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RamchandraPura-->Sonda-->Gokarna-->Karwar-->North Goa-->old Goa-->Dandeli-->Bangalore

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Jun 25, 2012.

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  2. onlymakarand

    onlymakarand Amatore

    its a mere appetizer :p waiting for more!!
  3. I planned for week long trip in my newly remapped and GC upgraded Punto.

    As usual my wife wanted me to take her to Kukke Subramanya-->Dharmastala-->Shringeri before her MBA exams.I have been these places quite a lot of time so decided to explore other options.

    First that came to my mind is Ramchandrapur mutt,here is the Seer is running a mutt and Goshala about 300 cattle's altogether and 35 different verities of them sourced from all over the country.
    on thewy rmutt.jpg
    Ramchandrapur Mutt side view, this mutt is constructed in 15th century and renovated few times there after
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  4. Nature at the best lotus pond near to the mutt
    Natural pond near to Temple.jpg
    Beautifully done garden with small temple for AdiShankara
    Pictures from goshala
    Another one
    few more
    DSCN1122.jpg DSCN1123.jpg DSCN1127.jpg DSCN1128.jpg


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  6. After having Lunch at Ramchandrapur mutt,we started towards Sonda,it was raining quite a bit was happy to see a flooded Shalmala river.

    Shalmala river.jpg

    When I see such places I feel like leaving my job and going to that place the spend rest of my life.
    Please excuse me about the quality of the photo as there were few rain drops on the camera it self!!
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  7. sungoa2010


    Excellent Photos and a spiritual start with the mutt. More than that happy to see those innocent holy animals. Nice and unique start. Each and every travelogues in TFI is proving that our members are masters in presenting the travelogues in a non conventional and unique ways.
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  8. Thanks, i am struggling little bit in arranging the photo's
    Swarnavalli Mutt.jpg
    My friend enjoying the drive.
    DSCN1139.jpg DSCN1159.jpg DSCN1160.jpg
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  9. We stayed at Yatrinivas managed by Swanavalli mutt, but those mosquito's were impossible, I did not take nay pictures of the mutt as photography was prohibited.
    Did talk to Seer of the mutt,I like his environmental consciousnesses,he spearheaded a agitation tin driving out tadadi barge mouted thermal power station which would have pumped 15000 tons of carbon everyday!!

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    Next day we started after having breakefast at the mutt,this view was welcoming us :)

    View attachment Gokarna Beach.jpg

    Ombeach from the top
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  10. Rest later,feeling sleepy after long day at work.

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