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Review - Echoman EM05 5.5 inches Head-Up Display

Discussion in 'Interiors' started by PatchyBoy, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Sometime in November I had bought a HUD called A8 HUD. When a dear friend saw it in my car, he wanted to try it in his car. So, I gave it to him. After a few days, he called me and told me that he wants to keep that device and I will have to buy myself another one (you know how it is with very close friends :D)

    Since I was back in the market for a new HUD, I decided to look for other models which will address the shortcomings of the A8 unit. While the A8 unit did its job well, one major issue was that to scroll through all the data display possibilities, I had to stretch and reach the device and manually scroll through the options - when the car is stopped, of course. This typically meant that most of the data display options were useless.

    So, I wanted a device which came with a remote. My search led me to ECHOMAN EM05 5.5 inches Car Head-Up Display from Gearbest. The price was almost the same as the A8 unit and this device can also display time. I usually check the time on the MID quite often and do not normally wear a wristwatch. So, time being displayed on the windshield was a deciding factor and I went ahead with the order. The order was placed on 20th December and was delivered on 4th January.

    • Has a remote control
    • Comes with two options of polarized films
    • Displays time
    • Can scan and clear errors
    • Has two connection ports on the device, allowing flexibility of cable layout

    • User Manual is not detailed enough
    • The OBD plug is very small, making it hard to remove
    • Ambient light sensor is on the side and right next to the port. The cable comes in the way of light and disrupts the auto brightness functionality
    • The remote uses an AAAA battery, which is hard to find. Not sure about the battery life
    • Redline starts at 4000 RPM and the RPM indication maxes out at 6000 RPM. I drive a T-Jet, which has no redline marked on the OE tachometer with a max of 7000 RPM

    The package is made very well

    On opening, the top plastic tray contains the HUD device and remote control


    The inner tray contains the OBD cable. Other accessories are in the bottom


    Package contents:
    1. Fixed polarizing film
    2. Detachable polarizing film
    3. Suction mounts for the detachable film
    4. Anti-slip mat for the remote
    5. Anti-slip mat for the HUD
    6. User manual
    7. Remote
    8. HUD Device
    9. OBD Cable

    These will go in the car


    After connecting and routing the cable through the A pillar. The A8 unit had only one connection port on the LHS, so the cable had to loop back. This arrangement looks much neater, using the second port on the leading edge of the device.


    About the device

    The device connects to the OBD port of the car and draws power from there. There is no internal battery, taking charging and heat issues out of the equation. The device has two display areas - one in the bottom middle with large LEDs and one in the top right with smaller LEDs.

    The top area can display
    • Instant fuel consumption in L/100 Kms
    • Idle fuel consumption in L/Hour
    • Engine RPM
    • Current Time
    • Current trip duration time

    The bottom area can display
    • Current Speed
    • Battery Voltage
    • Water Temperature
    • Current trip distance

    All the above options can be cycled through by pressing the UP and DOWN keys on the remote. Apart from these display options, the device also has the following configurable features -
    • Overspeed warning
    • Water temperature warning
    • Battery voltage warning
    • Driver fatigue warning, based on duration driven non-stop
    • Gear shift warning, based on engine RPM

    The unit enters the setup mode by pressing OK on the remote. In this mode calibration of all displayed data is possible. I found that by tinkering the speed multiplier (100% by default), I could make the HUD display GPS speed. Took some trial and error and a few runs with cruise control set at MID indicated 60 kmph with my phone displaying GPS speed using Ulysse Speedometer App. While my car has an OE speed warning, this device's speed warning will come handy for cars without this feature. Have set both to 110 kmph. I have set the Gearshift indicator to 3000 RPM. With the A8 unit set to the same, I was constantly getting a reminder to upshift at 3000 RPM, even when I was in 5th gear. This device addresses that issue. Gear shift alarm buzzes only if speed is below a certain user configurable threshold. I have left it at the default 70 kmph.

    In setup mode, when you reach SCAN, the device scans the ECU for errors and displays NO if none found or the error code, if there are any errors. Pressing the ENTER button on the remote for three seconds clears the error.

    The device comes on automatically when the car is cranked and goes to sleep after 10 seconds on turning ignition off. As of now I am using the device without any film. There is double reflection, but still very much readable. Visibility is pretty good even in daylight, except in very bright and sunny afternoons.

    Here is a short video of the device in action

    Tomorrow I am driving to Mysore. Will try to shoot more videos and post.
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  2. maverickdev

    maverickdev Timido

    Hello, really nice post, i was interested in knowing the source from where you have purchased this HUD
  3. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Please click the links. They should appear in a different colour (appears brown on my laptop)
  4. nmj

    nmj Timido

    Hi, Is there an Indian source for the decive? Recently I tried one HUD and faced problems like car instruments going dead and showing ABS and handbrake warning lights when the unit was turned on, immobilizer kicking in if I tried to start the car with the unit turned on, etc. I had to return it. I have a t-jet.
    The above link I believe is from an overseas supplier - no chance of a return.
  5. nmj

    nmj Timido

    BTW how is the performance of the HUD so far? Did you take more videos?
  6. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Nice and crisp review there as always @PatchyBoy ! :) Nifty addition for the Tjet.
  7. nmj

    nmj Timido

    Installed the Echoman unit. No compatibility issues unlike another brand which I had to return. Excellent readability even in direct sunlight with the provided film applied. Thanks @PatchyBoy for the inspiration.

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