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Quick getaway to Hesarghatta grassland, one of its kind remaining!

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by punto_emotion, Jan 12, 2015.

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    Background: Saturday noon was lazily browsing the net post lunch. Stumbled upon a blog about Hesarghatta grassland and it caught my attention. Couple of phone calls to friends and we were set to go! Three of us decided to set off by 5AM on Sunday morning (11th Jan)

    The place: Hesaraghatta grassland is the last surviving grassland in and around Bangalore, It is located @25-30 kms from the heart of Bangalore. Proximity to city limits has subjected this piece of nature beauty to threats from proposal of several development projects in the region. This is a disputed land with several parties claiming the ownership. I hope it shall remain untouched as it as. Several nature activists have protested development in this region.

    Other places in the vicinity: Nrityagram dance gurukul, Hesarghatta lake, several cycle trails.

    The trip: We started from my residence @5am and reached by @6.15am. We wanted to catch the sunrise and also enjoy the serenity. But, to our surprise there were already a group of 25-30 bikers :eek: Nevertheless, we weren't ddeterred by their presence and ensured we got the best out of nature.

    @Ravi , @nkrishnap & fellow Blore TFI mates, felt this would be a good potential place for next TFI Blore meet. Plenty of opportunity to shot fabulous pics of Italian beauties.

    Time for pics to do the talking:)

    Check out the temp display. People down south rarely get an opportunity to experience sub 10 degrees ;)


    Grassland begins....



    IMG_5903(1).JPG IMG_5943(1).JPG IMG_5945(1).JPG IMG_5949(1).JPG IMG_5959(1).JPG IMG_5961(1).JPG IMG_5963(1).JPG IMG_5970(1).JPG

    Time for Punto to take over :p

    IMG_5892(1).JPG IMG_5899(1).JPG IMG_5901(1).JPG IMG_5908(1).JPG IMG_5913(1).JPG IMG_5927(1).JPG

    Hesarghatta lake

    IMG_5990(1).JPG IMG_5997(1).JPG
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    Wow, some nice nostalgic pics out there in the TFI meet thread. It has Ravi sir's epic Linea too.

    Yes indeed it is. And Italian beauties surely will steal the show amidst the scenic place ;)

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