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Punto Petrol or Diesel

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by Relativity, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Man!! You are still researching:A. I thought you must booked Punto MJD already.

    Bro, with complete respect to your understanding, may i clarify something? Since you are just learning to drive, you won't be able to spot that extra OOMPH for FIAT till you clock at least 100000 Kms of driving. I mean to test a FIAT punto, you have to bring out extreme of your driving abilities, it's that good car. My consolidated driving statistics are around 800000 Kms as on date (around 14 yrs, well near about but in every aspect what you term risky, aggressive, sedate, fast, ultra fast, slow...) & as on date i still find Punto to be under utilized given the conditions in Delhi & near by areas with my style of driving.

    At this point with driving skills you have, you won't be able to distinguish a Punto from i20/swift/etc etc. So would advise if you trust us instead & don't compare anything with Punto (Polo forfeits half way being a very good car). It's so much ahead of anything available right now.
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  2. nithin.v

    nithin.v Amatore

    Please have a look at the International Engine of the year awards 2011 : Fiat got it for Twin Air Petrol.
    So please make comments with reasons, it will help the newbie's to make a decision.
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    By ESP, do you mean Electronic Stability Program.

    Our FIATs (Punto & Linea) do not have an ESP. There is only an ABS with EBD in the top variants. FIAT 500 had ESP.

    The Linea (and Punto also?) have the ESP symbol on the dash, but they are just there for aesthetics. :p

    Here's how the ESP logo looks like
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  4. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Yep, EBD. Thanks for correction:mrgreen:

    In Punto, It doesn't let the car skid at all. it's too strict in punto. To do that, when you reach a sharp corner with some sustained speed already (40-50) & throttle it complete in 2nd gear just when you start entering the corner. The car's rear should skid & align itself with the front.

    But Punto is so strict, it doesn't do any under-steer/over-steer whatever you call it, i have tried it at very high speeds too but because of that electronic brake distribution, Punto simply turns:A. It easily turns even when Turbo spool is coming while turning!! I am felt rear tires lifted above for a moment (less than a second) but it again stabilizes itself & make turn comfortably:(. Am i doing it wrong, because almost every car (even with abs) does that steering to some extent but i struggle with Punto.
  5. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Enki - Thanks for sharing. I am no longer researching. I am learning to drive though. Today was my 5th day on road and I did a U turn at 60. I really have no patience to wait to clock a 100000 miles to be on top of the game. The Swift Diesel is as much fun to drive as a pulsar in bikes.

    I am just waiting to be ready for the TD so that I can TD both 75 and 90 HP back to back.

    When I brought my enfield and went for the Test Rides, I knew nothing about bikes but it took me one ride to understand the massive difference between the pull of a 500 and a 350. I am hoping the 90 Hp will speak to me in a similar manner.

    So, I am just trying to understand the Fiat cars and maybe this is not the best thread. I will look around under technicals.
    Just one more question while we're at it, the decision to make the GP heavier by 200 kilos when compared to the Swift is due to safety mesaures or something else?
    I read in Autocar that only if Fiat could reduce the weight of the GP, it could paint the town red.
  6. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Cannot call it directly as safety.

    Let me guess the weight advantage.

    swift will have lighter/thinner body panels.(20kg)

    swift will have no underbelly engine guard (5 kg)

    swift will have no metal back on rear seat(7kg)

    swift will have no specialized fuel tank covered with fire deterrent (7kg)

    swift will have no little bit different and more complicated looking suspension(rear tires) (15kg)

    swift have electrical steering, hydraulic mechanisms are heavy (10kg maybe)

    swift comes with leaner wheels ( 4kg)

    swift gear box "maybe" lighter (3kg)

    just an assumption from my end...technically they are all not so relevant in a regular daily commute car so it is.
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  7. Avinash

    Avinash Amatore

    United Kingdom
    Linea 1.3
    Swift ddis might be a pulsar inside the city, but it's no match to the Punto in highway!!! Its indeed sporty till you touch 70kph, after that it's a different case when compared to Punto!
  8. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Buddy, Don't do that so early. We all wish for your safety first no matter whatever car you buy. There is pin point difference between skillful driving and immatured/insane driving. Simply don't do that even if you are feeling confident. Try to learn the deep secrets of driving first. There is no professional here but i guess you do learn a lot when you personally mentor yourself during initial days. Don't try fast & furious, you will end up making your drive rash & threatening.
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  9. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    That was a derogatory comment on Pulsar. I ride an Enfield and riding a Pulsar is absolutely no fun at all.
    No low RPM torque at all.
  10. NitinGirish

    NitinGirish Amatore

    Congrats on making a good decision on the engine variant :)

    Both, under city driving conditions, feel the same. I TD'ed 90HP and bought 75HP. Inside city traffic I don't feel any difference at all. When salesman had earlier told me, I had laughed it off saying how can 15HP not matter? Apparently, till (atleast) 80kmph it doesn't.

    While Autocar is a respected magazine and is entitled to is views I wouldn't be too swayed by it. Automobiles especially cars are not all about 0-xxkmph timings. When you drive at 60kmph on a badly done road like Shiradi ghat and your middle aged parents don't feel a thing who cares about painting and white-washing?
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