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Punto Vs Figo Vs Micra Vs Beat

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by gvkv, Nov 2, 2011.

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  1. gvkv

    gvkv Timido

    I am in a confusion to decide on which car to buy... I like punto very much but my bother is insisting me to go for RITZ or MICRA. He is saying like there would be problems by buying a FIAT. He is having a SCODA FABIA n TOYOTA INNOVA already...He is more experinced about cars... I am a new driver...I am not considering RITZ as i didn't like that design... Can you guys please suggest me if i can go forward with this Punto 1.3MJD...or should i look for another option .. like FIGO ... ?

    I am considering Punto Active as my budjet is too low...I want a VFM hatch that look good...

    Is there any problems or known issues with 76bhp Punto .... ?

    Waiting for replies ... :confused:
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  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Ritz is a good car in my opinion. If you are too much worried about Fiat, don't go for it.

    But, there is no comparison between Punto and other cars you have listed. Punto is one heck of a hatchback.
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  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Punto vs Ritz vs Figo is pretty clear.

    Punto comes out trumps. It drives beautifully, pulls like a train, and carries its occupants in more comfort. And, it's looks can make the other two cars commit suicide.

    And Punto Active is VFM. I'm a big fan of it. You can get some discounts+freebies also. And that makes the deal much more sweet.

    Plus, i recently had the opportunity to test drive an October manufactured Punto and i rated it's performance in the first two gears ( the most criticised aspect) as being better than even the Linea. Here is the thread.

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  4. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Figo, micra, Ritz etc have their own plus points, but they are not comparable to Punto on many counts. What are the prime points you look in a car?

    There are many horror stories about tata-fiat ass but there are more than a handful people here who have good to say about them - Most of the horror stories floating around are based on perception.

    There is one known issue with Punto - and it is called addiction :)
  5. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Go for Punto Active 1.3 its the value for money and good looking car in the cars which you selected. Even one of friend wanted to buy a new car and he also had low budget to spend on car. He also had the same option which you selected. Now own a Punto Active 1.3 MJD.

    There nothing wrong with 76HP Punto close your eyes and go for it.


    1.5 DuraTorque Noisy Engine. Lack of features

    Yes it is value for money but DuraTarque engine is not upto the mark if you compare it with MJD Engine.


    1.5 DCi Engine cant be compared with MJD when technology comes into picture. It has engine noise and lesser power. High Price tag less features

    Beat:- I can recommend you this car if you are going to use car in city only and with 4 passengers only.


    1.3 MJD Engine is the GEM in Indian Auto Industry. The best diesel engine.
    Most comfortable and spacious car in cars which you selected. More boot space only figo comes closer to Punto
    Good features at lower price tag like on board computer, front power windows.

    If you want see the difference just start engines of every car you selected and see in which car you feel comfortable. In Figo and Beat engine is completly audible in cabin then Micra and then Punto MJD most silent engine in your selection.

    Go for Punto. My recommendation.
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  6. xplorauto


    Figo: Ford cars have immaculate handling and dynamics but personally I hate the look of the Figo. Everything about it is very very utilitarian. Also I know many who has sordid tales of Ford maintenance. The vehicle seems to detoriate pretty rapidly with age. A colleague of mine keeps visiting the workshop as a diabetic visits the loo.

    Nissan Micra: Don't you think that design suits a woman more? But that apart it has a good balance between city and highway driving. The turbo-lag is much less than the others and so well suited for the city. On the highway, the car has got decent headroom to cruise steadily at moderate speeds. But its not a car you can have fun with.

    Punto: I have only driven the 90hp and that is a cracker on the highway. Its got a lot of headroom and brilliant handling and dynamics. In the city the turbo-lag can be a bit irritating. There's something wrong with the ECU mapping. It just does not get a quick move on. And the mini maserati looks are definitely to die for. But watch out, there might be an Evo upgrade / facelift coming soon. However, i personally prefer the Grande looks over the Evo's.

    Beat: If your drive is restricted to the city, thats the car to get. This tiny-tot is a bliss to drive within the city. Just no turbo-lag at all, a very light steering wheel but precise. Wow...I was just super impressed at how well the engine responds in city traffic. Take it to the highway and its a dud. It just doesnt have the juice above 100 mark. Its got modern snazzy looks and a cool lounge like interior. Overall the best city car.

    So analyse your drive...if its for the city Beat it is, if its for the highway nothing like a Punto 90hp
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  7. royj

    royj Esperto

    @ gvkv, All cars have their own specific good points for example
    Ritz provides good visibility to the driver and is good inside the city but has awful looks and bumpy ride
    Figo is comparatively cheap but is bland and has limited features
    Beat is pretty good inside the city but is small and
    Punto has exceptional ride and handling, great engine, great looks but has a perceived negative image which is no fault of the car.

    So look at how you are going to use the car and then take a decision. If it is going to be used primarily inside the city and if you feel the space inside is adequate, I would suggest the Beat as it can be parked in limited parking spaces.
    But if you plan to take it out on long drives and you enjoy driving just for the sake of it, don't look anywhere other than Punto.
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  8. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    If the car is intended to use for city driving and looking for good resale then go for Ritz.

    For highway none of the hatches comes close to Punto 90 HP, this vehicle is also good for City.

    I personally do not like Micra, Polo, Figo, Liva etc. Many factors matter engine refinements, handling, looks, build quality, features etc.

    FIAT cars bring smile after every drive, there is something in the car that connects me. Other might have similar opinion
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  9. I feel as your based in Hyd and as i lived my half life in hyd, i see only maruti as the cars on road. Please find with people how is the service and support for Fiat in Hyderabad. If its not good then better to opt for something better.

    My personal opinion is "Buying a new car is easy but maintaining it is difficult thing". So try to get some reviews from guys who own Fiat from last 1 or 2 years in Hyderabad.
    Coming to the point about Punto, its really a wonderful car if you maintain it well. Small issue are there but its getting replaced under warranty, so 0 Rs cost to your pocket.
    You can go thought the owner review of the car in this forum.
  10. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore


    >>There is one known issue with Punto - and it is called addiction :)

    Loved reading this sentence and fully agreed, hope mods wont mind me penning down one liner ;)
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