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Punto's dates with Kalady,Kanyakumari and Madurai

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Yes, it is truly amazing place,far away from madding traffic of the cities.
  2. Hey Sat-chit-ananda ,
    It was indeed a great set of pics .And very nice to know that you had a great driving experience .
    Infact I am from alappuzha a.k.a alleppey and now in chennai ... If I knew that you were planning to visit this place I would have suggested to take a boat ride from alleppey to kottayam which is approx 2 hrs .
    And the cost of this boat ride is jsut 15 - 20 rs per head since this boat service is by kerala govt .
    When ever I go to kerala and if I have to travel to kottayam I usually take this option .. Even after this much years it is really a great experience .. VFM and what you inhale will be 100% pollution free . And the 2 hrs ride thru back waters is very scenic too :)

  3. Thanks for the info Ajit, Kerala seems to have massive development in terms of business as we did not get road with out shops or traffic all the way from Kalady to TN.
  4. We started at 6AM from Kalady, Mohan Das who looks after the guest house only comes at 8AM but told us to drop the key inside office through window.

    From Alapuzha-->Purakkad--Haripad-->Kollam-->Followed the route until we reached near to Trivandram but did not enter the city-->Kanyakumari
    Drive through Kerala and Tamil Nadu was little frustrating due to slow moving traffic, Kerala is big city rather than state across NH 46!!
    Finally at 3:15 PM we reached Kanyakumari, we had booked a room at hotel Samudra. they charged Rs 1800/- perday.
    Rock where Swami Vivekananda meditated

    DSCF0038.jpg DSCF0039.jpg DSCF0040.jpg
    Tamil Philosopher Thiruvalluvar
    DSCF0041.jpg DSCF0042.jpg DSCF0043.jpg DSCF0044.jpg DSCF0045.jpg
    Temple of Goddess KanyaKumari
    DSCF0046.jpg DSCF0047.jpg DSCF0050.jpg DSCF0052.jpg
    Temple built on place where great Philosopher and Vendata Kesari Swami Vivekananada meditated between Dec 24th to 27th in year 1892.
    DSCF0053.jpg DSCF0054.jpg DSCF0055.jpg DSCF0056.jpg DSCF0057.jpg DSCF0058.jpg DSCF0059.jpg DSCF0060.jpg DSCF0061.jpg DSCF0062.jpg DSCF0065.jpg DSCF0066.jpg DSCF0067.jpg DSCF0068.jpg
    Tamil Nadu has made serious investment on Windmills or generating Wind based energy.

    DSCF0071.jpg DSCF0072.jpg
    Sunset at Kanyakunmari,Vivekanada memorial looks beautiful.
    Sunrise at 6:10 AM
    DSCF0083.jpg DSCF0084.jpg
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  5. We went to Madurai from Kanyakumari after having breakefast at hotel Annapoora in Kanyakumari.
    Leaft at around 8:15 AM and reached Madurai at 12:15 noon.
  6. Spent about one hour at madurai, it was too hot and dusty , did try to find a decent veg hotel but we did not ( may did not try hard enough),we came back to NH 7, and went to BP coc pump it has nice resturant filled the stomuch and cars tank too.

    We were back in bangalore by 8:30 PM in the evening.

    Here is the few details like Mileage,trip distance and Avg speed.
    20+ mialge for 1543 Kms is too good
    This is nothing but a lie!!

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