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Punto or Polo: Kindly advice

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by slbaite, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. ajuvignesh

    ajuvignesh Amatore

    Chennai, Kanyakumari, Trivandrum.
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    1) Polo interior make you feel like sedan, punto rides like a sedan! it has better ride quality than polo.
    3) I believe that the boot of punto is little bigger than polo.
    4) features are almost same but punto has a better multi information display with my car features ( not sure if dynamic has it), Rear Seat Metal Black ,Fire Prevention System , and a thick plate beneath the engine to guard it (not sure if polo has one)
    Kindly note the ground clearance of polo is just 168 mm wheres punto has 185 mm.
    The wheel base of punto is 2510 compared to 2456 of polo. This counts for ride quality, rear bench space and stability of the vehicle. Punto wins.
    when it comes to rear bench space punto scores more.
    Matured dynamics, ride quality, high speed stability and high speed cornering ability of punto is outstanding.
    Punto has a highly accurate hydraulic power steering unit which gives you a very good feel and feedback. Being with an electronic power steering unit, polo lags behind in feel and feedback.
    Punto is more comfortable than polo both in low and high speeds.
    Brand image and plastics are the only pros of polo IMHO. Correct me if i'm wrong.:)
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  2. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Do NOT buy the Punto if the only attraction is that Punto is 20k cheaper. 20k doesn't matter that much when buying the first car.

    Otherwise you have nothing to like in Punto and are attracted towards the bling bling dashboard plastics of Polo. :)

    I am sorry but not only TFI but most auto enthusiasts will never agree with many statements made by you below in the quoted post.

    Agree that Polo's beige scheme feels airy but its not spacious. Polo is known to offer one of the lowest space among all the hatchbacks that measure close to 4000mm (Punto/Polo/i20/Jazz/Fabia). Punto offers more space in the cabin especially at the back even inspite of such a huge dashboard.

    Front center console of Punto projecting and occupying cabin space is correct and so is the HUGE dashboard of Punto but sit at the front passenger side seat someday and observe the dashboard. It is HUGE and one truly feels like sitting in a very big car. And still it offers more space than Polo.

    They have more or less similar boot space but still Punto offers 20 liters more. This can't be mitigated.

    Regarding the list of features in both the cars, I guess you are comparing from the company brochure that does not list even half of the features. I have Polo and Punto brochures from 2010 and Polo brochure even mentions tool kit and halogen headlamps as a feature in the brochure. What the... :evilsmile

    Regarding mileage, you can have better idea in the FE thread at TFI but there is a reason Maruti, TATA and many other companies around the world source their diesel engines from FIAT.

    Sound system needs to be good in Polo. They have no choice since Polo has 3-cylinder engines and thus need some distraction to take the driver's attention away from its high NVH.
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  3. adwaitorama

    adwaitorama Timido

    Personal experience after using both the cars..
    Bot the punto and the polo same year, m still using the punto n kicked the polo off within a year and a half as it was very much expensive on pockets wrt. Efficiency n service costs. Though mine was a TDi n proudly roaming in the punto.
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  4. HMV

    HMV Timido

    If you ask your friends and family you will always get a suggestion to buy the Polo (if they do not have a Fiat). Most probably you will not get a positive feedback of Polo wrt Punto in this forum, not because this is a Fiat enthusiasts forum but almost all drive a FIAT and they know a FIAT car is any day better compared to competition.
    Welcome to FIAT club
  5. Sat-Chit-ananda

    Sat-Chit-ananda Esperto

    Namma Bengaluru
    Check the maintenance cost of Polo, no free services and I was told fuel filter costs Rs 4000/- Can some one confirm it?
    Do your math on what is the cost to own a punto Vs polo for first two years,bling bling plastics should not cost 2X more .
    Regarding features Polo doesn't have so many features as Punto, you may want to check the Linea/Punto did you know series thread.
  6. testdrive

    testdrive Amatore

    Is investing 20k more in POLO is secure enough\life saver? Do compare on safety features as well. We are not marketing you, here to by FIAT cars. Even I am happy to do that.</SPAN>
    My brother has so called VW jetta, he love to drive my Punto than his so called jetta.
    Please do read http://www.teamfiat.co.in/i-am-off-topic/6674-punto-vs-polo-owners-experience.html and http://www.teamfiat.co.in/non-fiat-...-motorbeam-comparison-between-punto-polo.html you will get some more idea. again is investing 20k more in POLO is secure enough\life saver?</SPAN>
  7. cooltaurean

    cooltaurean Amatore

    Punto. Hands down.
    i believe, as pointed by many here, you could refer the ownership thread and you will know why. when i bought by FTA MJD in 2011, i was all in for the punto only. We had a 90BHP punto that time(not sure if its still available) that had interiors like the linea with the same dashboard and interiors. the 90bhp that i test drove was an amazing vehicle and on my 2nd td with my wife and a friend, i decided that Fiat will be by nex car. i test drove the polo 3 times before i tried the Punto. I am 6 ft tall on the prosperous side of my size and i found Polo to be very low and cramped compared to the Punto. Also my parents had trouble getting in and out of the Polo as compared to walking in and out of the Punto. Fiat handling is much better than the rest as i experienced during my long TD sessions with i20,punto,polo and swift. the build quality of Fiat, i found much better than the rest as well, also the cabin space etc.
    For me, buying a Linea over the Punto was a big stretch but i stretched as my wife wanted us to have a bigger car after India Xeta. it is now close to 2 years and i have not spend anything besides basic servicing charges on my MJD. yes i do have issues with the occasional service center but then who does not. the best thing is that with a Fiat i have had to visit TASS far lesser than my earlier earlier. another reduction is the trips to the fuel stations :). getting almost 20 in City on my mjd.
    Ultimately i know it is your decision on what you buy but if the comments here help you to go for a fiat then, welcome to TFI in advance.
  8. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto


    Let me take a bit liberty in saying this. Please no offense to any body.

    Let us stop giving more points to the Thread starter and allow him to think and analyze.

    The more we give clarifications, the more likely he/she gets confused. You all have given amazing comments, if the thread starter really thinks through and not just consider the gizmos then i am sure he/she will make a good decision. :)

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  9. BoseSuman

    BoseSuman Superiore

    Midnapur (W.B) & Hyderabad (A.P) India.
    Linea 1.3
    Dear Friends,

    Punto & Polo both are very good Car from the stability, Ride & handling than other car in the market.

    To be specific in the comparison between this 2, Punto has better ride, handling comfort than Polo. Polo has better interior quality.

    In Both car you will feel stable in Road, as you are checking 1.2 Petrol for both This is ok. Please check both Car with your family members again and then decide ( Family opinion is also valuable).

    1.3 MJD is far superior than 1.2 TDI. Then Punto is the one option :) to go with 90HP.

    If you are considering 1.2 Punto, I can suggest to check 1.4 Punto than 1.2 Punto.
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  10. sanjeev


    Vashi,Navi Mumbai
    My 2 cents :
    Recently i had gone to my home town where i drove a polo petrol for around 150 kms and it was within city only.
    My wife for maximum period of journey sat in the back seat.
    When we came back in the evening she was the first one to comment on the horrible back seat comfort of Polo..she had a backache and she said that Punto is far far comfortable than this....
    I also felt the same thing while driving because we are used to driving such distances within city here in mumbai and have never felt any stress related to seating ergonomics
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