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Remap - Discussion

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Umm..before going with Remap would like to test drive some of the remapped cars. Most of the times we go with very high expectations and end up in disappointment. But here we can always look at your confidence level to step up.
    thanks mate
  2. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    The main problem here is one always thinks a remap is going to bring out the ferrari within while its just the opposite. That's the reason many are hesitant or very critical when it comes to remaps.
    Dont go with this idea. keep an open mind and dont expect your FIAT to become a FERRARI. Expect it to become a better FIAT to drive and then you will be thoroughly satisfied.

    Having said that you can drive my car or Sat's car or even call up Siddharth and see if he's done any cars in mysore ' I think he has done a few puntos, not sure".
    You can also call me to get any info you want about remaps .
  3. Me and my colleague who is having a Petrol 1.2 Punto called up TOT today. A guy called Vivek picked up the phone and answered us to get remap for 1.2 at 15k. Before I go for remap I would love to drive any of the remapped 75 hp punto. Let us see if any one from Mysore has done that. Thanks very much..
  4. Chetan, I am in bangalore , but I do visit mysore some times , please PM me your phone number I shall call you when I am in mysore.
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  5. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    Anyone in the forum have got thier TJet remapped ? I am planning to get it done from T-O-T
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  6. I remember read in the accidents section there was one Tjet which was remapped by T-O-T but unfortunately car got totaled.
    Please go for Dyno before and after the remap, what is promised Power and torque gains?

    If you wish Siddarth can give temporary map on your car if are satisfied you can go ahead with complete remapping.
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  7. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    oh, that is very sad.

    I am very frustrated with the city driving in TJet, especially the KR Puram hanging bridge. I learn the city driving will improve with the remap. Vivek stays near to my home, I will go and meet him once and drive the VDI that is remapped with them.

    Thank you for the Info.
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  8. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
  9. Roadking

    Roadking Amatore

    Bangalore KA
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  10. Go for Remap,at 112HP and 247 nm torque,you will find your Linea in the same league or sligtly better.

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