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Regarding Petrol vs Diesel Car

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by sdeepu2u, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. sdeepu2u


    Hi All,

    I am planning to buy a new car by this year end . So My confusions are as below.

    1. Do I need to buy petrol or Diesel car . My usage can be around 50 to 300 Km a week .
    2. Does Diesel car cost a lot for maintenance than the petrol car
    3. If a diesel car is kept unused for 3 months does it cost any problem.
    4. Does the ride in the diesel car is harder when compared to Petrol
    5. I had booked 1.3 MJD emotion variant , I am in a confusion whether it will be worthwhile as it is my first car or should I opt for petrol . I hear that Diesel maintenance is costly and spending 1 lakh more for diesel engine is not worth .

    I had considered RITZ VDI, Beat and PUNTO( Fears of service still hangs)

    Looking for Your valuable inputs .

  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Your usage has big range. Anything more 200KM per week, Diesel should be the choice.

    Yes bit more, but not a huge difference. For Punto, difference could be in range of 1K.

    Not with modern engines, like MJD.

    Petrol will always be more smoother to drive, but again MJD engines are very well refined.

    For Punto, I believe the difference is ~60-65K. It will worth if you plan to keep car for 3+ years.

    Happy car buying. ::D
  3. sdeepu2u


    Hi Ravi,

    May be for a week it may be around 150 km with 4 to 5 long drives a year . Ya the difference is around 65000rs . Should I worry about resale . i am planning to keep my car for around 5 years.One of my friend had to sell a Palio style for 1 lakh which made me heartbroken will around 25000Km only driven with alloy wheels ...I felt sorry as they said it is fiat and doesn't have any resale .

  4. royj

    royj Esperto

    That is plain unlucky. Here you can't get any old Palio for less that 2.5 lakh unless it is in a very bad shape.
  5. gReyHound


    I think the petrol version will be a good choice for your requirements.
    The diesel variant is very fun to drive because of the torquey nature of the engine(Personal opinion).
    Best suits you to take a test drive of both the variants and then you can decide on the variant
    Maintenance wise yes the diesel engine ends up on a higher side, but again the margin is not huge.
    Well according to the input data provided along with some assumptions
    52 Weeks * 150 --> 7800 Kms per year + 2000 Kms covered over long trips
    Diesel (Assuming avg- 16 kmpl) Petrol (Assuming 14 kmpl) you will have to own the car for at least 3 years to even out the difference between petrol and diesel.
  6. sdeepu2u


    so the difference is more you drive more profitable it will be ....Will petrol give around 14kmpl per litre in traffic . i saw only 13 kmpl for petrol and 21kmpl for deisel for punto
  7. royj

    royj Esperto

    Petrol average would be around 13 while the diesel average would be around 18.
  8. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi. Welcome to TFI. Here is a bit of contribution from my side.

    ANSWER 1: There are 2 ways of looking at Petrol vs Diesel battle:

    1. Financial aspects while selecting the engine.
    2. Personal preference and engine characteristics.

    1. Financial aspect- Diesel cars cost more but they return higher fuel economy and run of cheaper fuel. Also, the resale value of a diesel car is higher. Petrol cars don't make much sense for those whose monthly run is high. Typically, anything above 1000Km/month and you can safely assume that diesel is the better option.

    Finally, it depends upon the difference between the price of petrol vs diesel.
    Swift Petrol vs Diesel: diesel is 80k costlier ex-showroom.
    i20 Petrol vs Diesel: Diesel is 1.10 lacs costlier ex-showroom price alone.
    Punto 1.4 petrol vs 1.3MJD: 1.3MJD is 55k costlier ex-showroom.

    You can see that you need to cover more Km/month (almost double the monthly run) to recover the extra price within same time period in case of i20 CRDi (diesel) vs 1.2Kappa i20 as compared to Punto 1.3MJD vs 1.4FIRE.

    2. Personal preference and engine characteristics: Diesel cars give better drivability because of lots and lots of torque at lower engine rpms.They return higher FE and feel slightly more powerful in handling the accessories dependent upon it (AC etc.).
    Some people like to get their pocket bitten once initially rather than getting pinched everyday. These select the diesel at lower monthly running as well. They might never recover the whole extra money spent initially. The amount of money they will recover depends upon how much they drove before selling the car and how much more they get from resale of a diesel variant as compared to petrol.

    In your case,

    Remember, for the price of 1.3MJD emotion, you can have 1.4 Emotion Pack that has alloys, airbags, blue&Me voice commands system, Automatic climate control and USB port.

    On the other hand, 1.3 Emotion will give you higher FE, more torque etc as discussed above.
    Visit the official FE discussion thread to have an idea regarding how much you'll save from fuel bills/month based on stats from various owners.

    This answers your first question.

    ANSWER2: No. These days, diesel cars have similar maintenance cost (difference of just 1-2k/year).

    ANSWER 3: No Idea.

    ANSWER 4: Harder? I think the ride quality of Punto 1.4 and Punto 1.3MJD is same. It is harder in case of i20 diesel as it has a stiffer suspension.
    In case you are talking about the NVH (noise and vibrations), diesels have higher NVH as compared to petrol but we are not talking about the older diesels here. MJD is very refined with very less NVH as compared to typical diesel engines.

    ANSWER 5: Already answered above in answer 1 and 2.

    EDIT: Visit this thread for first hand info on FE in various conditions (city, highway, rush hour traffic, with/without AC etc.)
  9. ratanshivi

    ratanshivi Regolare

    Mald (East)

    Either One Petrol or Diesel The choice is yours - Punto is a great Car !! Unlike the earlier cars now days Diesel Vehicles are not the expensive on maintainance. But YES the Fact remains that FIAT does not have a RE SALE Value in today's Market.

    The Only cars that have a Resale Value is the Maruti and The Honda.

    By the way Guys a Friend of mine sold his 2004 model Fiat Palio for Just Rs 45,000/=.
  10. Ratan thats pretty low, I got offer of 50k on my 2001 UNO which has done 1.6lakhs on ODO. It's a different matter we've still not sold it ::V

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