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Query : Mangalore to Vagamon

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by soori, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. soori


    Hello All,

    I'm planning on a road trip to Vagamon from Mangalore in Punto. Can anyone please suggest about the suggested roads, distance, condition of the road and time taken to travel?

    We are planning to stay there for 2 nights during the second week of November.
  2. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    not sure about the route to kerala, but once you reach Thrissur, you can take this route:
    Thrissur -> Angamaly -> Perumbavoor -> Muvattupuzha -> Thodupuza -> Muttom -> Erattupetta -> Vagamon.

    There is another more scenic route from Muttom through Moolamattam, but not sure what is the condition of the road. If you are not used to much Ghat driving, i would suggest you stick to Muttom -> Erattupetta ->vagamon route.
  3. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    If u want a heavenly ride go for thodupuzha -> Moolamattom (take right at ksrtc depot) route to Vagamon. Steep ghat road :D
  4. Stay along NH66 (NH17) from Mangalore till Kuttippuram via Kasargod, Kanhangad, Kannur, Thalassery, Mahe, Vadakara, Calicut quite a few of those towns have bypasses, while many don't. The road condition is average to poor.
    From Kuttipuram take SH69 via Edappal, Kunnamkulam to Thrissur. Road condition: Excellent.
    From thrissur get on the NH544 (NH47) 10kms to the east of the city. Once u get on the highway cruise on it till Angamaly. Toll 0f Rs. 55 (one side) on this hwy.
    Keep left at Angamaly to get to MC Rd. (SH1) to Muvattupuzha. Road condition very good.
    Take left at the second junction at Muvattupuzha, to Thodupuzha. (SH8) Road condition: very good

    Upto this point, it will be 450+kms; and now you have many choices to get to Vagamon, the present condition of the roads is best known if you can interact with the people at Thodupuzha.

    From Thodupuzha u have a lot of options.
    Muttom-Neeloor-Erattupetta will be less fun.
    Left turn at Kanjar, on the Moolamattam road a few miles after Muttom and you get the real heaven ride; a very narrow road; but you get to enjoy the feel of Western Ghats. And a visit to Ilaveezhaapoonchira, a beautiful trekking spot en route is also possible.
    Taking left at Moolamattom can be equally good, and saves on distance. But I suggest you check out Ilaveezhapoonchira, since It'll let you have a glimpse of Vagamon miles before, and a good part of the roads you had taken to get till there.

    Quite a few other spots of the region can also be tasted since you are staying for two nights. At around 50kms radius of Vagamon you have enough and more to check out; most of the places being untouched by tourist spot tags yet.

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    Suggested refuel spots:

    1. Mahe obviously, as its cheap
    2. IOC CoCo at Memuri, just a few minutes after Perumbavoor. Better to avoid private bunks.
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  5. Also i would like to add that its better if you can cover the Mangalore-Thrissur stretch during off peak night hours (driving at a time b/w 9:00pm to 07:00am is ideal) if you are comfortable with night driving; considering the narrow roads and busy towns in this part of your journey.
  6. saroshmk


    I just returned from a trip from Hyd to Kerala. We were based in Kottayam and did a day trip to Vagamon. From Kottayam, I took the NH202 -> NH183 (per Google Maps), turned left at Mundakayam and up the ghats. The road condition was excellent throughout. Just had to be mindful of blind turns and busses on nitro boosters.

    Will be posting the trip writeup and snaps a little later.
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  7. Well that's an unfamiliar route to me. You took Kootickal-Elamkadu route? That's one area I've never been to... is it an interesting drive?

    But if you are from KTM, taking the ETPA-Vagamon route would have been the shortest right?

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