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Punto90HP -- Pros & cons

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by retropoppers, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. City FE between 13-16.5 Highway 19-27.2(best I got), I consistently get 21+ with spirited driving(over 110 kmph)
    Few Niggles like loose strut bolts and average service issues.TASS is a pain but when escalated FIAT, folks fly next day to support the customers,which car company CEO will respond to customers problems? FIAT does.

    It may sound surprising if you doing more city and occasional highway drive go for 90HP, why because VG Turbo builds up good torque early in the RPM range than 76 BHP FG Turbo engine.
    Also when you drive Punto in 2K RPM there no mad rush of power like i20/swift,what is the advantage? you can drive at best air and fuel ratio in the engine,when there is more air less the no black smoke or soot in city driving condition with out worrying about ramming/banging some other vehicle in the front.
    If you need power to over take just push the car little bit to 2500 RPM you will get the similar power like i20 or swift DDIS.
    Punto will run like race horse without opening the engine for good long run.
    but both i20 and swift will force you to drive the car below turbo spool levels there by building lot of soot with in engine,no doubt Swift has EGR cleaning schedule of 30 k kms!!, not to mention these cars are pain in the neck to drive in the city traffic.
    You know for sure engine is building up soot and engine is strained to deliver power once there is some congestion. very few of the auto enthusiasts will agree with me but truth is always truth no matter some one agrees or not.
    I have heard comments like Magneti merelli needs to learn how to tune the car from maruti, how funny!!
    Maruti/Hyundai are trying to only make impressive 0-100 or quarter mile run, IMHO diesel cars need to bench marked differently than petrol.
    I meant the toque range,top speed,how much time car takes to reach 100 after turbo has spooled up.

    If you are driving more of highway than city 76 BHP is sufficient as it is tuned to strong mid range and top end speed, but 90 BHP adds more thrill to driving as it has more torque range then 76BHP.

    Off course to fully have performance car needs to run at-least 15 -20 K kms as as FIAT uses Synthetic oil, wear & tear necessary for completing run-in period extends to 15K.

    There is no other engine which is sold over 4 million units in last 10 years 1.3 mjd is ,that's because it's the best out there.
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  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    I would rather feel the other way around. Punto90 is needed if there is more highway drive. Punto 90 behaves like a hatch king on the highways. I don't see much difference between the Punto 90 and Punto 75 on the city drive.
  3. retropoppers


    Thanks for the information & advice.. very helpful :)

    There is nobody (on this planet, including me) that can deny the reliability & power of this delightful engine by FIAT..
    But the problem/negative perception/issue stories that i have read at various auto-sites are all related to non-engine related issues that occur with GP..which is a true injustice to this awesome engine :-/
  4. I just wrote what I experienced, i found Linea to be little easier to drive in city due to VGT, as it used to pickup the revves fairly quicker than my 76PHP Punto.
    in 76 BHP punto you will need to wait until 1800 RPM to get any meaning boost,where as it's a king in the highway as you can keep the car in above 2000RPM and engine is at ease and car just crunches milestones.
    Check out my experience with my Punto.
    What I wanted say was 90HP is an Opening +middle+ and lower order and 76 is middle and lower order batsman.
  5. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    i20 may have cool sounding 6 gears but you'll be working through all of them because of the turbo lag. The 90hp has it's fair share of turbo lag but much more liveable. You'll see less gear shifting in the 90 thah with the i20.
  6. retropoppers


    Hyundai has already switched back to 5gears in i20crdi.
    (Surprisingly, in spite of its high cost there is anyways a waiting of 3+ months on i20crdi)
  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Thats news to me. Thanks.

    It sells well for sure. The ''you cant go wrong with Hyundai'' syndrome.
  8. retropoppers


    Yup.. waiting for Hyudai Verna is more than 7-8 months. (As of today, Verna Diesel booking stopped by dealers in Delhi)

    Well i feel that there must be some "substance" behind that "syndrome" ;-)
    I think Hyundai have really captured the eye & interest of Indians by leading the class with the interiors & fit/finish of their vehicles.
    And even if nothing to boost about, they provide fuss free engines as well to go along well with the other pluses of their cars.
  9. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    After having owned a GP 90 and now Linea MJD, I can say that both engines are not behaving in the same manner as many of us think. I feel Linea MJD is quicker than the GP 90. The turbo kicks in the GP90 well after 1700 RPM. Where as in Linea I start feeling the turbo just after 1500 RPM. That's the reason why there is no much difference between driving a 90HP and 76HP on city roads. Those additional 15 horses in the GP 90 is felt only on the highways well above 3000 RPM.
  10. Once you know someone in the TASS, you will not have issues, i fact I get lot of freebees like free top up also free movie/wonderla tickets. some times sponsored by TATA or FIAT.

    What you need to consider is it's best 1.3 Lts Engine with strong chassis plus amazing handling and stunning exteriors(Road presence) .
    So some thing like no so impressive but quite durable initiators and service issues can be overlooked.
    Can any of the cars in the segment of Punto ascend down a hill station without bothering to use the breaks at all, i experienced it coorg,that's called handling. sadly many of so called auto enthusiasts are short sighted !! they only give more importance to 0-100,which is not quite right as i explained earlier.
    Ask Magneti Merreli to be trained by Maruti-Suzuki in tuning cars.I guess these guys need their brain to be examined in a mental hospital.
    Honestly I lost all respect for T-BHP after their discussions on Punto 90 BHP, now I don't read it at all unless it is very exiting or accidentally i opened something.
    We Indians have follow the herd mentality that shows in buying cars too, also this negative perception is not due to mistakes FIAT did it in this decade at all, all from FIAT UNO days.
    Actual culprit PAL never got any blame but FIAT is still paying price even today.

    That's an interesting point to note, but believe me there is marked difference between 76 and 90 HP even in city ,when i test drove 90 HP some time last month with odo reading 9K K kms car was far more responsive.
    may be it had to do something with run-in period?
    Since I drove a lot on 76BHp i could sense the subtle differences like response in 2nd gear was way better then 76 BHP, also rev needle used to move quicker in 90 than 76HP. that's reason behind my opening batsmen comment.
    I am not disputing fact that Linea may be even better.

    Deeper pokets and hit the deck style marketing, where in Hyundai sales called me asked me "when you are buying the car" after a day of test drive!! they followed up with 14 more calls and offer to give test drive again.
    Where as TATA no one bothered to call!!
    Also these companies have moved to "Just in demand production" so they produce cars with forecast from their main distributors/dealers/booking.
    Even In two wheelers Honda,Enfield are following the same, there is some booking but also backlogs from the booking time and numbers you may be shown.
    I don't deny there is demand but more to do with follow the herd rather than awesome products.
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