most of things in their life. I have make effort to try yoga and mediation achieve what they have by default.
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  8. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Nothing good can come out of reacting in that situation Sat. He would have argued that it is my fault, I would have argued that it was his fault. He would have insisted I pay to fix his car and I would have insisted he must pay for my damages. We would not have agreed. I would have picked up the phone and called you guys back. He would have done the same too and called his friends.

    End of the day, is it worth wasting the time of so many people, spoiling the mood and holiday spirit of so many people? IMHO, not worth it :D

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  9. There is no right/wrong time for it , you don't have to wait until then.
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  10. Parantap Chatterjee

    Parantap Chatterjee Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    I for one will never be saintly enough to smile at someone who cuts me off :) Having said that , thought I'd mention some of the things I usually try and follow :

    1) Follow the rules yourself. I can proudly say that as a driver , I am rarely honked at :D . I usually stick to the middle lane minding my own business. If I am in the fast lane , I ensure to get in and out of it quickly.

    2) If there is a minor brush-up , move on - thats what insurance is for. Very few brush-ups/fender benders result in the guilty party actually paying for the damages. Usually most people just end up arguing with each other , throwing fits , blocking traffic but ultimately going about their own merry ways.

    3) Greatest lesson - you can show one person who's boss. Cut him off , beat him up , get him to pay etc. etc. But there is no way you can show everybody on the road , everyday that you are king. In terms of probability , all drives you go on are independent events , and the fact that you taught one guy a lesson will have no bearing on the next guy who's about to cut you off or honk at you.

    4) Respect truckers. They have a much harder life driving their 10000 ton trucks than you have driving your zippy cars. Anticipate their moves and drive accordingly. If the truck ahead of you in the middle lane is coming up behind another slower truck in the same lane , 95% of the time they will move to the right and overtake. No point in trying to second guess him or do a pre-emptive overtake yourself .

    If he sticks out a hand and asks you to stop when you are trying to pass him - STOP. 99% of the time , he will give you way when he is done.

    I have also noticed that truckers respond more favourably towards headlight flahses than they do to honking, even during the day.

    5) I have noticed that a lot of incidents are caused by people abruptly changing lanes in response to something , instead of slowing down. Again something that should be easy to anticipate. Suppose you are in the middle lane with relatively fast moving traffic to the right. Suppose some guy starts braking in the right lane for whatever reason , taking a turn , for a red light etc. etc. Usually the first reposnse of the people behind him will be to switch lanes immediately. You can anticipate this and drive accordingly.

    Now having said all of this , let me also confess to one thing that I am regularly guilty of - I am a "left-lane-overtaker-blocker". If I am in the middle lane and some maniac up rushes up behind me and tries to overtake from the left , I usually speed up and block them. Other than that , I am usually a good boy on the road :)
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