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Removing Stickers

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Ravi, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Formula of boiling water is ok on metal . But don't use this formula on glass surface. Front windshield,rear glass has thick glass.
    If sticker is on thick glass then boiling water can crack the glass. Because when you give heat to thick glass,the other side of glass will remain cold.So due to thick glass there will be uneven expansion.
    So risk of glass cracking is there. So be careful.
  2. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    8-10 seconds time might not do any harm? Plus it neednt be a oiling water, some 75Degrees would suffice as well.
    Or else, try using some grit sand (Used to build buildings) fry it in a deep pan till it becomes sufficiently hot (used for hot body messages :wink: ) and try it by dumping the sand in a towel and make a press kind shape that can be used to place on stickers... After which stickers drop - I tried it on my wife's dressing table mirror (Bindi Marks etc) & got rid of it in one go so it works !! without cracking the glass or leaving a hole in our wallets!
  3. HarishSegar


    I got it removed at a car detailing shop. They used a solution & a plastic blade. The entire area was being polished anyway, so the residue was also removed during polishing.
  4. Puntom

    Puntom Amatore

    Removing the badge is simple.

    1. Park your car in sun for some 4 hours.
    2. Take a strong thin thread/wire.
    3. Place it behind the stickers and just move the thread like a saw.
    4. All the alphabets will come out in a matter of seconds
    5. the glue used to stick the alphabets will remain which you can slowly remove by rubbing with a cloth.

    I had parked the car in hot sun in my office campus in the morning.
    Then i went in the lunch time.
    Since I didn't have any thread in office pulled my "ID card holder" thread and used it to remove the stickers.
    I rubbed it with my hand for some 5 minutes to clear the glue used to stick "punto" and again another 10 mins of rubbing at home in the evening for removing the stains of the "EMOTION".
    Remember, temperature softnes the sticker and then its easy to remove. Alternatively you can think of using a hair dryer to heat the sticker a little bit.

    The result of my DIY is as below
  5. Has anyone removed the FIAT sticker from the factory visit????
  6. madhavnarayanan

    madhavnarayanan Novizio

    I removed the sticker using a razor blade. It was real easy. I made a video of it! here goes...
  7. madhavnarayanan

    madhavnarayanan Novizio

    To add, there were absolutely no scratches what so ever! I am going to be adding the TFI stickers on my car soon!
  8. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor


    I reckon it'll be even better if we use the blade to remove the sticker only. The residue if removed by some solution would be a safer bet.
  9. madhavnarayanan

    madhavnarayanan Novizio

    You are right Gurjinder, I used a wet cloth, but that did not help much, then my apartments security guy told me he would clean it up using some automobile shampoo. He did a neat job. I took take the car out in the sun to see if there are any scratches, did not spot any, gladly!
  10. the showroom name stickers on the top of the rear wind shield had got stuck to the glass very firmly.
    I put petrol on a small piece of cloth and then rubbed the sticker area.
    after 3-4 times the sticker came out and the glue was also gone.......

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