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"PUNTO" Needs no intro !!

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by sunswape, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. sunswape

    sunswape Regolare

    Hey thanks :)

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    Yeah, thats why got them painted black. Just waiting for the projectors, that will complete the front look, smocked headlights along with black grills = awesome !! :)
  2. sunswape

    sunswape Regolare

    Just for kicks ;-) IMG_20120927_232309.jpg
  3. sunswape

    sunswape Regolare

    Just got the 2nd service done today at Banarasi Das Automobiles, Panchkula and Iam so glad to tell that it was a very nice experience there. The SA was a sardar ji and he was very polite and helpful that I had to specially mention him here. He didn't cribed or showed any lack of interest to any of the questions and concerns I threw at him. Really appreciate the kind of hospitality he gave, cant comment on other SA there as one of my friend had not so great experience at the same service center but with some other Service Advisor.
    Anyways, took appointment, reached on time, greeted well by the SA, told him some minor problems, got a job card ready and work started on the car and I went to the customer waiting area, which was again a good place to sit and pass time.

    My car gave me no trouble in all these 7 months and 15000kms. There was a minor issue of lack of pickup below turbo region which was rectified simply by cleaning diesel filter at service center. So there was nothing much to do in this 2nd service than performing usual tasks. I just had a loose beading in right back door and a lil loose handbrake. Rest car was and is in top class condition (touchwood :-D ) Didn't got wheel alignment and balancing done as we all know the kind of alignment done at service centers. Most of the people ended up with certain alignment issues after getting it done at ASS.
    Got a bill of Rs 5290 which is not at all bad. I must say Punto really shines in maintenance department too :)
    Car has gone very much smooth and responsive after the service. I was able to notice it by the very time I took the car out of the service center. Thou engine sound is still there at high rpms but it not at all bothers me. I enjoy that sporty note a lot. Car has really open up now and Iam loving it even more. Never had any complains from the pick up and power delivery of Punto so all these changes after servicing were only additions to my already happy life with Punto.
    I just n just wish and hope that future with my Punto stays as troublefree and happy as the past and present have gone with it.
  4. sunswape

    sunswape Regolare

    Just added this, did't went for abarth badge as I dont want to get rid of the original fiat badge, its too smart to be ignored :D but wanted some touch of the mighty abarth. IMG_20121010_162946.jpg IMG_20121010_164021.jpg
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  5. sunswape

    sunswape Regolare

    So today my Punto completed 20000 kms (in almost 8 months). Its been a very good experience with it so far and Iam sure it will be even better in future. The car really age well specially the engine which is continuously getting younger and better with each passing km. I still remember the engine's unrefinement and lil noisy nature when I took the delivery, but today, engine has gone 2X smooth and refined. Apart from that there is not even a single tint of age anywhere in the car, all body panels, door pads, dashboard, etc are holding up nicely and there is still no rattling anywhere. Car is already been driven in the remotest parts of Himachal where 'no road' conditions are normal, still cabin is as quite as it was on the very first day. There maybe some contribution from heavy damping done on all four doors but still, apart from that nothing else have been damped inside the car. So that itself speaks the build quality here. For me interiors were/are never been rough or of substandard quality. They are just perfect ! Dashboard layout is such that it really gives that feeling of driving something really grande :-D I think speed masking capability is very much because of dashboard layout. It always feel safe and secure to get behind the steering of a Punto than any car I've ever driven (zen, swift, dezire, honda city type1, scorpio ...courtesy friends... :) ) For exterior I always been over protected. Had been waxing my car from the very first day. Never let the paint to get exposed to the sun without any layering of any wax. Maybe thats the reason my Punto is still having that showroom look as compared to my friend's whose have started showing a lil dullness, his is just 2 months older than mine. As for who are interested, Iam currently using Optimum Car Wax, over collinite sealant, which is beading water even after a month and best part is that its a spray-on-wipe-off type wax with a claimed durability of alteast 4months. Highly recommended ! For regular dusting, Iam using Jopasu Duster. For glasses I have applied two coats of Proklear, it was done 4months back and still today water repelling off the glass like nothing else. Helps a lot during those heavy showers when you have to drive fast. Greatly reduced wipers efforts. For interiors Iam using 3m Dashboard Polish and for tires ArmorAll Extreme Tire Shinning Gel (easily stays for more than 2weeks). All this just to see my Punto sparkling and clean coz what I think is that cars like Punto are meant to be kept in top notch condition. Its beauty is such that I always want it to shine :D

    Problems faced so far;
    Yeah I have also faced some problems but they were too minute to even crib for.
    >There was a light 'lack of pick up' problem post turbo spool. Car used to feel a lil stressed below 1800 RPM and no it was't turbo lag. There used to feel something obstructing the car from pulling. It persisted for some 500kms and got solved on its own. It never reappeared again so I never bothered to get it checked even.
    >Then there came another problem of failed wheel bearing kinda sound. Got it checked and the culprit where none other than MRF ZLOs. Later found that some of the ZLO's 195 R15 tires had this problem and mine were of that batch.
    >Another problem was passenger side carpet got wet. Many fears came into my mind like water leakage from A/C pipe/system or from firewall side, etc etc. Later everything got dried out on its own and never found even a light moisture anywhere. I guess water must have entered while washing, from some opening left in window glass.
    >One of the rear number plate light malfunctioning on its own. It used to go kaput and then comes to life on its own. Took a screwdriver and opened the bulb. It was nothing but a loose bulb fitting causing the problem. After properly fitting the bulb in its holder, this problem never came up.
    >Heavy steering wobbling after 70kmph speed. All this cropped just after getting Alloys. Thanks to teamfiat and specially our very own ROYJ, got Hub-Centric rings and problem solved forever. Now there is not even a slightest wobble, as good as stock !!
    Thats all !!!!!!1

    Its been quite a trouble free experience so far and after seeing other fellow owners of Punto suffering from so many annoying problems, I feel bad coz product is really great, still cant understand why all such problems are haunting Fiat, I just wonder. In my case, every common problem like rattling from doors in 2012 models, accelerated brake pad wear, noise from suspensions, elastic pad failure, pick up problem, loose beading, annoying wind noise, etc etc is not there. Always felt bad after seeing some person having bad time with his/her Punto/Linea :-( Fiat should really stand on its own now, half of the troubles are usually gifted by TASS only. After 1st service, the very next day my brakes pads got jammed, reason was a carelessly bolted nut by some mechanic during the service. Could never understand why and how that happened. Anyways guys, we have 10000 times bashed A.S.S so I wont be getting to much into it.

    Aftermarket things done so far (if anyone interested)
    Headunit - KVC AVX2
    Kenwood KOS A300 (for that super cool and easy to use control knob lol)
    Front speakers- Alpine SPX 17pro compos
    Rear speakers - JBL entry level compos
    Amp - JBL 4 channel, running all four speakers
    Sub - 15inch Blaupunkt Velocity, SPL series (carried from my old setup)
    Mono amp- Ancient Kenwood KAC-9103D
    Damping - 36sq.ft. Dampmat (highly VFM)

    For exterior
    Blue exhaust tip
    Abarth black metal Scorpio http://www.yourbadges.com
    Italian flag sticker with fiat logo, local make.
    Soon will be getting a good set of bi-xenon projectors (has been pending from quite sometime now, Delhi abhi bhi duur lagti hai :-D)

    Some things I would highly recommend
    Dampmat (for damping)
    Proklear, for glasses

    Optimum Car wax, your car will thank you for it :rolleyes:


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    20120625_130832.jpg Here is what dampmat looks like. If anyone is considering to get it, do ahead and buy it. Its really equivalent to the quality leading brands are giving, Dampmat for an example. It is a heavy stuff so expect to get that heavy 'thud' while shutting the doors. No doubt it is mainly to increase the sound production off the speakers but add on benefits are also equally worth having. I think eveyone should get this done, no matter if you are and audio freak or not, it will make you smile down the line when you'll see that your car is still rattle free
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  6. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Wow! good detailed review buddy and superb mile crunhing on your Punto! Way to go...
  7. sunswape

    sunswape Regolare

    Hey thanks, Punto can make any average driver a mile cruncher :) It invites you badly to take her out and drive all day long :-D
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  8. sunswape

    sunswape Regolare

    Did some alteration with alloys. Gave them red lip effect with local radium strip.

    Odo stands at 21450kms :) IMG_20121222_190013.jpg IMG_20121222_173810.jpg
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  9. prakhar_lfc

    prakhar_lfc Superiore

    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Linea T-Jet
    The alloys look good! Now no one will miss your Punto when viewing from the side at night! :)
  10. sunswape

    sunswape Regolare

    Yeah, they shine like crazy at night :-D These are same which are available at bike sticker mod shops. Was doubtful about the final result but outcome came quite good I guess.

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