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Ratnagiri drive

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by rohanrrao, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. rohanrrao


    Writing this from Guhagar :)

    Having a nice weekend outing with my parents. We started yesterday morning from Kalyan. We did Ratnagiri and nearby regions yesterday. Today did Ganpatipule and some places in between on the way to Guhagar. My Punto had been dormant for sometime, but every time I take her out for a long ride.. err drive (the biker in me refuses to be overshadowed) I just fall in love with this Italian again and again.

    Tomorrow have some more places to cover on our way back. I will write a detailed travelogue with the total reading on the odo and other stats. Will post the details soon.

    Cheers ~
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  2. Aniket

    Aniket Superiore

    Thane, Mumbai
    enjoy ur beauty
  3. Enjoy the ride and do post some a travelogue with some snaps.
  4. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Enjoy the scene and drive safe,
    Do post the review with the Pictures
  5. rohanrrao


    Here is a brief log and few figures along with some photographs.

    April heat is sweltering. So much so that a few minutes in the Sun and the brow gets soaked with tiny pearls, shining gloriously. Couple that with the humidity permeating the atmosphere in the Konkan belt and there is no dearth of sweaty souls. However, all it takes is a very gentle gust of breeze to dry the soaked brows and bring back that smile on the torrid faces. And if that gust comes in the from the west as we face the Arabian sea, there is no doubt that one would love to get soaked again and again, just to get experience the pleasure of the gusts drying it up!

    As we parked the Tuscon wine Punto and stood atop mound between Are and Vare villages in Ratnagiri district, sipping on some fresh coconut waters and letting the gust blow in our faces, we experienced the pleasure once again... the pleasure of the unknown behind that horizon that gives us so much from within .. the inspiration of the invading waves, the humility of the receeding ones and the then treat us with the cool breeze.



    Well it was pure bliss and the seeds for these moments were sown right in the midst of a frustrating office day and packed routines, with the sight of the dusty little Punto lying in the parking lot - dormant for over 2 months. As soon as some of the constraints were negotiated, the wheel was in my hands. Friday night it was as I packed my bags and tried to sleep early for an early start on Saturday. But the excitement and the nocturnal soul didn't allow that comfort as I woke up with slightly sore eyes with just three hours of sleep the previous night. It was 5.40 AM as I turned the ignition key. Me, my dad and mom and our beloved Punto kicked off.

    It had done just 1000 something on the odo yet. But the ride to Pune on expressway had already seen the revs and speedo hitting the 140kmph mark. But this time on NH 17 and with my parents along, it was never going to reach that mark and I was conscious of the fact. A smooth drive, morning coolness, misty surroundings and the defoggers!

    Our first halt was near Mahad for a quick breakfast. Idli wadas for the parents and a bit spicier Misal pav to satisfy my taste buds. Let me warn you the restaurant under the Kamat banner here doesn't justify the brand name. My dad had to literally search for a grain of dal in the sambar. Anyways, we moved on towards our destination - Ratnagiri.

    Our next stop over was directly at Sangameshwar, this time near a small tapri for a cup of tea. A good knee-flexer break for my mom. Shortly, after a quick drive we reached Ratnagiri. We directly headed to Pavas without halting anywhere or checking in at any hotel, paid our obeisance at the math, had prasad and started back towards Ratnagiri. Pavas is situated 14 kms away from Ratnagiri. At Ratnagiri we checked in at a decent hotel which allowed sufficient parking space for my Punto - Hotel Swaroop. After a quick refresher, some nashta and all, we rested a bit. After the Sun mellowed down, we went to Ratnadurga and Bhagwati temple. Some pics below -




    As the Sun set beyond the horizon we descended the drove down the mound, parked the car at the hotel and roamed in the city lanes. Well, it was Saturday and the day for the weekly market - Shaniwarcha bazaar. It was very very difficult for us to walk through the jam-packed. Another round of refreshment followed by an early dinner and early doze. The day rounded off ~390 kms from Kalyan to Ratnagiri and drive to nearby places. Had a good sleep, dozed off mid way as the IPL match continued on the small screen of the hotel room TV.

    Next day, we were rounding off Ratnagiri. We covered Pavas and Ratnadurga / Bhagvati temple the earlier day. Post breakfast, we checked out the Hotel and trashed every thing in the car, including ourselves. Went to Thibaw palace, a small wooden palace where the British rulers held the King Thibaw of Burma under house-arrest. Some archaic sculpture assembled from nearby regions allows the term museum to be appended to this palace.


    After Thibaw palace, we headed towards Ganpatipule. Enroute Ganpatipule we also visted the birth palce of Lokmanya Tilak at Ratnagiri. Some pics -


    Reached Ganpatipule after another tank full enroute. Visited the temple, had prasad and just wetted our feet in the clear waters for namesake. After that we also visited Prachin Konkan, a model Konkan village replica.


    We were quite unsure about what to do next, and were juggling between having a calm outing at Ganpatipule or continuing further. But having most of the things to be done at Ganpatipule, except for seeing the setting sun, we decided to move further. A hurried drive to Guhagar. Enroute, there is a beautiful bridge over the river at Bhatgaon (Bhatgaon bridge) over the river connecting two hillocks, a beautiful scene -


    It was a slightly hurried drive as I wanted to see the setting sun over the western horizon. And it was to be - it was 6.15 by the time we reached Guhagar. Checked in the hotel, parked our car and strolled onto the sea-shore which was barely 2mins from our hotel.



    Some bhel and sev-puri over the sea shore gazing at the setting sun, followed by visit to Vyadeshwar temple and then as the town dimmed its light as early as 9.00, we were done with our dinner, desserts and the IPL match in the hotel room.

    An early start next day, which was also to be our return day. In the morning we visited Gopalgad fort(near ANjanvel), 15 kms from Hedvi. Returned to Guhagar for a breakfast and then quick ride to Velneshwar beach - 16 kms from Guhagar. Velneshwar has a beautiful beach and a nice temple complex along the shore. Some pics -



    Further 6 kms from Velneshwar junction lies Hedvi, another quaint little sea shore with Uma Maheshwari temple along the shore and a narrow gorge in the rocks along the shore - Baman ghal. It also has a Dasabhuja Ganpati temple some 4 kms away from the shore. Some pics at Hedvi -




    After Hedvi beach visit we started on our way back towards Mumbai via Chiplun. Lunch at Chiplun followed by long drive back. Enroute we halted at Kashedi and Parshuram. As a topping on the cake, we also witnessed quick showers at Kashedi rendering the entire landscape fresh and that awesome smell of the wet earth. A tea break at Mahad and dinner at our home (Kalyan) rounded of the trip.

    Some stats -
    Total distance - 901 kms
    Top speed - 120 kmph
    Places covered - Ratnagiri, Pavas, Ganpatipule, Guhagar, Anjanvel, Hedvi, Velneshwar, Chiplun.
    Duration - 3 days
    Total petrol expenses - Rs 5800
    Fuel economy (with windows rolled up and AC on) - ~11 kmpl

    A couple of pics to conclude the long post -



    Cheers ~
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  6. rohanrrao


  7. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Hi Rohan,
    After following your travel log, i was tempted to cover the places in around Konkan, but due to the ongoing agitation i have put the plans aside and concentrating on Mahabaleshawar for 2 days and come back to Pune for the 23rd FIat checkup and then head towards Goa for 3 nights.
    The pictures are amazing and loved the bridge and the sunset ones along with the Lokamanya Tilak's birth place & ofcourse the palace.
  8. rohanrrao


    Thanks Cubbie.
    Yes, Jaitapur issue will throw your Ratnagiri plans haywire. So where are you approaching Mahabaleshwar from - NH17 or NH 4?
  9. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Via NH4...until unless my bro has other plans....but is there anything in particlar to take care if one chooses either of he Highways?
  10. rohanrrao


    Nothing in particular as such. NH4 is well laned and really good. NH17 is not as wide as it should be for a national highway for most of its stretch. But I love the NH17 especially for the fact that it threads through the small towns, and the bridges over the rivers and ravines. NH4 is good and fast laned!
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