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Punto to Munar 430kms ( Kochi -Munar ) 2 days of awesome drive & views !!!!

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by rahul16, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. rahul16


    Hey guys last weekend went for a drive to Munar alone.. In one word if i say -AWESOME!!!!!

    Its been months since i was planning for a trip to munar. One of my closest friend is working there in TATA Tea as a manager,unfortunately when i am free he wont be and when he is free i am not.. so it kept postponing. Luckily last week everything came perfect. I started from cochin by 9 am, its just 120 kms from my place.Since he will be free only after 1.30 my drive had lots of pit stops...to enjoy the drive and views. Road to munar is fine tilll 7-8 kms before the town. After Adimally i took a deviation as said by my friend to avoid bad roads ( it was through pallivasal tea estate).Roads in Munar city is horrible.... scrapped my under body twice :eek:.

    I reached there by almost 1pm after couples of minutes he also reached. We went to his parents house which is near munar town itself,had my lunch there. After spending an hour there, we parked his car there, since it was risky to take both the cars to his bungalow. Now the destination was his Company provided Bungalow which is 40kms from the town. Though he has always mentioned me about the roads and about his stay, i never imagined it will be that stunning. After 7-8 kms of drive through main roads towards udumulpet. The deviation comes.... a small board mentioning the estate name and warning for public not to enter...

    The excitement starts from here :) .Its a narrow road hardly a car can go through that steep ride. After 1-2 kms the views were breath taking,its full of twist and turns.You need to keep honking, i was enjoying the drive like hell... after 8 kms the whole view started to change...it was getting cold and bit of darkness and small forest bush started to appear. I was kind of getting bit scary as he started saying about the escapes he had from wild elephants in this road. You cant see a single person or house for Kms... its full of tea plantations and forest. I really couldnt enjoy the beauty as the drive was getting more scary :)tight turns and steep U turns.. he showed me the place where, last week he was chased for almost half a km by wild elephant while he was in car. FInallly we reached his bungalow..... After getting out of the car.. i was like WOWWWWWWW.... a old bungalow middle of a tea estate, a few meters ahead its full of forest. He said its the highest sea level bungalow tata tea owns there.

    I was just enjoying the beauty...hoooo. took rest for sometime and by 5pm we went for a walk with his dog.. It was mind blowing view from top most. Guess what no public can access this !!!!! its a private property.. Forgot to say even he had to take permission from the company for my stay at his home. During the walk he showed the marks of wild elephants and bysons had left there...:eek: We spend sometime there to see if we can see something but no use... Later he told lets go for a bike ride to the places where they are spotted quite often. It was like almost 6.30 and it was pitch dark.Took his bike... it was freezing cold not even a single light in road. That was really adventurous.. we went for almost 2-3kms. parked there started to search but no use. Pretty disappointed but had a great freezing ride..... As night fall it was getting more cold...

    The very next day, we started up by 9am from there..... He took me to areas which i cant put it as words,may be pics will say more. The drive was awesome.The punto was performing pretty gud. I could take the turns with so confidence.. i was loving it. almost 50- 60 kms we drived through forest and estates... couple of company check post where there...seeing my friend.the guards saluted and just opened the gate.Didn't even ask anything:p . We spend the day visiting couple of places...not the usual tourist spots,he was born and bought up there. I had a great time.. By eve we were back at his place. The very next day early morning i started back......

    Out of the 430 kms... i drived 190 kms in munar only... Punto was responding very well. It took all the poth holes with ease. I got FE of 14-15 kms on the way as most of the journey was steep ride and way back i got FE of 23 kms. The first time ever i am getting. The max i got ever was 20 though its just a month old 90hp. It was one of the memorable journey ever i had... Its just because i was able to access the pvt estate properties and roads :)

    Attaching some pics.........










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  2. royj

    royj Esperto

    Great pictures and a nice report Rahul. Sure you enjoyed it well.
    Reminded me of my trip to Ooty earlier this year. Roads were very good for most of the part there.
  3. shams

    shams Esperto

    nice pictures!! i am sure you have lots more... please post more :)
  4. @Rahul, Nice travalogue.

    After seeing your experience, next time I would visit Munnar.......
  5. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    nice pictures and wonderful narration..
  6. rahul16


    @ Roy--Thnks, Yeah i really enjoyed the trip,the twist and turns through the estate road was amazing....

    @shams- Thnks buddy... i will upload when i get time

    @ Thamburu-- Thnks man!!! Hey ur back with work right? u should visit... novemeber- december is the idle time. i am sure ur missing your ride badly

    @ Srini - Thnks
  7. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Rahul nice travelogue report and nice photos....

    Door Visors looking great on Punto, Now I am planning to get it done for me.
  8. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Nice pics and nice report. it has been ages since I have been to munnar - time to revisit the place :)
  9. Toruk_Macto

    Toruk_Macto Amatore

    Great Location ! Great Pics !
  10. rahul16


    @ kedar... thnks buddy.... go ahead with door visor. It will look stunning.

    @anoop... thnks, nov- dec is the right time to be there....

    @ Toruk.... thnks

    Just now i got a call from my friend in munar, elephants are there near his home for the last 2 days:) and today he had to call the company tractor as pilot vehicle to clear the road for his travel as it was blocking the roads.....

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