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Resolved: - Punto making noise when truned left

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Re: Punto making noise when truned left


    There is not any point to rev the engine beyond 3000 RPM. Because @3500 RPM,wastegate of Turbo opens So exhaust is bypassed to prevent from over boost to engine.

    At high RPM,GP has some more noise. But that noise is due to weak Sound Insulation.

    For tinny noise,I could not understand. Please explain in some details by giving some example,so I can put light
  2. Re: Punto making noise when truned left


    3500 RPM is when car can go at speeds greater then 130 kms, so don't expect Punto to be driven always below 3500 RPM.
    I agree Punto has week sound insulation, tinny noise is some thing like wire hitting metal kind of sound come any where after 3-3.5k RPM.
    TASS person syas it's a know issue would be solved by going some filler into clutch pedal liver.

  3. mrohit17

    mrohit17 Timido

    Re: Punto making noise when truned left

    For people having noise from rear of car during turning or going over imperfect surfaces etc. I may have a solution. If you open the rear door there on the lower C pillar you will find the latch that the rear doors lock onto. On the roller of this latch just roll some electric insulation tape and the noise will be gone. I believe the noise is due to worn out rollers on these latches. Do revert with results.
  4. Re: Punto making noise when truned left

    Mine is coming from inside the rear left quarter penal, after much of emails and phone calls to FIAT and Concorde FIAT person is in Bangalore to take a look at the vehicle.
    I was told that some chassis part might have lost it's welding, it's interesting to see what FIAT does to resolve it.
    There is "tuk-tuk" noise when vehicle is turned to left from rear left and also crunching noise when take over ramp or speed breakers.
  5. Re: Punto making noise when truned left

    Update on the issue, crunching noise is solved FIAT, apparently they had to re-weld some point in the bottom rear of the car, but Tuk-Tuk noise is still there.
    Following it up with TATA -FIAT , to see where it ends.

  6. varin11

    varin11 Superiore

    Linea 1.3
    Re: Punto making noise when truned left

    The noise is nothing but may be sound of the mud flaps scrapping down since the rubber is hard rubber thus it sounds like metal.
  7. Re: Punto making noise when truned left

    Hmm, let me try it once, but FIAT folks had my car for over two weeks,but not sure whether they tried removing the mudflops.
    But I wonder why it doesn't come from right side.

  8. Re: Punto making noise when truned left

    Status update, i got a call from TATA, say FIAT person would be visiting Concorde to take a look at the problem again.

    There have been scratches on inside of door ,while they tried adjusting them.

  9. Re: Punto making noise when truned left

    Called back Concorde CRM yesterday to get to know the date by which FIAT person would be vising the Mysore road TASS.
    Another observation is when the air pressure in reduced in from to say 30 or 29, tuk-tuk knocking noise from the rear left increases it's frequency.

    Also when negotiating the large potholes and famous bangalore storm water drain structures, even right rear i can hear the crunching noise,crunching noise from left is also making come back.
    my request to you all, please take your Punto to a slightly un-even road observer whether you get crunching noise or knocking sound.
    You might get it in the ram leading to you residence too, observe it in the night, if you have this issue, report it FIAT.
    This could be a chassis welding giving up early.

  10. Re: Punto making noise when truned left

    Sorry I missed your post,I have got mine changed during service , it's quite new.

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