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RD Motors: Accident service report. :: Repair complete.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by arichakra, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Pran

    Pran Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Accident service report.

    Usually while claiming insurance the SC helps to fix everything which happens to be on the same side of impact, I wonder why this was not the case with you. If possible get a detailed list of items and their costs, its become a habit for the SC to claim max out of accidents, unnecessarily. I wonder how this tie-up of insurance company and dealers work to get max claims, the person doing the estimation "might be" the culprit.
  2. Axn

    Axn Regolare

    Re: Accident service report.

    Thnx Tony for a wellwishers suggestion.

    Generally I do it likewise. But there are sometimes......
  3. Re: Accident service report.


    Buddy, pl do check with TASS on the prices issue. I was involved in an incident where i scrapped the nose of my car. The damage was cosmetic and the car was completely driveable. Whaen i gave my car to TASS, they told me that the bumper + Bonnet + 1 headlight would be changed.

    A new bumper costs 1500 bucks. But its not painted. Hence the TASS guys charge for the paint job on the bumper. In my case, the cost of painted bumper came to some 5200 bucks. But the painting is entirely covered by insurance. Hence i ended up paying some 750 bucks for the bumper. Also, the headlight costs ~2300. So i paid 1150 for that and 10% of the cost of a new bonnet(~4500) i.e. 450. Plus some 500 bucks for the claim processing. Finally ended up paying some 2.5-3k against an insurance claim of 19k.

    Make sure that they don't pass on any useless charges on you.
  4. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Re: Accident service report.

    I can say it that the Punto's are increasing in numbers on road, thats the reason more Punto's are involved in some freaky incidents.
  5. arichakra


    Re: Accident service report.

    Update on the 7th day:

    It’s the 7th day my car is waiting at the service center to be repair. They had done some bodywork but the front is still dismantled because of spare unavailability. Today I manage to get the order number from TASS & sent a query to Fiat service get the status/expedite the delivery of the items. It seems the repair job is going to be halted till we receive the spares.

    I asked the guy ‘Did you considered the spare availability while you indicated that the repair job will take around fifteen days?’ No – was the answer. :firey

    Earlier I complained to Future Generali (refer to page 2 of this post) also for not approving the repair of few scratches on the RHS running panel & front door. They called me yesterday finally we got into some heated discussion over phone, as usual. After a long negotiation I manage to get an approval for the running panel on the RHS. Finally the scratch on the front door is not approved as ‘it does not appear to be continuous with other damage!’ The appearance of the damage is going to cost me another 4.5K!!

    Anyway – its now a wait game for spares.
  6. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    Re: Accident service report.

    My friend , my car also suffered almost same accident. Damaged face is very much like mine.
    Below is the list of parts changed in my Punto:

    Front bumber- Rs 2400.
    Both headlights - Rs 6000 (Each Rs 3000, including tax)
    Condenser- Rs 5000 (Including tax)
    Cross Rail - Rs 1950 (Including tax)
    Front right fender - Rs 1400 (Including tax)

    All these price figs are around and not exact but are very close to actual. Price mentioned by me are one month old only. Tata revised Fiat parts price on 8th July 2010. Your list might be older than that.

    Re-painted parts:
    Front Bumper
    Right front fender
    Right front door.

    My Total bill was around Rs 28500. I'd to pay only Rs 595 (Rs 500 for clause and 95 for gum etc) from my pocket because I've taken 0% depriciation insurance plan from TATA- AIG. Per this plan, we can claim twice with 0% in a year period. Third claim onwards, it normal. I paid around Rs 1400 extra for this plan which is absolutly worth.
  7. arichakra


    Re: Accident service report.

    Thanks a lot Nitin for the information, it'll help me a lot.
    "0% depriciation insurance" is great. Unfortunately I was not aware aboud these insurace add-ons at the time I purchased my car. Certainly I'll go for those at the time of renewal of my policy.
  8. arichakra


    Re: Accident service report. :: Repair complete

    Update –

    I got my car back from the TASS on last Thursday (17th Feb) in almost showroom condition. ::D

    I was very busy for last few days so could not update you guys, I'll post a brief report today & hope to provide a details review of the TASS, insurance & repair job later on.

    Item Changed –

    • BUMPER FRONT (0059089737)
    • HEAD LAMPs (0059089728 & 0059089729)
    • CROSSRAIL (0059089780 & 0059089875) (How many CROSSRAILs are there in a car!!)
    • RADIATOR DSL BEHR MAKE (0059116445) (?)
    • CONDENSER DSL BEHR MAKE (0059116447) (?)
    • HOOD BONNET (0059089727)

    Bill –

    Total bill was 49388/- out of which I paid 16279/-. But my part includes 'dent & paint job' of around 8000/- which was not covered in the insurance claim. Certainly these figures are in the higher side.

    Misconduct –

    TASS -
    • I ask them to change a wiper blade as it was not OK. They changed it both & bill me for it. Later I argue with them that it should cover under warranty. After a lot of discussion (among them) they agree to waive off the charges!
    • Headlamps are no more in its earlier glory as they could not install it properly. Light beam from RHS headlamp fall just in front of the car, it’s a nightmare to drive in night now! Visited the TASS again to properly align the lamps but there was no effect.
    • Charged me twice for polishing the car. I actually could not figure it out (you know its a lots of paper/paperwork) & made the payment. Noticed it immediately after the payment. The cashier was a very nice & polite person, he internally called all the concerned persons, lot of discussion & waive off the charges!!

    I was given an explanation that I was billed from service department as well as from bodywork department for the polis job; quite acceptable for me as everyone should have a piece of the cake! :drinks

    I manage to save around 2500/- as I noticed those in time.

    Insurance (Future Generali) -
    From day one they use to tell me that they they’ll charge a depreciation of 5% on metal items. Additionally they charge 10% as ‘Salvage Value’. (So I paid 15% on metals) Yet to figure out what this Salvage Value’ is all about?? I could not find anything regarding this on the policy document.

    Let me know if anyone of you knows anything about the salvage value?
  9. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Re: Accident service report. :: Repair complete

    Two CROSSRAIL ? ::OO :confused :shocked

    Recently I changed CrossRail due to stone impact. There is only one Cross-Rail for GP

    In my invcoice, Part No. for CrossRail is 0051795076
  10. http://www.teamfiat.co.in/forum/sho...nto-Emotion-Pack-DI-1yr-OLD&p=59340#post59340

    Friend i am also from calcutta & share the same fate as yours please look atthe details on this link.

    Dude the TASS RD is minting money by making false charges on to Customers and when we argue they discount it. I have put it forward to FIAT people also but you know its sharing cup of cake with everyone they are also at large getting the benefits so unable to do much. My problems are 6 months old now and still awating something will be done.

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