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Review : ICICI Lomabard Motor Insurance

Discussion in 'Insurance & Loan Reviews' started by pradeepsangwan, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. pradeepsangwan

    pradeepsangwan Amatore

    Bhiwani, Gurgaon
    Grande Punto 1.3
    14th Aug 2013 - My car was going to be 4 years old and insurance was also getting expired on midnight 16Aug2013, Keeping this in mind i called ICICI Lombard insurace and got a quote of 7698 as a premium amount and during telephonic interaction with ICICI i have made payment of this amount using Standard Chartered manhattan Credit card now show starts.

    Executive I was interacting was SUNNY D'SOUZA empid - 7822819, Proposal number given to me W19663974, Amt=7698/-
    Executive informed my that transaction is not successful, i have asked him to again use the details he again confirmed it failed but i got SMS that you Stanchartered Credit card transaction is processed. I confirmed the executive that i have received this msg but he told system is showing failed at our end can you please check with bank and let us know the transactionid, i said OK i called SC customer care and SC customer care confirmed that amount is processed and transaction id is : APPR000659, I have given this details to Mr Sunny D'Souza who was holding line on my mobile, he wrote down the details and told me that he will confirm me the policy details tommorrow as he now get this transaction is entered from the backend(direct update to company database).

    15th Aug 2013: WAIT complete day NO CALL
    16th Aug 2013: Again called to ICICI customer care and got request number :: 16082013236, after explaining my problem in detail to several executive and got my call transferred to this department to that department and got no confirmation that policy has been done or not .
    After getting request number i asked call executive to transfer call to his supervisor and he transferred my call to his supervisor.
    I asked supervisor that in case my payment is unsuccessful and i need to pay again what will be the premium amount. He told me that it will remain same sir no change as you Quote is valid till 21Aug2013 and supervisor told me that he will look into the case details and let me know what happened with policy.

    17thAug2013: Got call from ICICI saying your policy is not registered with us due to payment failure and than i was without policy and ICICI is informing me after expiry of my policy.
    I kept my calm and asked him to make payment right now to get my policy registered, he mentioned that it cannot be done as there is some problem in payment and than i asked ok if i make payment on Monday is there any issue, supervisor mentioned no issue Sir.

    19thAug today i called around 11:00 am and call lasted till 1:30pm, what happened in the call???

    Mohmad Ibrahim/808711(First Executive): Took details from me again and calculated Premium more than 8000/- and i questioned that and told him that it should be 7698/- only as this was promised, he forwarded my call to other Department now

    Anita/785187(Second Executive).Asked all my details again(as they were not having my details as i started the call with the same request number which was given to me on 16th Aug2013) and after that again transferred to other department now

    Shoib/800468(Third executive) took again all my details and told me that he cannot fetch my details from his system as system is under up-grade and he will call me later, I insisted him to stay on the call as let me know which system he is talking about as i can see the site is working fine and last 3 days all employees are checking site only for all details. he mentioned that they are using separate SYSTEM where as since last 3 day all other executives were mentioning that the are using the same system as i am using. After this he mentioned that he will give me call on my mobile number to confirm what can be done. I said OK.

    Fourth Executive(Kailash/ 805530) called me and told that as insurance is expired your vehicle is required to be inspected and they don't have my details. Now i have started shouting regading the customer experience, i cannot shout too much as i was in office. After some arguments for my stand he said ok ihave taken all details to take out the history and will come back around 4-5 pm or tomorrow.

    WOW WOW WHAT A CUSTOMER CARE EXPERIENCE ICICILOMBARD and I am enjoying it(As my car is not having any insurance currently).
    If some thing will happen to my car who will pay for that (ICICI/ StandardChartered/Me).

    WOW now got a message from Standard Chartered Credit Card that "Convert your transaction of Rs7698.00 on your credit card in to low EMI of Rs'290.02'. SMS KBE to 09845222222 if interested and our executive will call you Back - StanChart".
  2. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Sorry to hear this. Personally, I stick to showrooms to get my insurance done then and there..the tradeoff here is higher premium but lesser hassle., try it out...
  3. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    Unfortunate. Ask ICICI to refund the amount and get the car insured asap from some other provider.
    Me too. I have been going with National insurance for the past three years. Renewed it last week. Premium was 6200/. It appears that the third party premium has gone up by 20% or so, hence the higher premium. I walked in to their office and all was done in 10 mins.
  4. You can go back Stanchart and do a chargeback from ICICI LOMBARD. ICICI is the worst organization do business.
    Also most of the call centers work in this way only, You can get frustrated with them but can't go beyond that.

    If you can find some top execs emails and send an email (toned down) to them , things might move in right direction.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2013
  5. pradeepsangwan

    pradeepsangwan Amatore

    Bhiwani, Gurgaon
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Thanks Sat, I have already planned to do this tonight and also Use social Media to give them free publicity over social networking sites.
  6. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    ICICI are entirely frauds. I have lost 3.8 lacs in motor insurance. They have a bible " 100 ways to reject claims"
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  7. I struggled with them for three months to get NOC for my bike, after closeure of loan period, I called them for 15 days almost spoke to them for 1 hour everyday until it got resolved.That's when i learned how to deal with these folks.
  8. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Very sad to know about the traumatic experience with the ICICI customer service. Beats me as to why you didnt take the online policy renewal method instead of going the telephonic way. This way you could have printed the policy online and got an instant receipt for the premium payment.

    I would suggest to get the details of the transaction made with Standard chartered including the merchant details where the payment was made and then approach ICICI for the insurance.
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  9. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    My (bad) experience too..
    They tried to charge me for a bounced ECS (because of their mistake in entering details) and I faced phone calls from their goons and even few goons visited my rented house. I did not budge, I collected all the information and continued fighting for years, and won.
    There I have decided "no further ICICI" in my life. I stay away from all their products.

    This is a better method. I used this for renewing insurance on my other car last week. Policybazar's executives are good. I changed my insurance to BharatiAXA. Paid premium online. I could not see the receipt in pdf in my mail. They followed up and it was sent again and called up again to verify (it had gone to junk).
  10. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    i would actually advice anyone to stay away from icici .
    Their online insurance is just very dodgy. They will give you insurance even if its expired and does not seem right.

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