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Punto price quoted

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by prem, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    I completely agree with Kedar here. I have sold my 90HP Punto and have now bought Linea. The perception of so called low resale value is entirely not true. I got decent resale value and only then decided to go for Linea.

    Prem, go for 90HP if your budget permits. If worried too much about the budget Punto Emotion is also a good choice. For both these, you will get more discounts if you negotiate with the dealer.

    Punto 90HP is absolute value for money. No doubt about that. OTR of Swift ZDI in Chennai is 7.5 L. If you spend further 5-10K, you would get 90HP Punto.

    Kedar, you bought your Punto for 4.94 and sold for 4.9??? Are you sure?
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2011
  2. prem


    Did the test drive for 75 as well as 90 hp. The difference is clearly there but I am not sure whether I should spend 1 lakh extra for those 15hps.

    Also, in the 75 hp vehicle, which was only 5 months old,the AC was not working. The plastic quality was rubbish.
    In the 90 hp vehicle, the speedometer was not working, and the paint was coming off the audio setup.
    Oh and the Audio and the blue and me, PATHETIC. I simply could not hear anything coming out of those speakers. Rubbish. It was embarassing to see the SA explaining to me how the car goes everywhere and thats why the Audio is screwed. Well cars are supposed to go everywhere.

    And the blue and me, really? I mean does anyone ever use it? Look up and shout words changing accents. COME ON!

    Gears- 75hp- Useless 2nd gear. I mean no power at all .ZERO. But third gear and I was happy.
    90 hp- slightly better 2nd gear. Awesome pull in 3rd gear.

    My girlfriend was not there when I did the test drive but when I told her about this, she completely said no to buying a punto. I have convinced her to come with me on the test drive. Let's see.

    The car drives good, but for that prices they could offer better interiors and components which do not become useless within a few months. I still want to buy the punto but FIAT better give me a good car, I am going against the tide and don't want to look like a fool in the end.
  3. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    @prem: try to drive a different car - may be from a different dealer.

    I am not sure, but I think there are more than a couple of people in TFI who uses Blue and me regularly.

    It is sad to see that the dealership do not maintain the TD cars properly - if they do not manage to give a proper first impression, who will come again to buy unless he or she is a hard core Fiat fan. :(
  4. Srini

    Srini Regolare


    I had the same experience. The car I test drove had a pathetic A/c and the sales person is not able to explain anything. As you are in chennai, try concore ambattur. They have an awesome car for test drive. It is 90 HP in fact and you will feel the car really there. You can ask for Sivakumar and reference my name even - tell him it is Srini who did an extensive PDI and he will recognize immediately.
  5. prem


    Before anything, I must say that the SA is very good. I like happy people esp people who are happy doing what they do. And I like salesmen who highlight the good points of a product but at the same time accept it when someone points out the not so good points. This guy is all of that. his name is Subramaniyam and he is from VST motors mount road.

    Have asked for the test drive again. This time my girlfriend will be with me. This test drive will decide whether I buy the car or not. The SA has told me that the car is gone for service and he can bring the 90hp again. I am gonna ask him for 75hp specifically since this is what I want to buy. Its my first car and I am not able to convince myself to pay 7.70 lakhs for the car.
    Emotion variant-seems to be priced right for me. and it has ABS.

    Want to ask you guys again- have been quoted 670,000 rs for emotion. Anyone got less?
  6. baska


    VST anna nagar

    Punto Emotion = Rs 6,69,398
    Punto Emotion Pack = Rs 7,32,109 (i've booked this, but my original plan was to buy Active variant. This is real VFM)
  7. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    Prem, If that is your decision, go for dynamic and not emotion. The difference between them is very minimal but the price is huge i believe. VFM is emotion pack if you are not going for dynamic.
  8. prem


    Srini, dynamic doesn't come with ABS and that is something I would love to have. When I test drove the emotion pack variant, i absolutely loved the brakes.

    The SA told me that the 75hp has gone for service and will be back only on tuesday. My GF will be free on wednesday only so we will have do a test run to wednesday.
    by the way has any of you felt that if we leave punto out of this, we really don't have much choice in selecting a Hatchback.

    Marutis- weaklings. Unsafe,
    koreans: i20,i10 etc- same as marutis. Not so strong engine.
    Japanese- Honda- Diesel not available.Toyota- too much cost cutting. Nissan- tacky, girly whatever
    Americans- Ford- UGLY!
    Beat- Tacky, almost comic book like
    Polo- Diesel too pricey. makes a lot of noise

    And those are some problems I find just by looking at them.

    so i feel like whtever problems I find with the punto, in the end I will be getting only a FIAT
  9. omzworld


    Hey Guys..
    Looking at the prices right now, I feel we got a realy sweet deal in Aug month deal.
    But yes, that included 10K special discount because of group purchase by 5 people.

    If possible try getting 3-4 people on board for buying and negotiate with dealer.
    For me 13MJD Emotion - BNW:
    6.815 includeing everthing + 6.5K worth fuel voucher free in Bangalore
  10. prem


    did another TD and I think we are gonna get the Punto.
    had a few questions and hope you can guys can chip in.
    The TDs I did were either with the 75hp E pack or 90hp. Since I am planning to go for the emotion variant, can you guys tell me whether the emotion variant has the underside scraping problem. The top variants have higher GC and this is a big concern for me. My friend's Figo has this problem and he has to slow down to almost zero whenever there is a bad road patch.
    I cannot live with that.
    other friend's Polo(petrol) and honda civic have the same issue. I find it very irritating as a passenger. I know I will hate it as a driver.
    So if someone here own the emotion/dynamic/active MJD variant, will you let me know?


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