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Rehoboth Cars India Pvt Ltd, Tirunelveli.

Discussion in 'Dealership Reviews' started by bibinrichard, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. bibinrichard


    I had my worst experience when taking delivery for my Punto Emotion .The Brake Disc were rusted and they gave me a june 2013 Machine promising a 2014 Machine.Above all that most electrical components did not even work like fog lamps, power windows and even central lock was not functioning.I did not go for PDI as i was told a new Machine was coming from Factory and i had to take it whether i like it or not. But wat i received was car that had a odometer reading of 410 Kms and all wheel hubs were rusted and the car was dirty as hell.I do not recommend anyone to purchase FIAT especially from Tirunelveli. They themselves did not do a PDI . this shows the dealers alertness. I could not give the vehicle back as they had done temp registeration. And wat made my day even worse was the sales guy convincing me that all those faults were normal for all fiat vehicles, If he is true then please dont buy from tirunelveli, proceed to chennai and buy from Ramkay . Attaching a few pics IMG_20140109_110534.jpg IMG_20140109_110553.jpg IMG_20140109_110602.jpg IMG_20140109_111851.jpg IMG_20140109_111858.jpg IMG_20140109_111936.jpg IMG_20140109_110534.jpg IMG_20140109_110553.jpg IMG_20140109_110602.jpg IMG_20140109_111851.jpg IMG_20140109_111858.jpg IMG_20140109_111936.jpg
  2. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    If I were you I would not taken the car, until unless I won that money in a lottery !

    No point in complaining as its individual's responsibility to get the PDI done and ascertain the facts.

    I say this with experience from the past...but luckily it was a 2 wheeler and dealer cooperated to replace the part and had it in writing !
  3. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    The rust on the brake disks is no big deal. It happens since it is cast iron and disappears on normal usage but the rest of the faults are unacceptable. Why did you even accept the car in that condition.

    It's your fault too to a certain extent for making a payment without doing a PDI even if you were aware of the procedure.

    Also, even if you made a payment, you could have clearly rejected the car in that condition and reported to FIAT. ODO without the H flag in itself is a very good reason for you to reject.

  4. amitp

    amitp Amatore

    Pune, Maharashtra
    -Rust is normal being CI as mentioned above.
    -Electricals not functioning is not acceptable but as a buyer you did not do PDI. TFI Homepage has a dedicated link with an image specifically for this.
    -410 kms is high, people I know got a vehicle with 'H' present on the odo. Recently saw it on a newly delivered Linea Classic.

    -No PDI since car is coming from factory? Where else do cars sold by Fiat India come from?
    -Did you check the vehicle & report discrepancies to the dealer or Fiat India before delivery?
    -No offense but this post / thread seems like whining about your 'partner in crime' when negligence on your side is equally responsible for the delivery experience.

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  5. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    ^^ Great post, Amit.

  6. testdrive

    testdrive Amatore

    Why don't you escalate to FIAT. Did you get any call from FIAT to get buying experience\feedback for this purchase? </SPAN>

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