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Punto Wheel alighment and balancing

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by sharath.dixith, May 26, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I have punto active 1.2 which has run nearly 35k kms. one side of 2 tyres are completely bald , 2 more is in ok condition and another one is in good condition.

    Possibly near to 20k kms, i didn't do proper wheel alignment because of which one side of tyre become bit bald. after that, i am continuously doing the wheel alignment and balancing. but no improvement and condition of my tyres are worsen. Anyway i need to go with new tyres, but my worry is..

    1. is it something wrong in my car and will it impact new tyres? ( when i took my car for wheel alignment dealer(non Fiat) during the initial days, he mentioned something wrong which i don't remember properly and i didn't take seriously).
    2. Did anyone of you faced similar issue. If yes, then please let me know the solution which has worked.
    3. is there any dealer who can give guarantee of tyre till 50k kms.(with regular maintenance).
    4. best tyre for 165/80 R14 size( because i want to use one good tyre which is there with me as Stepney)

  2. vinodvisha

    vinodvisha Novizio

  3. Thanks Vinod. Will take it to Service Center and try to see any issue with car wheel's toe.

    I have one good tyre with size 165/80/R/14 and I want use it as stepney and buy 4 more new tyres. Which tyres do you all experts suggest on this size. I tried referring others discussion in this forum, but not able to get correct and best tyre in this size.

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