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Punto Registration - Wrong Hypothecation by dealer!

Discussion in 'Dealership Reviews' started by Manoranjan, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Manoranjan

    Manoranjan Timido

    Hello Guys,
    It has been 8 months now, and i am a harrowed customer of Fiat.
    The Dealers made a stupid mistake of doing a temporary registration of my Fiat Punto with the hypothecation to the wrong bank. I had taken a car loan from State Bank of India, whereas they made it State Bank of Hyderabad (i don't even understand how it is possible).
    When i shouted and refused to take delivery, they insisted and finally convinced me that it is not a big issue and can be corrected.
    3-4 months later, the car still could not be registered permanently, since they could not correct the hypothecation. Finally they convinced me to do the permanent registration and arranged an agent who would fix the issue in the "backend".
    Expectedly, he did nothing and the car was registered hypothecated to the wrong bank.
    It has been another 5 months, multiple complaints to fiat on FB, customer care, emails, smses and no resolution seems in sight at all.
    I have enough proof to take them to court, but it is again a long long process with only myself to do all the running here.
    I have approached the State Bank of India branch who issued the loan, that their name is still not there in the hypothecation and if they could help.
    I somehow managed to extract copies of what document they possess as of now and where is the process stopping. The manager of the dealer has stopped taking or returning my calls.
    There is an NOC from SBI, SBH. A request letter from the Dealer. They also have my original RC smart card.
    I really don't have any idea what to do.

    Experts here, or anyone from Hyderabad here who could offer some help is highly appreciated. May be a person from Fiat higher up ?

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  2. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    You did all these with dealer and agent, but did you go to the RTO and talk to someone there how it could be corrected? The direct procedure could be much simpler. When i wanted to cancel the hypothication of my bike, I directly went to rto and filled a couple of forms, and paper from bank,etc and it was done in a couple of weeks time !
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  3. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    I think escalating this to FIAT India will not help this to resolve.

    Get in touch with RTO Officer/Agent and ask them the standard procedure to correct the details.
  4. Manoranjan

    Manoranjan Timido

    Thank you all for the inputs. Given that i am replying back now and it has been this long without a resolution in sight, you can imagine how arduous the task has been so far.
    As suggested, i did go to the RTO and talk to officers there. Seems there is no standard procedure for this case as they cannot remember having such a case before. Nevertheless, with all the documents i had, they said they can atleast "take the request" and forward the application to the RTO Officer (the main guy with a cabin of his own).
    Here is what they said would happen :-
    1) Put an application in writing along with the required documents and original RC.
    2) Application will be forwarded to the RTO administrative officer.
    3) If he accepts this as a miscellaneous case, it will accepted for processing.
    4) A memo will be put out inviting an RTO Inspector to "investigate" the case and submit a report to the RTO. This basically involves going to the respective bank branches and confirming if my claim is indeed correct.
    5) Once the report is submitted and genuine, i have to pay Rs1000 as processing fees (very high according to RTO fees standards for any request).
    6) I will be issued a new RC with the correction.

    All the procedures have been happening point wise in the past 3 months since my last post. And finally stuck at point 4 with no updates in the past month.
    RTO officials are unwilling to reveal the inspector's name assigned for this case, or contact number or a gross timeline as to how long will it take. I wanted to expedite the process by atleast knowing the person, so that i could myself take him to the banks and get it verified and probably "chai pani ka kharcha" if he wants, just to get the work done soon enough.
    This now scares me, since i really dont know if things are actually happening as they only keep giving updates by word of mouth but nothing tangible as evidence.

    Does any one here have any network into the RTO office of Khairatabad, Hyderabad ? The case is very genuine and i have strong supporting documents. Besides, the original RC is still with them and all i have as an acknowledgement is a copy of the application i made with a handwritten signature of the RTO official who received it. Its often harassing whenever there is a surprise police check anywhere on the road, convincing them all the time with a piece of paper.
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  5. Manoranjan

    Manoranjan Timido

    Update: Apologies for the delay in reply.
    However, i was insistent on getting this problem solved and finally it is done! It could well be a help and cue for others in similar situation to know or benefit from my harrowing experience.

    So finally after 1 long year and 2 weeks, my problem with this was finally solved on May 29th 2016 (began on April 19th 2015 with submission of a complaint to RTO)

    In these times, the relationship manager changed at the dealer. The customer care representatives changed. The ticket raised to fiat customer care was left open (or closed from backend i do not know) and was never followed up after a point.

    However, the RTO guys helped and the process was genuinely done albeit in a very long and tidy way.
    The problem - there was no formal process a previous case they ever encountered of such figure and hence had no clue how to proceed forward with - atleast they accepted and were honest about it from the beginning itself.

    The process -
    1. Obtain an NOC from the wrong bank stating that they have no loan under my name and hence their name may be removed from the hypothecation
    2. Obtain an NOC from the right bank that they have the loan and the hypothecation should be done to them
    3. Letter of Apology from the Dealer - stating that they made a mistake during registration and would request RTO authorities to help fix it.
    4. Handwritten application stating my problem and supporting standard documents - Pollution under Control, RC, Insurance and Loan papers etc.
    5. A memo will be flouted in the RTO inviting the RTO Inspectors to investigate the case. They submit a report after investigation.
    6. The RTA Head gives a go ahead to change.
    7. They change the details in the database and issue a fresh RC based on the correction.

    What helped -
    1. All documents and proof - including SMS and email exchanges, the T/R certificates and follow up every saturday (the only holiday for me)
    2. No concept of Bribe even to the investigating RTO Inspectors. No middleman involved
    3. The loan was intentionally not closed, since this would absolve the bank of any liability to the car issue and i would be left alone to fight myself.
    4. Complain to the banking ombudsman saying that i would stop paying EMIs and let them seize the vehicle if they could, since their bank does not list in the hypothecation of RTA records.

    Solution -
    1. The first investigation report was done on the "right" bank. The report was clean (obvious)
    2. The RTA Manager did not give a go ahead since the investigation was to be done on the "wrong bank" to clear the case. By this time, the inspector was transferred to some other city.
    3. A new inspector with a new report. this time as desired.
    4. All documents collated, database updated and new RC issued - free of cost!

    They did not charge a single penny even for the new RC or as bribe, and instead told me that i would have spent more on parking fees for so many visits than what they would charge. They acknowledged the lack of clarity and said it would now be a learning for them for future cases.

    ---- Moral of the story, never accept delivery of vehicle and never give consent for transfer of loan amount to dealers, if they ever mess up such documentary formalities.

    I am much relieved and hope, no one ever goes through such a hassle.
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  6. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Congrats, finally issue is resolved.
  7. metal_heart

    metal_heart Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Woww.. That's a long long struggle.

    Good to see this kind of gesture from RTO guys

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