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RD Motors: Accident service report. :: Repair complete.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by arichakra, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Sorry to hear about the accident but great that she is back on the road now. I also met with an accident sometime back and had to get the headlight and bumper changed. after this the headlamp focus is not correct and some part of light is concentrated in 'U' shape for the new one. The Horn also isn't sounding the same as it used to be (I think they replaced it with some faulty part).
    How is the paint job for the replaced part, the bumper looks little different from some angles (T.Wine is a strange color, looks different under different lighting conditions).
    There were few things missing when I got the delivery of my car, one was bonut opening lever other one was fendor arc lining, which they replaced and added to the bill and after some arguments, that was waived off. I think these TATA dealerships somehow manage to return the cars only with increased number of issues and dirt.
    Hope you manage to get the issues resolved soon.

  2. Same headlight issues with me also. Cannot be corrected. Have asked for replacement but till date nothing positive. They are having a defective lot of headlights in their store mine was changed thrice after they themselves said it's perfect for now. But this also throws light awkwardly and driving in night is a nightmare. BUT SERIOUSLY TASS IS A TOTAL FAILURE FOR FIAT WHOEVER SAYS WHATEVER I CAN CERTIFY HIM INTO PAPERS AND WITH PROPER PICTURES FOR THE SAME AND DELAY IN SOLVING MY ISSUES FROM FEBRUARY IS ITSELF A POINT.

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