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Resolved DIY Speedo Error in Linea Emotion 1.3MJD (29K work with a simple 100Rs Screw Driver)

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by Guru_mprasad, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Guru_mprasad

    Guru_mprasad Amatore

    I own a Fiat Linea 1.3MJD 2009 model which has run 93K on the ODO. I had earlier posted in TFI about the issue that I had with the battery which completely drained down and couldn't start the car at all and all electricals went off and the car completely stalled. As soon as I started the car when the battery was down there was sudden surge of power and the car went off and could only be turned on through jump starting the next day morning. I have changed the battery now to a new one, though the battery has been changed the speedo meter indicators (Fuel, Engine Temp, Speedo and Tacho) all went down. They were working but were showing incorrect levels. Eg: When I have Half the tank of fuel it would only show quarter mark. This was the same for all the other meters as well.

    I went to Vecto Motors to enquire about this hoping that some electrical repair can be done for this. The reply that I received was that the entire Speedo Console should be changed and that repairing cannot be done as it is all sealed. The cost of the console quoted was a whopping 29K. I was dumbstruck with this and had sleepless nights, thinking why should I spend so much for a meter which is working but just showing me a mark of level low, which I thought is quiet manageable for me to live with it instead of spending so much. I then went to my native and enquired a local mechanic who trusted me that this can be fixed for 2.5K to 3K but with careful attention and that every mechanic can't do this as it involves Immobilizer and other technical stuff. The way he spoke about the technical things made me trust him and was about hand over the car. But I had take the car and though to leave it the next day since I had some work.

    I have a very good contact with Tensing of RDC FIAT Chennai, he said that he has done this repair for some cars and had been successful. What he has done is very simple; open the speedo and take the indicator pins out and place them in the correct mark that should do the trick. I am always very much interested towards doing DIY jobs at home wanted to see if I can try this. I asked Tensing if I can do this on my own for which he said 'Yes' if I had the necessary tools.

    I checked the steering wheel and it had set of screws to open and that I need Allen Keys, I went and bought a set of Allen Keys for 100RS and also with the help of another screwdriver I was able to open the Cover on the steering and was able to see the screws which hold the Speedo to the Dash. I managed to take the speedo out of the dash and open the speedo and did the same; took the Indicator pins out of each meter and placed them in the correct mark and thats it. Everything started to work well without any issues. Money spent in DIY is 100 RS against 29K quoted by the ASC.

    I dont say that the ASC does not know these stuff but they are not interested in repairing the old stuff and always claim to replace it with new ones which costs a fortune. I am attaching the pictures along with this post for your information. Apologize for not taking the Before and After pictures.





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