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Punto to Sariska National Park

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by sashank82, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. sashank82


    It has ben quite sometime i have been under hibernation - and Delhi winter is the perfect excuse to break free, not to mention my friend from Chennai was here for a break. I have initiated my winter carnival (where my wife and i intend to do several road-trips in the following months) with a short day trip to Sariska National Park. Incidentally, Sariska was the home for 'Project Tiger', unfortunately the tigers first disaapeared here..</SPAN> :confused1 </SPAN>They have recently re-introduced 5 tigers from Ranthambore and they seem to be doing fine.

    We started at about 7 Am and headed to Mc Donalds, Manesar for a breakfast the pancakes are my wife's favourite - so could not afford to miss it, post this re-fuelling we headed straight to Sariska. The roads are a mix of good and bad, the last 10 odd KM are painfully bad - the Punto did scrape its underbelly a few times</SPAN> :( </SPAN>. So here we go....and yes we were very close to spotting the majestic tiger (as ours was the first safari of the season) but some noise shooed it away - so once again my 5th trip to a national park - and iam yet to spot the beast...! But the chase put up by the driver was better than what a Pro Rally driver could do - simply phenomenal (50 KMPH on virtually no road). The experience and the freshness in the air is truly intoxicating. A must visit for all around Delhi!

    Distance </SPAN>- Gurgaon to Sariska 165 KM
    Travel Time </SPAN>- 3.5 hours (including a break for 25 mins)
    Park timings </SPAN>- Though we can drive inside the park in our cars, but a lot of interior/core areas are out of bounds, it is best to take a 4X4 Gypsy. They have 2 slots, one at 6 AM and the other at 2 PM so time your arrival accordingly
    Cost</SPAN>: Spent about 30 Litres of petrol (round trip) and 1500 for 3 people on the Gypsy
    Eataries in Sariska - The Sariska Palace is a sad place for food but looks good, give it a miss and head to Tigers Den (Rajastan Tourism hotel) next to the park entrance - Old world charm and good food at very real prices</SPAN>

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