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Realizing a dream - Ford Mustang and HondaCBR600RR

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by lowflier, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. lowflier

    lowflier Amatore

    South Florida
    Hello everyone! So, it all started with a dream.. well, I never knew a dream had so much power and that it would come true some day! I have grown up riding a few nice motorcycles - Ind Suzuki, Yamaha RX 100, Kinetic Honda, LML Vespa to name a few and my dad used to own a Royal Enfield Bullet Standard. I would never even dare to balance that monster :devil
    (at least that's how I felt back in school). I was going to college and I was pretty much riding every motorcycle except the Bullet. Slowly graduated to my own true blue Pulsar (Definately Male - that was the ad back then) given to me by my eldest brother on my birthday as a surprise. It was one of the most memorable experiences, my 20th birthday morning and he (my bike) stood right outside the door. :dancing :dancing :dancing
    Well, it was an emotional thing. I always enjoyed that wind in the hair feeling which cars never gave me; they gave me some good space. ::D
    I was always fascinated by sport bikes - racing was never on my mind but speed definitely was!:evil:
    Whenever I saw those bikes zooming past me, I used to smile and say to myself...some day! :dance
    I used to see a lot of Busas, Gixxers, CBRs and other sport bikes but I liked the Honda CBR better somehow. I started working, got a Bullet Electra after a few years. I had to be away from home on job and I was not able to keep up with riding motorcycles. Years passed, riding was an and off thing but I would never miss an opportunity to ride whenever I was home. I was driving cars more than riding, got my beautiful Linea and I loved driving between Mumbai and Hyderabad and Hyderabad and Chennai frequently where I used to work.:car

    Times changed, I moved places, somehow landed in the US last year and still those sport bikes haven't stopped zooming past me. Now I was seeing them more often and the least of them would be a 600. I got a 2010 Mustang :redcar
    for myself. Actually she is one of my best buddy’s car. He got married and now wanted a sedan so I got her from him. I really loved the amazing raw power of the V6 and the rear wheel drive which I had never driven before. A red Mustang with a stick shift (well, that’s what they call a manual drive here and I can't imagine myself driving an automatic), she always brings a smile on my face every time I take her out - be it the lovely exhaust note or the compliments I receive or the fun people have when they are driving along with me. She made me love the corners especially! She is heavy but pulls very sweetly. A few months passed and I did some long drives and enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks to Danny for such a beautiful ride!:up

    Did I mention that I work in South Florida (Miami is just 40 odd miles away from where I live). Weather is just like the way it is in Hyderabad - Lovely! It gets hot during the day in summer and not very cold in winter. Rains are unpredictable, it pours sometimes and most of the times they don’t last even an hour. It becomes sunny again and feels like it never rained. People complain that its sultry here and I smile at them when they say that. I say to myself - after staying in Chennai for a year and a few years in Mumbai I can survive any sultry place in the world. No wonder Florida is called The Sunshine State because Florida loves Sun and vice versa. I loved Sunshine too, well that's another story.

    To get a motorcycle license in Florida, you have to pass the Basic Rider course. I enrolled for it for a weekend class which was for 2 days with 5 hours of classroom training and about 10 hours on the track. I met some interesting people there - some were first time riders, a guy who got back to riding after 40 years, a lady who wanted to ride along with her father around the country, a guy who was flying aircrafts for some time and wanted to get back to riding and a guy from Brazil who was a cross country motorcycle racer, wanted to get a license. Interestingly, there was also a guy named Roy who is from Hyderabad.:clap
    He recently got a Gixxer 600 and wanted to get a license. To my amusement he was driving a Blue Mustang with stick shift. We knew we had so much in common – imagine two petrol heads even if they meet for the first time they have so much to talk :evilsmile
    . So the training was more of a formality for the two of us. I would say it was informative but we could only ride on the so called track and not the streets and we were riding 250s. The instructor made an interesting comment – those who can ride in India in such traffic can easily manage in the US – he was right, wasn’t he? :clap
    All of us cleared the test at the end of the course and we are now legal to ride a motorcycle. I regret not putting on sunscreen for I was almost roasted in the Sun. I doubt sunscreen would have helped, I know for sure it would definitely not have gotten so worse :firey

    Now, the reason I wanted to get a license was to get a cruiser called Triumph America. She looks very beautiful with a lot of chrome – shines like armor. Triumphs have been in India in the past and we have been crazy about those British bikes and I am no different. I enquired about the availability of the bikes with a couple of dealers closer to where I live and they had some 2013 and 2014 models. I knew I can get a bargain on a 2013 so I thought of getting the license first. I knew I always wanted to ride those sport bikes but they are not practical for long rides so I decided to go with the Triumph. Well, Harley was also an option but I felt Harleys had a bit of vibration and they are not as refined as Triumphs. I was fine compromising with the exhaust note - Triumphs don't sound sweet enough for their looks unless you go for an aftermarket exhaust which is too loud. I am not sure if the aftermarket exhausts are street legal here but I made up my mind to go with the Triumph. That was before the rider course.

    Now, after the course ended, Roy asked if I wanted to see his ride and I agreed. We both ended up at his place and the moment I looked at his ride I thought a Gixxer it is for me! Nothing else but a Gixxer. A beautiful blue and white 2013 Suzuki GSX-R600 with white rims and just a couple of hundred miles on the odo. She sounded so sweet and loud and that changed everything. I decided to go for it, took the dealer details where he got his ride from and I was home thinking that I am going to get one in a few days. I was about 2% sad that I was not getting a Honda CBR600RR but as he got a very good deal I thought it’s still a 600 and looks as good if not better. Convinced that I am going to get a similar bike I looked if there was a similar deal on the CBR600RR. Honda re-launched CBR600RR in 2013 with new 12-spoke wheels, revised ECU settings, and a fine-tuned ram-air system to increase torque. Also, it gets a new “Big Piston” fork and retuned rear shock. It comes in 3 cool colors - complete red, Repsol edition and a red, white and blue HRC racing edition. I liked Red and HRC edition better than Repsol but then it’s just my taste. If you are wondering we are in 2014 and I am talking about 2013, it’s because the dealers need to clear their inventory and are under pressure to get rid of the 2013 ones and they offer some good deals. No changes for 2014 CBR600RR. This dealer had a deal on CBR too but it was no way close to the one on the Gixxer. I decided to go with the Gixxer and sent my details and documents to the same dealer for getting the loan processed. Meanwhile the 2% sadness started to grow more and I searched online within a 500 mile radius and found one a couple of hundred miles away. It was unbelievable - a straight two and a half thousand less than the marked price on a 2013 new CBR. The dealer had two of them in their inventory one Red and another HRC. I immediately called the dealer and got a quote for out the door price which was even better than the one on Gixxer :wow
    . I called Roy and said that we will have to ride a couple of hours to get my ride and its going to be a CBR. He was happy and asked if I would join him as he is riding to get his plates from the dealer. I took a copy of the quote and drove to the dealer, Roy was riding his Gixxer. Roy suggested that I tell the dealer about the deal and he said he would most probably match it. I did as he suggested and the sales associate wondered how I managed such a deal. I told him that I don't expect him to match it and I can buy the bike from the other dealer but he is a couple of hour drive from here. The sales associate already had my file and he said he would like to talk to his manager about the quote. We were looking at some cool bikes - they had 1 liter bikes of Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and some monsters like the Busa, ZX14R and the likes. The guy returned with a smile and he quoted a 100 bucks less than the other dealer :lol
    I made sure he was serious. I thought they made some good money on these bikes as he was ready to make the deal for a straight 1.5 grand less on a 10.5 grand bike(10.5k was the offer price, actual price being 11.5k). I got my loan processed from a lender called DCU, the most hassle-free loan processing ever. Got my check in less than 24 hours and I am all set to take the delivery tomorrow. Attaching a couple of pics for you, hopefully more pics to follow - that of my red Mustang and btw I decided to go with the HRC edition so pics of the HRC Honda CBR600RR - the power of my dreams! :dancing


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  2. lowflier

    lowflier Amatore

    South Florida
    So friends, here are some of the pics of my ride. I did some mods to my bike like removed the fender, changed the exhaust to Two Brothers Racing exhaust. I will be doing the track this weekend, will try to keep up with the updates :)
  3. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    The honda tagline suits you the best.... The power of dreams !!! two monsters in the garage, you surely is one lucky soul and that too within a year in US !! Enjoy the rides.. Ride safe !! expecting some nice pics from rides with your new love !! rock on..
  4. SX4enthusiast

    SX4enthusiast Amatore

    This is the best Honda I ever saw!


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  5. lowflier

    lowflier Amatore

    South Florida
    Here I am again after about 10 months. Well, I had to part with the Mustang towards end of the year and my motorcycle was stolen a few weeks ago. But that turned out to be a blessing in disguise! Lost a pony bought a Horse. To the fellow forum members, here's my long story short:
    Well, I did my research and decided on a 987.2 Cayman S stick shift preferably black over black and I was looking just for leather seats. I was not looking for any more options but I wanted to get a CPO link2.gif . Started my search a couple of months ago and was not very successful. Kept searching everyday on Porsche USA site, PCA and other forums while trying to find out everything I can about these beautiful machines. Well, this was going to be my first Porsche.
    As part of regular search (I always searched with newest arrivals first) I looked up some sites and found one which caught my attention. It was at a Carmax dealer in Norcross, GA. A 2010 CS with 26,600 miles black on black with a stick shift. No pictures and not too many details yet except the VIN. I called up the guys at Carmax and tried to find more about it. Well that was on a Friday evening. I wanted to see the car, I mentioned this to a friend and he was like "let's go". I live in South Florida and the car is over 650 miles away. Started for Norcross, GA the next day evening (Saturday) and on our way checked out the ROLEX 24 AT DAYTONA - it was some experience!! Couldn't stay there for more than couple of hours as we had to make it to the dealer and drive back by Sunday night. Reached Carmax on Sunday around 1 pm with a overnight stop. I was talking to Eddie and he was surprised to see me. I took a test drive and the car felt good, pretty well maintained. I told the guy to keep it off the website while I got my check. He obliged and it was not listed until Wednesday (4 days). Before flying in I scheduled an appointment on Wednesday with Carmax for a 11 am and with Jim Ellis Porsche between 1pm and 3 pm for a PPI. The systems at that location were down most of the day and by the time I got the delivery of the car it was already 5pm. I really wanted to get a PPI done but I could not. Had to leave for home the same evening. I wanted to drive the car myself back home to make sure everything works fine. What a car, I must say it was 680 miles of smiles!! I read someone mention "these things are put together like a fine watch" and I couldn't agree more. I did not drive anything like this ever in my whole life. Though the ride was stiff may be due to 19 inch wheels and I don't know how 18 inch wheels felt, the fantastic shifts and the best part was the music - not from the Bose sound system but from the flat 6. I could hear a lot of road noise but whenever I revved it beyond 3k I was grinning from ear to ear or rather giggling. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Here are some pics of the ride, hope you guys enjoy!
    BeautifulButt.JPG Image01.JPG Image02.JPG Image03.JPG Image04.JPG Image05.JPG
  6. kk27

    kk27 Amatore

    Kandivali - Mumbai
    Kandivali - Mumbai
    Fiat Enthusiast
  7. amishpats

    amishpats Timido

    Yo buds.. When am i gonna get the ride in Porsche... I remember after u bought the linea i got the luck to buy one too... Now it's turn of Porsche it seems... ;)

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