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Rejoice in the woodlands by trine daylights

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by zenwalker, May 9, 2015.

  1. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    With the long weekend (3 days: 1, 2 and 3 of May 2015) around the corner, i was still undecided: if i need to make use of it or just lazy around at home. The hot summer still hitting the mother hearth harsher as usual, it was making my decisions vary. Most of the famous places has already been attended by us, thus making the place list much slim.

    With just 1 week left for the D weekend, I thought visiting either Ooty, kodaikanal, munnar. Later on found out about Mahabaleshwar too. Upon discussion with HKC, visiting Maharastra also considered, but later shot down both (Mahabaleshar and MH) due to the less number of days and immense heat in MH. Later we decided to hit Ooty and Kodai. Upon looking at the hotels, homestays, etc. everything was booked.

    Then HKC suggested to hit Sakleshpura, thus we got to know availability of a homestay there via some contacts. Finally all settled down. Two friends dropped off at the final stages. So finally myself, HKC and other friend of my decided to hit the place.

    Day 1:

    Early morning of 1st: around 3 AM, we decided to depart bangalore towards hassan. As it all turned out, we delayed it by 1.5hours ;). Even at this hour, the traffic was a bit rush than the normal weekends. The ride was comfortable and so is the weather.



    We reached saklespura around 10AM, there we decided to visit Manjarabad fort. I had been to this fort around 6+ years back during my yedakumeri trek. Yet things have improved quite a bit. Still alot of improvements are required, hope the Govt. shall look into this monument much better.


    The scenic beauty all around this fort is really spectacular.



    HKC wanting to be a statue ;)


    We spend around 2 hours at this fort, though the sun was blazing its heat upon us, the high altitude and the gushing wind kept us cool. We left this place around 12 PM. Our next stop was at bisle ghat which was around 50kms away. The road this place is really bad, although the roads are getting fixed now but it shall take its own time. Till then, do avoid this.

    Next this pathetic road (narrow) took us deep into the village scenic side yet cost us 2+ hours to reach the bisle ghat village. All through, the road is really bad and one has to drive in just 30 speed or less. Since the place was a heaven all around, the bad roads and slow speed allowed us to really enjoy the serene nature all around.



    Finally we reached our homestay which is just right off the forest perimeter. This makes the place even much serene and awesome to stay at. Our homestay was not of high featured, but enough to stay put for the people who wish to adjust for the village living style.


    This house has 1 bed room with 1 big living room and a kitchen with other essentials.



    This house is very spacious for around 10 people to accommodate. The owners of this home stay are very friendly caring brothers who make sure you have a very pleasant stay and taken care off.
    Since the time we reached this place was close to 3PM, we decided to just take rest for the rest of the day after the lunch. The weather was pretty hot yet this place was quite cool all around. With the view of the spectacular nature around, we just hang around this place lazying out.


    Me spending time with a very friendly cute doggie called Dinga. His name reminds me of my school days comic character from the books. ;) While he was enjoying his afternoon his ways, we enjoyed in our style and chit chatting.The owners offered us a local drink fresh off a tree sap; locally called as “sendi” which is almost equivalent to alcohol, if consumed at large.

    Rest of the evening passed just lazying and watching the nature around.

    Day 2 continues..
    --- Double Post Merged, May 9, 2015 ---
    Day 2:

    Next day, the early morning welcomed us with a nice weather and the hills around us looked way awesome than the previous day. Though to the previous days of our visit, this place welcomed alot of rain, but to our unfortunate, it did not rain at all.


    We decided to hit the near by owners fields.



    We found guava tree and right at it we plucked fresh fruits and started to consume.


    Upon returning back to house, i asked the owners to witness the retrieval off the local drink off tree sap. So we went right ahead to a nearby place and it was entirely a new experience to me watching how its done ;)

    Tree sap drips sendi, is constantly being collected in a pot tied to it as in the above picture. The content was brought back to us thus it was a really refreshing feel and taste for me. Loved it though. Then right near by, we spotted a wild jack-fruit tree. Plucked a ripe one-off the tree and started consuming right away in the jungle, every thing just feels like: i am a tribal man :D


    Upon all these new enjoyment done, we returned back to the house for breakfast session. While the breakfast getting prepared, we took some time off with a dummy air gun.



    Breakfast served was neer dosa with buffalo ghee which was very tasty.


    We completed our breakfast and were planning on TO DO tasks for the day, we decided to hit a nearby view spot which needs a small trekking for around 2 – 3 kms uphill. We rushed towards the same.






    Above, is a very tall mountain called pushpagiri is right next to Kumarapravatha, where in, the top mostly covered with clouds almost all day long, thus looking spectacular from afar.
    Thanks to the owners for taking us to these places which are very much untouched by the dirty-careless tourists/visitors.

    After returning back from trek around lunch time, we got refreshed and finished off the lunch and then with some relaxing nap. By evening, to our surprise, the weather baba blessed us with much anticipated malnad rain, still we wished it poured cats and dogs but it didn’t. :(



    My babez looked much more spectacular drenched in this rain.



    After an hour, the rain stopped, while we just were wasting time in the evening, a thought provoked us to go for a ride in that rainy weather which was really awesome, thanks to the owner suggestion.




    The day comes to an end with more chit chat and laughter.

    Day 3 continues..
    --- Double Post Merged, May 9, 2015 ---
    Day 3:

    Next day it started out very lazy and late, then one of the owner brother suggested us to go for a short trek again to a near by hill top famously called “Mirror hill” due to its look from the front where in it just straight flat and plain looking like a standing mirror. The edge of this cliff is just straight down 1000+ feet drop which looks suicidal. Again this place is very much unexplored by most population making it very clean, raw nature.



    While returning back, i had already planned a photoshoot of babez on the hill top over looking the mighty mountain ;)


    Returning back to the homestay, we got ready to say good bye to this heaven and to the wonderful humble owners of this place. They even served us a catla fish for the lunch which was really tasty and awesome. I can never thank enough for those people who took utmost care for us.

    Thus around 4 PM we departed from this place by visiting a last view point inside the forest region locally called beauty spot



    with homestay owner

    This place is filled with filth which denotes that its heavily visited by tourists. Shame on our people :(

    We dropped back our guide-owner of homestay and with heavy heart filled with memories, friendship, their hospitality; we left this place once for all. The owner suggested us to take a different route towards shanivarsante -> Arakalgudu -> holenarasipura -> Channarayapatna. This route is really awesome and scenic all around. I enjoyed driving in this road. It took us around 3 more hours and finally around 10 PM we reached bangalore with all the breaks necessary.


    Finally, as always i have a great team who always accompany me and make my trips wonderful and memorable. Thanks to them.
    My utmost respect and i am highly thankful for Mr. Ganesh and Mr. Belli gowda of Bisle ghat homestay for their care, hospitality and fantastic non-veg food served (chicken, pork and fish) all the time for us.

    Thanks :)

    Original article: https://adventurouszen.wordpress.com/2015/05/09/rejoice-in-the-woodlands-by-trine-daylights/
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  2. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Beautiful pics there @zenwalker ! you made the most of weekend. :)
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  3. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    How do you manage to get out of the city on every weekend man. I am so envious of you. Anyways, nice travelogue, great pics. Liked the home stay, quite rustic. Makes you feel like a villager which is what I yearn for (after the hectic week in front of Laptop and on mobile browsing the silly whatsapp messages).

    Keep driving and drive safely. Enjoy maadi saar.
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  4. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Lol, perhaps lucky enough to be born for an encouraging parents and home, lucky enough to land in a job which encourages social life balance and finally lucky enough to have like minded and highly passionate friends as well ;)
    Then the fear of not able to do all such dynamic trips and fun after marriage also keeps pushing me :D
    Btw thanks, glad u liked it :)
    Come over to Bangalore brother, we shall hit it too ;)

    Yep, i did. Thank you :)
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  5. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Nice photos buddy and looks like enjoyed that home stay. :)
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  6. RaviHegde

    RaviHegde Regolare

    14.62°N 74.85°E
    Grande Punto 1.4
    Simple - don't be a prisoner of the city; follow your heart, follow your passion! Do not resist the thought when you get it - you can do it. See this TED talk for some tips on how to do what you want:

    Malnad has its own mad attraction - so it forces you to do things which you will not think you will do. I am from malnad area. Attraction to the nature in malnad made me leave the city (and a very well paying job too). I followed the passion, decided to leave the city and left before a small part of my brain frightened me from leaving the city. I am living in malnad area for last 2 years and I am liking it, I need more of it. Many friends and relatives thought I have gone insane for leaving the city (more than that leaving the job). I don't care! I went one more step forward - I somehow brainwashed my dad to buy some land for building a farm house. Now in the process of moving to a village near the land to start the farm house work. No wonder if you see me becoming a home stay owner soon. See ya dere!
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  7. vayfiat

    vayfiat Amatore

    @RaviHegde - Hope you will start the home-stay soon and give a lot of discount to TFIans :)
    @zenwalker - You should marry only under the condition that the girl should have the same mentality as your parents and would love to keep travelling :) Your travelogue combined with RaviHegde's post above is compelling me to end city life and go live in my village!!! Very good travelogue mate.
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  8. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Definitely i did. It was awesome especially its location.
    Rightly said buddy. Its all about the passion, admiration and frustration towards city. ;)
    Oh so you are opening a homestay, can we expect some discounts for a fellow member like me? Def would love to visit your homestay some time. Btw do drop more info about it.

    Lol vijay, you spoke my words towards discount aspect ;). Yes ravi, we sure need some discounts and you can assume that i would be visiting your homestay more often than others ;)

    hmmm... Unfortunately i too living in this hell world called city, though i really wish to part ways with it and settle down at village, but parents are against it. So atleast ill visit these villages often. Regarding the wife, i am not sure. You very well know how todays girls are. I am keeping fingers crossed though. ;)
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  9. Deepak

    Deepak Superiore

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  10. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Thanks @Deepak, glad you liked it :)
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