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Punto vs rest of world

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by markrting_rohitm, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Engine advancement is good and interesting but so is reliability, cleaner layout helps when fixing things where ramps or lifts are not available with thousands of roadside mechanics and or garages. If engine advancement is so much as a closed technology that customers would be taken aback when fixing their vehicles for cost and time and complexity reasons, then I see a future where cars will not be more long lasting due to the fact that they give too much expenses after particular running. In other words making them unmanageable due to cost and complexity. Many people already plan accordingly these days.
    I think referring to layout as pointed by sriramr9 initially, what is meant is that it is a boon and certainly a plus when fixing things in the engine bay. I can maybe add a few Honda and Toyota car as well in that category. Fiat should be able to manage it, but again it doesn't matter that much as far as spares costs and availability are in reach and SCs don't fool customers.

    The common man, can only learn by experience since there is zilch transparency in this service business and everything is left to pretty much one's fate.

    Recently I went to a spare parts shop and was lucky to find a MGA holographed part for Linea MJD that is also common in Maruti's MJDs. Calling Fiat ASCs first did not help. It was precisely the same or better than sold by Fiat, a simple visual inspection could help you notice this fact. The cost was clearly less than Fiat Genuine spare too. :)
    Now this part an oil seal in the engine area costs 250-350 Rs. and is fixable by a roadside mechanic in the area where the car develops this issue, but since he is not sure if he can find this part, I had to run from pillar to post for such issues since the oil spills off everywhere in the lower engine bay. And one cannot run the car without risk of damaging the engine. Thanks to help from some old timer Fiat specialists I have known, the problem was fixed without fretting insanely over it. But the feeling of helplessness does seep in every now and then which almost never happened to my friends owning a Maruti or Hondas etc.
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    The New Red Punto 90 HP Sports photo 1 (7).jpg photo 2 (5).jpg we just brought for display in my showroom. Absolute Beauty.

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