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RDC fiat sales and service @ Vellore

Discussion in 'Dealership Reviews' started by Ruban, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Ruban

    Ruban Timido

    Punto Evo 1.3
    5000 kms done in 3 months gap. Taken car for First service to RDC fiat ambattur, chennai.

    you wont believe me the whole service centre is filled with Puntos. there is no way to enter/exit the service area as there are cars parked on the way.

    i took the chart for my punto. first service and went back. came in the evening, the car was ready, as it is first service it is zero 0 cost.

    But they said they havent done wheel alignment as there were some issue in alignment machine, which they insisted to do at later point of time.

    I have done the alignment and wheel balancing outside @bridgestone centre, potheri, chengalpet for Rs.1100 (opposite to estancia building)

    I could notice that after first service & wheel alignment and balancing the car suspension has smooth. No left side pulling for the wheels (would have been fixed during alignment).

    Planning to go for a long trip....
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  2. Ruban

    Ruban Timido

    Punto Evo 1.3
    Trip from chennai - Coimbatore - pollachi.

    Started from chennai around 7 PM towards Vellore. Worst NH in the state of TN. stayed in vellore for the overnight.
    Next day morning started at 6:30 AM from vellore towards pollachi. What a beautiful road. very smooth clean, no patches.
    Vellore to Krishnagiri - 6 lanes
    Krishnagiri to salem - 4 lanes
    salem to coimbatore - 6 lanes

    Had a breakfast near salem "Nellai Dosai Kadai" Green color banner can be easily noticed on the left of the road. Tasty breakfast.

    From Avinasi, took 2 lane road to pollachi, road is smooth and beautiful place to take snaps.
    Reached pollachi at 1 PM.

    Evening travelled from pollachi to palani and then returned back to pollachi. stayed overnight in pollachi.

    Spent next whole day in pollachi for a marriage.

    3rd day morning. started from pollachi (7:30 AM) - Coimbatore - Avinasi - Salem - krishnagiri - vellore (3:00 PM)
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    Total trip Distance - ~ 1317 kms
    Total Diesel Price - 3100 Rs
    Average mileage - 20.20 Kmpl (MID info)

    Max speed - 130 kmph
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