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Punto Sport Absolute -d Me :)

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by KRUDRACOY, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. itsvikrams

    itsvikrams Novizio

    Is the device not hindering the view of the road???
  2. nuract


    Hey KRUDRACOY! Congrats! Like the spoiler color!
  3. chandu525

    chandu525 Amatore

    Looks Cool Buddy!, Congrats on your purchase, Wishing you many many mile munch on this white beauty, She looks like a typical Westren Bride for me!,
    By the way, What is the Onroad price you paid for this? Only after we know the price we can conclude that me and arnab really missed the MMI maps for the price we paid!, Also are there any other features of Absolute pack over normal Punto Sport pack
  4. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    Congrats and welcome to TFi
  5. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    @KRUDRACOY: Congratulations!!!! The red spoiler does look good. But if you are planning to blacken the roof then get the spoiler painted in black aswell.

    GPS devices do consume a lot of battery. The cheap Chinese make GPS device that I have also consumes a lot of battery and I need to keep it on charge continuously as long as I drive. Even my S2 discharges quite quickly when the GPS is on compared to otherwise.

    I would suggest you to place the MMI device next to the rear view mirror rather than below it. Mine is a 7" GPS tab and I tried almost all the places on the windshield before finalising the spot to be on the left side of the rear view mirror. Give it a try.

    Good luck and Happy motoring.
  6. Naughty

    Naughty Superiore

    Hey Bro...

    Congrats for your New Absolute Ride... Looks nice :up


    Neel :up
  7. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    Looks really good man. Congrats


    It does hinder. Im trying positions. This is second, which is better than first. First position was far too to the front, positioned by the showroom ppl.

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    Thanks Brother :)

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    Hellow Chandu, I appreciate your comments. Thanks you :)

    I Paid closely around 9L including all formalities.
    As much as I knw, thers nothing othr than Mudflaps and yeah 50% off on insurance. All other stuffs wat they advertise, comes along with Punto Sport. Again according to the showroom guys it is not :D

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    Hi, I did follow your car a lot. And I appreciate the effort you put on your beauty.

    BTW, I need some information to darken my alloys. I dont wan2 change it, coz Im afraid of any change in driving dynamics.
    I have seen similar darkened alloys in TFI Ooty meet photos. Do you have any idea whether is it Powder Coating or Painting and do you knw any one who can execute this, possibly in Bangalore or in Kannur?

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    Kiran bhai, a Hi and thanks from one more Kiran

    I am little confused about darkening the roof now. If I do ofcors the spoiler wil also change its color.

    Regarding MMI position, Im stil exploring a better place. This is just second position tried by me. I wil definitly try the position recommended by You too. Thnks.

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    Thank You :)

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    Thanks Buddy.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2012
  9. Wait for a few months before doing anything in the car...after the alloys get scratched or something then repaint them
  10. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Gr8 looking machine there, good color combination.
    Wish you a lot of happy miles on the beauty.

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