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Queries before i make up to purchase my first car

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by prasvista, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. 1. Every one complains about A/C in Punto and i have personally experienced it and understood that for such a spacious car the A/C throw is not sufficient. Did FIAT overcome it?
    I've never faced any issue in A/C. May be bcz Pune is as cool blore.
    2. As we all are concerned about mileage, i heard that PUNTO diesel gives 16 to 18(city) Kms, but with PETROL it gives only 12 - 13 Kms. Is it true?
    You can get good FE if you drive carefully. I get FE ~15 (highways + city).
    3. One other important factor to consider while purchasing is re-sale value. I am not sure if i can give my PUNTO after 7 or 8 years for a good cost when compared to others like HYUNDAI and MARUTI...
    Yes, true.
    5. Turning radius is 5.4 which i guess is more when compared to others, how comfortable it will be while taking a round turn?
    Will get used to it.
    6. If u compare with Hyundai and Swift you can see the Torque value and HP is minimum. How does it impact my Driving in city? - I may be wrong as i don't have idea on technical aspects.I guess even the number of valves is 2 while others have 4 valves that gives better pick up (power)
    Only during initial period. Will get used to it and learn how to get more power.
    7. My friend suggest me to go for a Hyundai i20. But comparing Punto I20 is costly and the spare parts of hyundai as we all know is costly. so if we talk about maintenance cost i guess Hyundai will make me pay more than PUNTO.
    i20 is much costlier. 1.2 shud be compared to polo/fabia etc. as they are in same price range and more or less with simlar features. 1.4 vs i20 is good comparison.
    I’ve spent only 4K in 14 months and 8K KM run with 2 services. Next service is way ahead after 8-9K KM.

    To me, 1.2 is very good VFM car.
  2. prasvista


    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all your responses. Soon will be a punter....

    Prasvista (Prasanna)
  3. Good choice buddy. I seriously envy all u guys buying Puntos(jus kiddin - I am happy for u guys). I hate Palio so much now, u know why? I couldn't give it off and cancelled my Punto 1.2 booking. I would have had a Punto by now if not for my 1.2 Palio. hehe.

    Dont think too much, buy a 2011 model itself. Don't get pisd in your initial days of driving. Let it run for sometime then you will know it;s speciality. Few 1.2 owners even know how to beat a 1.4. So dont wrry bout power and FE much.
  4. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Few 1.2 owners even know how to beat a 1.4. So dont wrry bout power and FE much.
    @Ratan: Your take now.... Melson is referring you....

    True guys... its just the initial days when you will feel that you are lagging behind because you are new with a FIAT and you don't want to push it hard as it's new... but after sometime vrrrrooooooooooooooommmmmmmmm..... it rocks...

    @Pravista: Great decision... Are you going for 1.2 Emotion... did you booked the car... if not reach out to any of the existing Punter friend and Let him refer you... he too will get benefited with a GPS system...
  5. prasvista


    @shashan, i have one of my friends who already owns a punto. You all guys would have even met him and he is part of TFI... he is none other than ANDY.... I'm just waiting for some amount before i make a purchase... as of now i'm going to enjoy reading TFI's comments...ha ha ha ha

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