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Resolved : Punto 1.3MJD 75BHP - Engine stalled

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by Gopi, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Gopi

    Gopi Amatore

    Got a reply from Mr.Mangesh today as below. Concorde motors also confirmed that they have isolated the problem to be with the ECU unit and new order has been placed with FIAT and will be covered under extended warranty. I will see how fast FIAT will send the new ECU for replacement.

    So far I have been very patient and just hoping that FIAT will not ruin my 3 year long excellent ownership experience of FIAT vehicle. I absolutely did not have any complaints against FIAT so far. Even all the four previous service experiences were awarded 10/10 in the feedback. I will still return happy if my vehicle is returned in a week.


    Dear Sir ,

    Thank you for your communication , we deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you with regards to concerns refereed .

    Matter is coordinated with Tata Motors /dealer & concern department for update , we assure you of priority back up .

    You will be hearing shortly through region , till then we request to please bear with us .

    With warm regards,

    Mangesh Kodalkar
    Customer Services
    Fiat Group Automobiles India Pvt.Ltd
    Pune 412210
    +91 2138 672764

  2. Aniket

    Aniket Superiore

    Thane, Mumbai
    2 days to diagnose and then 7 days foe extended warranty approval and parts tell dem to order part threw VOR (vehicle off road) so it vl arrive in minimum 5 days
  3. Gopi

    Gopi Amatore

    Aniket, did you mean 15 days instead of 5 days in your post?
    As of today, still waiting for the ECU unit from FIAT with no commit dates.
  4. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor


    In late 2009, my Linea stalled 4 - 5 times while running, a couple of times in the middle of the road while running at 50 kmph.

    Fortunately, touchwood there was nothing serious and I discoonected battery -ve terminal for half an hour and reconnected it. The issue never came back again.
  5. Aniket

    Aniket Superiore

    Thane, Mumbai
    Re: Punto 1.3MJD 75BHP - Engine stalled twice during idling at Signal

    IN VOR. Parts come earlier maximum 5 days
    In my case they recived part in 2 days but all faulty so it take more days to return that part and order new again and again around 4 times :banghead:

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  6. Gopi

    Gopi Amatore

    Hi VahanPujari, I guess the issue with my car could be something similar. When the car stalled, I did try disconnecting the -ve terminal of the batter for 15 minutes and tried to start again. But was not successful. Concorde told me that they could start my car only after replacing the complete ECU unit from the test drive vehicle and reprogramming my key codes into it. But I am not sure if they tried putting my ECU into the test drive vehicle to confirm failure. Anyway, my Punto is still waiting for the ECU and I received a mail from Mr.Mangesh indicating that he is going to give me an update tomorrow as to when the part will be available at Concorde motors Mysore road.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    I understand. It has been 10 days now since my car went to service station. Still I donot have any visibility in sight as to when the replacement will come and my car returned. I am slowly beginning to lose patience
  7. Gopi

    Gopi Amatore

    Here is an update on the issue in my Punto. I have been in constant touch with Mangesh and Concorde Motors on the ECU replacement under warranty. Mangesh has been very helpful so far and he did arrange for the replacement to be sent soon. I got a call from Concorde Motors yesterday indicating that the replacemnet ECU has been shipped by FIAT and is likely to be received by Concorde tomorrow. If it comes, I should be able to get my are back tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed. Will update as soon as i get back my car.
  8. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Oh so wait continues.
    Hope by this weekend your car will be with you.
  9. Gopi

    Gopi Amatore

    Dear All, Yesterday was an emotional day with my car returning home after exactly two weeks, fit and healthy with a new brain (I could not think of anything else to relate the ECU to).

    I am summing up my experience with FIAT/TASS overall in the past two weeks. Mine is a Oct 2009 model Punto Emotion pack Diesel model. I have used the car for 3 years and two months without a single issue before this happened.

    Friday - 28th Dec 2012 morning - I had just returned back from a 1500 km drive the previous evening to my native town. As usual the car performed absolutely flawless and I had returned from my long drive with a huge smile. This morning I had to go to a nearby shop within my locality. Traffic was not much and as I was heading back home driving at about 30km / hour, the car just stalled all of a sudden. I used the momentum of the car to park it by the side. Luckily it was not a high traffic zone and there was no vehicle behind me. Repeated cranking of the car did not yield any result. My battery was just 3 months old which I changed during a previous stalling issue. But at that time the car had started when I cranked with some gap. Got down the vehicle, opened the bonnet, checked oil levels and found ok. I disconnected the negative terminal of the battery and waited for 15 minutes. I reconnected the terminal again and tried to start. It did start momentarily, but engine died down immediately after which engine failed to start no matter what.

    Called FIAT RSA and explained the problem to the lady. She said the signature looks like a electrical fault and the car has to be towed to the nearest service center. The flat bed came in about 45 minutes. I thought that was pretty quick. Hauling the vehicle into the flatbed was professionally managed without a single scratch to the vehicle. It was a fully covered vehicle and FIAT RSA was in touch all along over my mobile. The vehicle was taken to Concorde Motors Mysore road which is the nearest from that place. My usual service point is also the same. Unloading was also done and the support from Corcorde motors also was impressive. Full marks to FIAT RSA / Concorde up to this point. I was attended by Mr.Vijay who was the service adviser who was also prompt in taking note of the issue and he did check the previous service history and noted that the car had undergone 4th paid service in Oct-2012. He indicated that since it is a breakdown issue he cannot commit return time until the problem is diagnosed. Fair enough and I left home assuming that it could be some minor issue and I should be able to get the car back the next day.

    29th-Dec-2012 - No word from Concorde yet. I call up Vijay in the afternoon to ask him the status. He said the mechanics are attending to my car and they still have not identified the cause of failure. The next day was Sunday and was a holiday for service station.

    31-Dec-2012 - I got a call from Vijay asking me for my Key codes and he indicated that the problem is still unresolved. They are going to try and replace ECU from demo car to isolate if ECU is the problem and hence wanted the codes. I provided the codes immediately. By this time, I was losing patience. I lodged a complaint in Concorde motors website first about the long diagnosis time and also shot an email to Mr.Mangesh asking him to look into the problem.

    1-Jan-2013 - I receive a confirmation from Vijay that they have isolated the problem to be with the ECU. Spare ECU was not in stock and he said it has to come from FIAT. Having heard about horror stories of long waiting time for the spares, I was disturbed and kept bugging Mangesh over the email and asked him to update me over the status of spare ECU to be replaced. This continued until 8-Jan-2013. But I have to admit to this. Even though there was no commit date as to when the ECU will be shipped, there was not a single instance where the service adviser Vijay tried to avoid my call. He always picked up the call promptly and says he is still waiting for replacement ECU. Similarly I would get a reply from Mangesh to my email that he is following up on my case and will be attended promptly.

    On 8-Jan-2013, I receive an email from Mangesh that they have received the request for replacement ECU from dealer and it will be shipped out the next day. On 10-Jan-2013, I got a call from Vijay that the replacement ECU is on its way and I should be able to get back my car before the weekend. On 11-Jan-2013, Vijay called me again in the morning to confirm ECU is available inhouse and they are fixing it in my car. I can collect the car by evening.

    I reached Concorde motors Mysore road by evening 6PM. Vijay was waiting there with the bills printed and ready. He took me to the inspection bay, showed the car and the part that was replaced. It was thoroughly washed and the interiors clean. Every personal item in the car was in its place and returned. Diesel was 3/4th full which was also in the same position. The tail lamp was broken off bumper and was hanging since the past 2~3 months. This was also fixed and kept. I had never indicated to the service center about this. Overall, it was so refreshing to see the car in its original glory.

    I asked Vijay if i need to bring my extended warranty card to claim the ECU replacement under extended warranty for which he said all details are available in system and hence nothing is needed from my side. I was curious to look at the bill and below is what it showed

    Vijay said the bill is just for reference. But since the ECU unit is covered under extended warranty, I donot have to pay anything. I told him the car has been in the service center for 2 weeks and Concorde motors has spent considerable effort in diagnosis and repair of the vehicle for which there will be a labour charge which I will be liable to pay. You know what. FIAT has taken the labour cost also to be charged into their account and all i have to do is take the key and drive off the car home. This i thought was a very magnanimous gesture from FIAT. Imagine, I have bought this car and driven for 3 years and 3 months before the breakdown happened. I have had situations where I had to fight with Maruthi and Hyundai to honor extended warranty of parts in my previous cars. Here was FIAT with supposedly the worst after sales service as per general perception. But not a question asked. Not a document required. They replace the ECU under extended warranty and top of it pay for the labor cost as well out of their pocket. I return back home with ZERO cost to me. No yelling, no arguments was needed to save the small dimes that we had saved.

    On top of it, as I walked out, the CRM Mr.Veeresh of Concorde motors came to me and asked if the service was satisfactory and asked about the complaint I had booked in their website. After all this, I told him i am extremely satisfied and give their team full marks .


    I drove out of concorde motors feeling like a king.

    Coming back home I see festival atmosphere with my wife and kids lighting lamps in front of our house and my wife doing a customary Aarthi not for me, but the Punto. It was like a family member who had been hospitalized and is coming back home after being cured. I realized, it was not only me, but my whole family who has been in love with the Punto. My close to 5 year old son was in tears when he saw our Punto being hauled into the flat bed on the day it was repaired. He was keeping on saying "Paapachi punto" (Poor Punto). The hug and kiss that the Punto bonnet got from my son when it came back yesterday was a sight to see. Missed a video of it.

    Given the pleasant experience with FIAT service this time, it serves as a huge morale booster and confidence that FIAT is still serious about India and improving things for better after sales support. I really hope they succeed and this is just a precursor to the better things to come when they setup separate service centers from TATA.

    Thank you for all the people who had given their inputs on the issue. Mods - Please change the title of the thred to " Engine stalled issue - Now resolved with excellent support from FIAT Service"
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  10. Hi Gopi,

    Congratulations on getting your Fiat back, all safe and sound. I hope the rest of the year and rest of your ownership of this awesome car remain trouble free.
    Going through your post and experience, I have to say one thing-ONLY FIAT can evoke such emotions. That's why, for folks like us, they are not mere cars..but a part of our Family..living and talking and sharing with us..every day. Even, my punto had good service experiences @ concorde,mysore road. Gopal..vijay..somu are such good folks that it's very easy to touch base with them. Now that your ordeal is over, enjoy many many more happy miles with awesome Punto.

    PS: Slightly OT, now with Concorde not getting FIAT exclusive delaerships/service centers..do you know/enquired where gopal/vijay& co at concorde are moving to?

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