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Punto90HP -- Pros & cons

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by retropoppers, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. retropoppers


    Yeah .. indeed.. i am not able to find one clear winner in diesel hatches at the moment.
    In fact:
    If i had to buy petrol hatch, i would have booked Jazz.. at the current price, with its ivtec & honda assurity.. its a clear winner !!
    If i had to buy a petrol sedan, i would have booked ANHC.. with the current discounts, its ivtec engine, space, honda assurity.. its an awesome buy (for me) !!
    If i had to buy a diesel sedan, i would have booked Fluidic verna.. for its looks/features/powerful diesel engine.. nd hyundai ass.. its a clear winner (<10lakh bracket)

    But.. but.. but.. my search is limited to a diesel hatch at the moment.. & inspite of sooo many options available, i am not able to identify a clear winner !! :-/
    In today's era buying a car is an extremely time consuming job.. nd not able to identify a winner.. makes it all the more painful :-/

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    Yeah, i agree FIGO has kind of a primitive engine (though its price is making it sell like hot cakes)
    So, FIGO is definitely not an option for me...

    Also i agree about the point abt quality/reliability of GP90's engine... (wrote abt its class/reliability in one of the posts as well)
    But unfortunately.. there is lot more to, apart from its engine.. nd regarding that other part i have read lot of negative stories.. resulting in a lot of skepticisim.. stopping me from taking a decision i want to take so eagerly :-/
  2. Gill


    That is exactly why I mentioned old school. As long as your needs are fulfilled I don think the brontosaurus running on SOHC, should make much difference.

    its great it has crossed 4 million sales figures. Only helps our confidence in the brand
  3. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    Figo is good in stability though. I recently drove my brothers FIGO with 5 adults at 160 up and it managed beautifully. Having said that it is not a match to GP at suspension and curving at high speeds.

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    Nissan does not have even ABS in its top end and is not worth for that much money!! I enquired about Nissan why there is no ABS the sales guy replied that it is a cosmetic and it does have great features like button start I wanted to slap him!!
  4. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    - GP 90HP is the clear winner in the diesel hatches segment (to me). I have owned it earlier and I don't have any second opinion on that.
    - Jazz is the clear winner for petrol hatch. Agreed.
    - Petrol Sedan. I would go for T-Jet plus with my eyes closed with the current offers available. With better engine, with better interiors and with better features and of course a well built sedan than the ANHC.

    I disagree. Where do you get a diesel verna for <10L? Are you talking about the 1.4 CRDI? If so, do you think it has got lot of features and a powerful diesel engine? Even with the current 1.6 CRDI of verna, it will struggle on the highway when it compete with the Linea MJD, not for the power, but for the handling, stablility and the steering.
    Hyundai A.S.S ??? :). I have owned a Hyundai for 4 years and was never happy with their service. I am more comfortable with the FIAT A.S.S. Don't go along with the speculations. Take a informed decision.

    But, still with your requirement of 75% city + 25% highway driving, I would prefer Ritz and save the money on going for a GP 90. Ritz is very sensible as a city diesel hatch.
  5. retropoppers


    Hi ramjn:

    Thanks for your comments..

    Well regarding the ANCH as a petrol sedan.. i wrote above as well.. the choices above are based on "my choice" only !!
    I was talking about 1.6CRDI only.. nd i have thoroughly enjoyed a 500KM journey on this car... it was the most awesome driving experience for me :)

    I have been owning Hyundai (range of cars) since last ten years.. and in Delhi.. Hyunadai service centers are pretty convenient & good !!

    Now regarding the choice between RITZ & GP90... although for city driving the tall boy designs are better & convenient .. but just that they lack the outright pleasure of a car !!

    So although RITZ is a very practical car.. nd would ease my daily driving.. nd is cost effective as well.. but still its not winning my heart (which is stuck to GP90 :) )

    I am trying to get a good deal on GP90 so that cost could offset the doubts that i have !!

    Since you are an owner of GP90.. would u pls share the mileage you got with this car pls.
    (& any particular issue u observed with it.. over long term usage)
  6. Friend , from all your posts it is very clear that you want to own a 90HP .. We have got just one life ... Follow the heart when you can ..Go ahead and book your dream vehicle .. Even I was confused when I planned for a new car . I followed my heart .. booked a punto 90 HP even without a test drive .. Now if you ask me why I booked my car after "reading all the horror stories about FIAT A.S.S from net" , I dont have a clear answer ... But I just followed what my heart said ...
  7. retropoppers


    @CutyRed .. thanks to comment :)
    Since u are a happy owner of 90HP, can you share some of the highlights & lowlights (if any) of this ownership.
    Nd also what performance u got out of this car.. nd did it match/exceed the expectations ?

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    Thanks in advance for bearing with me.. but can you all pls share your thoughts on the following comparison pls..
    GP90 versus i20 diesel ??
    Is there anything other than the price & handling on which Punto beats i20 ? (if looks are considered a non-criteria for the sake of this discussion)

    PS: Ritz is no more in competition anymore.. i want to get away from tall noy designs.
  8. I20 is handles poorly over speeds to 90-100, breaks are going to be used as much as accelerator.
    In terms of crash handling vehicle will die , i mean it can make total loss, but there several examples of Punto being returned to normal shape.
    Barring electric motor assisted opening of the OVRM, there is nothing else in i20 more than Punto.
    Punto is all time best seller #24 in world car sales.

    Please go though an arcle called " Linea/punto did you know series once"
  9. retropoppers


    Hi Sat-chit-ananda:

    Thanks mate for the very informative thread that u just shared in your last message.. reading it & getting inspired !!

    Since you are a long term owner of Punto, it would be nice if you could comment on the following:
    --What is the efficient you have observed over long term usage of Punto
    --Any major falts/issues that you observed with your car
    --Which one to choose amongst Punto90hp/PuntoE+

    Thanks again !!
  10. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    retropoppers, I got around 14-15 in city driving and 17-18 on the highways.

    To compare GP 90 HP with i20, I can give you some inputs. Over 80% of my drive with GP90 was on the highway. i20 is nowhere near GP on the highway. I was able to cruise at 140 KMPH with ease. None of the hatchbacks came near or beaten my Punto on the highway. Even the ANHC once struggled to keep up the pace with me during my drive from Trichy to Chennai.

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