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Question "When Car ? "is Answered. Now the Question is "What Car ?"

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by srida, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    In my opinion, go for the white color, looks too good! :)
  2. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Srida so far I am not facing any problem with the paint.I bought it in Dec 2010. Tuscan Wine is as you said a good royal color, but very hard to maintain like the black. You always have to keep it clean to keep it's royal looks. Even for me this color was chosen by my wife (even though my plans was to go for Minimum Grey) & you have to pay another 5000 for this premium color. One thing I can assure you is if you get any problem with the paint, FIAT will surely sort it out.
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  3. Same story holds true for me. T Wine for my Linea was chosen by my wife :p (is this becoming universal standard???). 1 month of usage and so far no issues with the color. Two of my friends, one owning Octavia and other Fabia, told me the servicing cost is too high. It gets higher over the years. Go for Punto, your wife will forget about "buying fabia" over few months. Car is less worry things for women ;). I am sure you/she will get compliments for T Wine color. Also look at the "Did you know" thread for hidden or not advertised features. Most people don't know list of features. For e.g. voice commands. This is advertised by new Fiesta. Fiat has this feature (Blue & me) since launch.
  4. Now we have decided that No T Wine Punto. So the color options are Black , BNW and Medium Grey. Most probably we will go for BNW coz this is the only color offered for both Punto 75 and Punto 90. Since I have not yet decided on 75 or 90, i dont wanna make up my mind on the color.

    Today I spotted 3 BNW puntos. 2 of them had the front grill painted black and the other had the silver. I really liked the black grill. But how is it being offered from the showroom? black painted or silver painted? Or has this got something to do with the Variant I go for ?

    Also I read somewhere long back that Blue and Me dosent play songs from Mobile phones. Has Fiat come up with a solution for this? I Use Nokia E 63. Since EPK dosent have Aux port I thought I can pair up my mobile to play songs. The SE told me it is possible but he was not able to do it on the TD vehicle.
  5. redbull


    @srida - The Blu&Me does not have A2DP profile, so you can't play songs over bluetooth. I don't know if the updated firmware helps.
  6. Spend a little above 8 L and floor your wife with Linea.
  7. I have decided guys. It is gonna be Fiat Grand Punto 90 HP. Most probably BNW. My elders are not allowing me to even book the car before August 18, since this month is not auspicious for purchasing anything new. But I am planning to book this someday this week without their knowledge. Can someone please let me know if the below deal is good ?

    Ex Showroom : 698952
    Insurance : 25429
    Regn + Lifetax : 76395
    Extended War : 5000
    On road : 810395

    Discounts : Insurance 100 % + 7K Corp Discount + 10 K Dealer Discount = 42429
    Free : Mud Flaps , Floor Mats, Sun Flim, Steering Grip and Teflon Coating.

    OnRoad After Discount : 763347

    I would like to hear from you guys if I have any Pre Booking Instructions.

    Can I ask for more discounts ? Would I be asking too much for Seat covers in Freebies ?
  8. teky

    teky Esperto

    Srida - Why isn't the Road side assistance and extended warranty included here.

    Also avoid the mud flaps, floor mats and Sun film from the dealer, you are better off getting them done at elsewhere. For sunfilm Balaji agencies in Teynampet, Floor mats from Kagu. Avoid drilling holes on the bumper for fixing the mud flaps. Fit them only on Front wheels if required.

    Also the 90hp should come with leather wrapped steering, so why is the dealer quoting you that. I will bargain for more cash discount instead of all the aaccessories. A big no for teflon coating as well.

    Btw- whom are you dealing with in VST?

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  9. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Congrats Srida on finally deciding to book the mighty 90.

    As for the freebies, do cross check which sunfilm they are offering. Most probably it'll be a cheap one , so you'll be better off getting a better product aftermarket.

    Also, avoid the so called "Teflon" coating , even if the dealer himself pays you to get it done. Because , there is no such thing as a Teflon coating.

  10. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Srida I second Teky.RSA & extended warranty now comes as offer here in Trivandrum now. You will surely be getting that.Regarding Mudflaps make sure it is genuine. Tell them that you shouldn't see any screw drilled on to the rear bumper . Normally they drill a hole & screw it outside where I have shown an arrow in the pic. For genuine mudflap they don't drill outside. It is screwed from inside.

    If you are able to fix 3M sunfilm from the dealer, then it will be worth going for it. Again for the genuine 3M film, when you are seated in the car & look outside you will be able to read 3M on the centre of the glass. A kind of watermark is there for Genuine. Good luck Srida.
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