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Punto or Polo: Kindly advice

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by slbaite, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    I dont think 20K cheaper should be an attraction to buy a car.
    You are the one who is going to live with the car that you purchase for the rest of your ownership period (both good and bad).
    Looking at your comparision you liked Polo better than Punto, there is nothing bad with Polo and its a good car.
    Forum members have given you the best suggestion that we could from our experience (buying and ownership).

    Happy buying and ownership with your new ride :)
  2. Punto Maniac

    Punto Maniac Amatore

    Dear Slbaite a few things in life that you and only you should decide are your spouse and car, for with both, you'll have to spend good and quality time and there shouldn't be a second thought once you make your choice. I think you've been given the best input by the Forum. Wish you good luck with your car and Happy motoring.:p
  3. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Punto is the Best car as it gives the feeling of driving a Saloon car, and its zips the curves as cutting the Butter with Hot Knife.

    Just take the Polo and the Punto on a Long Test drive with Bumpy rides and curves at high Speed.

    You will have the Answer within U....

    OCTANE Amatore

    I own a Polo too, so I think I can contribute. Both these cars are pretty good. And with the recent price reduction of about 40k and addition of more features the polo is now pretty good value for money. But servicing costs will be almost double that of Fiat. Also check out your nearby vw dealers and their service quality. In the Indian car market VW badge has loads of value and fiat has almost nil.(i never considered this as a major plus point when I bought this car and I really love the Fiat badge).

    Interior space is more inside the punto than the polo. Features wise both of them are almost equal except ACC, EBD(highline vs emotion) now. But polo doesnt have a boot lamp, vanity mirror, controls for the rear power windows, spare is a 14 incher, etc.. Ride quality is good in the polo and (i may sound stupid here) but sometimes i feel it rides better than my linea atleast on lower speeds. Dont kill me for this guys, I dont know why but even after comparing these cars ride quality for more than a year i havent reached a conclusion.

    Interior quality, sound quality definitely better in the polo. Wind noise, tyre noise is less in the polo(excellent insulation). My polo tdi is silent than my linea 1.4 @ 100kmph(tyres may have a role here). Handling wise punto is definitely better than the polo. Polos steering doesnt offer you proper feedback. On the flip side, its easy to use in the city. Engine might be better in the Punto, but gearbox is better in the Polo.

    Another thing is, with vw if the dealer screws up things you cannot go anywhere and there is no way for any escalation. With fiat you have teamfiat, mangesh kodalkar etc.. who can help you out but with vw you are at the mercy of the dealers only. Dont think VW cars will be niggle free with stupendous quality etc.. They too have niggles, i too had one with the brakes. Check out their fb page for more info on issues.

    Hoping I have provided you some additional info. Think about your priorities and choose wisely.
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    OCTANE Amatore

    Something that i had forgotten in my earlier post. Punto has better build quality, more comfy seats and a comprehensive mid compared to the polo. Also Punto is more driver friendly for using the various features. Polos engine guard is made of plastic and may not serve the intended purpose.:)
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  6. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    Plastic:eek: ????? It would be fiber mate! That guard really doesnt serve it's purpose.It's just an fancy item in the Polo i guess :D
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  7. slbaite


    New Delhi
    Hey Mr. Raj,hahah...rightly said.but I feel punto is close to my heart & I guess you guys feel the same.

    I would be glad if you throw some light on punto gear shift & music system.there was not BASS at all & the gear shift seems too hard.
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  8. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Hi slbaite, very happy to hear that your heart is for Punto and yes everyone on this forum would be feeling the same.
    I should say, Punto will satisfy both the heart, mind and the pocket aswell :-D

    Ok, now coming to your query
    The Punto gear shift does not feel hard!! but the first and second gears are short in range and also will not offer much power in the lower gears need getting used to it lil bit (when compared to competitors). The gear shift is smoot and seamless for me, but its not the best. Swift has the best gear box.
    Actually when i test drove both Punto and Polo i felt Punto to have a better gear box than Polo (smooth - am not sure) :?
    I have a Punto 90 HP and the ODO is @ 17K+ KMs in 9 months and the gear box is even better now (may be am used to it :evilsmile)

    Coming to the music system, i am not a great music lover nor do i understand music thing that much for the kind of music that i listed i dont fiddle much with the setting and the default music system suffices my requirement more than enough (mine is a Blaupunkt HU).

    Lets hear more from fellow members who could help you clarify more on this.
  9. saharsh

    saharsh Regolare

    Go for the punto and if possible please go for the top model(1.4) if your finance allows.You are buying this car for once only,then why compromise!

    1* Let me tell you.Fiat cars feel not rev-happy and have a hard gearbox at their early life.(till 5k-10k kms)But after that engine feels much more rev-happy and the gearbox feels smoother too.Fiat Linea and Punto have long throw gearbox which are smooth.Simply put,The more you clock the miles,The more smoother the car gets.So dont worry of that.

    2*For improving the sound quality,You can go for speaker upgrade but I think we cannot do anything about the music system.

    Given that amazing styling,Heavy and tough build,Roomier Interiors,Awesome Handling,braking,Much more features and lower prices only makes a person more tilted towards the Punto.
    They have already launched around 10 exclusive dealerships in India and are expected to launch around 40 more in the coming months/days.Fiat has recently launched its exclusive dealership and service centre in Noida(Kashyap Fiat)And is going to launch one in main Delhi too.
  10. prasen123

    prasen123 Amatore

    I was facing same issue with sound quality. But when I check my music system, its made in Portugal. I asked tass person, and he confirmed that no problem with the system but with speakers only. Luckily I had blaupunkt speakers, so used bassfx tray and installed new speakers. Now the quality of sound is way better.

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