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Remapping and turning my Linea into a beast by UD MOTOR X

Discussion in 'Engine and Drivetrain' started by mishers, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. mishers

    mishers Timido

    Turbo lag has come to its minimum, its very very less (a layman friend even thought it is petrol when he first drove it now you can just imagine the change in car’s power delivery .) But when throttled fully it gives a powerful force of pulling from 16-1700 rpm and goes without a drop till 45-5000 rpm which never ever happened before the remap.

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    The t-jet has their turbo kit in it with a well tuned set up. I will update with more details after getting complete information from them as I am considering this kit too for my future purchase and give tough competition to all cars under 30 lakh including the mighty 1.8tsi, superb 3.6 v6… man how great would that be.. smoking laura 1.8 tsi on the same red light when it turns green :devilface.

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    I am no expert:), Definitely not because of FE as per tests my initial mileage was approx 14 kmpl in city now even while driving aggressively it remains same and under normal driving conditions seems to be 15-15.5 kmpl.
    It may be because of the govt restrictions put on the vehicles in some countries like EGR and stuff and also to put a line between lower and higher power engine segment.
    Fun part is how much power manufactures gives I will still look up for the ways to increase it. Manufacturers should also consider giving bigger engine options in India as well as outside India for reasonable price and not ask a fortune. May be they don’t find their sales up to the mark as people looking for powerful options are less rather than people looking more average.

    @Vijay Khasa
    It costs 29 grand for their remap.
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