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Punto90HP -- Pros & cons

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by retropoppers, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. retropoppers


    Dear All,

    This is my first post on this Forum, and i hope to get valuable suggestions from all the enthusiasts on this forum.

    I am a potential buyer of Fiat Punto 90HP.
    Its an expensive hatch at 7.7 lakhs (although a VFM, with the feature set it supports)

    Due to the negative perception around the car & lack of sales, its difficult to committ such money on this car.
    But my heart is still all out for Punto90HP.

    So, i am looking for some feedback/advice from existing owners on the 90GP

    -- What are actual FE fugures of 90GP in bumper2bumper city traffic with aircon ON all the time?
    -- Is the ASS of TATA really bad or is it more the case of just a legacy of negative perception?
    -- Is there any issue with the spare part availability for GP90?

    Also the only other car, which i am considering (although it does not stand in competition, but saves around 2lakhs) is RITZ.
    Can you share your thoughts on comparison between these two cars, specially when:
    -- My car would be driven 75%City -- 25% Highway
    -- FE is also important (although not the most important)
    -- It will me 85& of the times occupied by only 2 people
    --The price difference even after discounts is almost 1.3/1.4lakhs. (though definitely there is lot of feature difference)
  2. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    Find my answers below.

  3. Phew

    Phew Esperto

    New Delhi/Mohali
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Although I do not not own a 90hp(own a chipped 97hp), but buying a ritz is practical, logical blah blah whereas with fiat, everyday is a new discovery.
    rest up there in bold.

    the above comments are based on the experience I have.

    @srini :

    back in 2010 march when I took delivery the very same day they mentioned a fire had broken at the plant so no mud flaps(LAME), how many times does the plant set itself on fire
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  4. retropoppers


    Thanks Jasveen & Srini.

    FE of 13-16 in B2B city traffic is acceptable for me !!
    But 70% unavailability of parts sounds really disturbing :-/
    (I am a working guy with strict office timings.. such low availability of parts would increase my vistis to service station.. sounds NOT GOOD !!!)

    I wish there was a car with reliability & features of Punto "maybe at its price only" but with more reliability & better ASS :-//
    Any suggestions amongst the current crop of cars regarding the above wish are very very welcome !!
  5. I just cud say, once you start driving a 90 hp, none of those points you have mentioned wud bother you. First 2 points u have mentioned were my primary concerns before purchase. Now i am satisfied that I have a 90 hp and nothing else is important(fully conquered by heart). When it come to punto you have only 2 choice, punto or others. Its is upto ur hearts strength to win. I was in a dilema wether to go for fabia or punto. I shortlisted fabia after too many reserches but punto was straight a finalist and winner.

    Mielage is 13 - 16. My highest was 15.6

    With TASS, you shud be lucky to find a good service center, a service advisor and a service engineer.

    I replaced a broken rear fog lamp. The part was available immed'ly. Not sure abt other parts.

    If at all you face a problem with ur punto and only if u wud feel your loved one (punto) is going through a bad health and pray to god that it shud get well asap , then go for punto else go for anyother car.
  6. Phew

    Phew Esperto

    New Delhi/Mohali
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Retro :
    This is just my experience maybe the situation is better where u stay/with others
    But looking at it otherwise I find the spare parts availability poor, simply because
    1. Waited 1 month for brake pads(ridiculous)
    2. 3 weeks to get new reverse light(loose again, put in place with the help of a cut into half air filter so tht it does not fall back)
    3. Left side power window assembly waited 2 weeks
    4. Stock headlamps had to wait for the left one, got it 2 weeks later.
    5 grande punto stock bolts (16pcs), not available god knows when wil they come

    I mean all these things are not all tht big to store, for such small things one has to wait for weeks, this is what hurts.

    Harmony & chaos
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  7. retropoppers


    Thanks Srida.
    I wish i had such great emotions for this car -- as you have :) (probably i will have it once i own it too)
    But presently as i read more & more oon this forum & on team-bhp .. i read more & more negative storied of FIAT .. nd this is so demotivating !!
    I want to buy this car.. & i am almost there.. maybe just few such enthusiastic & practical comments like yours could add some extra bhps in me to finally go for the buy :)

    Still looking out for more comments from more experts here on this forum !!

    ---------- Post added at 11:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:39 PM ----------

    I also stay in Delhi, so i guess the lack of availability holds true for me as well :(
    Also, i see you have faced too many problems with your car.. is the GP90 a prone to problems (maybe smaller ones) ??
    FIAT is currently giving a warranty period of 50months/1.5 Lakh kilometers.. which is best in class.. does it help its case in any way ?

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  8. Hi Retropoppers,

    I recently underwent a similar situation which warranted a pensive solution. Much as logic would have it. It was my heart I followed. Till date I have had No issues with my Punto 90 , I really haven't put so much of miles (2300KM's so far) to really tell you it is a reliable machine. But I did speak to a couple of FIAT Punto owners who helped me in taking this decision. And i still keep in touch. My friend has done more than 40,000 KM's and he has no issues whatsoever, he makes sure he cares for it and the vehicle returns the love. It eventually boils down to what you think is important. With the punto you have to factor in that spares are hard to come by , but they do eventually. And my recent experiences with the TASS has been very good. just maintain a good rapport with the service head and the sales head. whenever I had any little niggles, they tell me to come right away when they can acomodate me and fix it. Regarding Fuel efficiency it gives anywhere between 12~17KMPL (City Only). If cost is a factor you can always go for the 75 HP emotion and later give it a chip to power it up. If you love driving, want something exclusive I would really ask you to consider the Punto. But on the other hand if it is gonna be used as a means of getting you to A to B, lower depreciation and on a tight budget ..consider the Ritz.. The decision at the end is yours to make.
  9. retropoppers


    many thanks for your piece of advice.. it sounds like a very genuince & useful advice..thanku :)

    To be honest with you, when we travel daily from home to office & reverse.. its mostly travelling from position A to position B.
    But i wish now to buy a car which can make this AtoB a more joyus & fun ride.. nd add some class to it as well :)
    GP90 is definitely on TOP of my buying list at the moment .. but still just not able to gather the final push !!!
  10. retropoppers. I wud suggest you take another test drive of both the cars back to back. drive the punto first and then ritz. If you decide on ritz, do another test drive till you decide on punto. Ha ha. Jokes apart. A test drive of both the cars b2b will surely help you decide,

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