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"PUNTO" Needs no intro !!

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by sunswape, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. sunswape

    sunswape Regolare

    At last, after clocking 10k Kms on my BNW Punto, I think Iam eligible enough to write a review of my BNW Punto. Bought on 3rd March and its still fresh as it was at the time of delivery. It really ages well, very well. 10k kms and its 98% rattle free. 2% are some very minute rattles which I guess is impossible to avoid in any car available on this planet :D Ok now there are loads of reviews available on net which can give you quite a fine idea of this beautiful creation. So I'll just try to keep my review short and simple.
    A lil flashback;
    At the time when 2012 Punto refresh model was around the corner, plan to buy a new car started taking shape in our family. It was the month of Nov of 2011 and net was already full of reports of Punto 2012 and updates & changes it was going to get. So we decided to play safe and wait for the refresh model.
    At last after waiting for 2012, we got official news from Fiat that Punto 2012 has been launched with worth having upgrades. Decision was taken and after thoroughly reading the reviews of Punto 2012, booked a BNW Punto on 25th FEB. It was all over phone and car was available off the shelf :cool: Took delivery of a 1.3 MJD Punto Dynamic (with ABS) on 3rd of March. Showroom price was 6.30, freebee was just a set of crappy seat covers which I never used. Thou dealer experience was quite good.

    Took car to my hometown and odo was already at 250kms. Plz note that at the time of delivery it was 9 with H. The very next day took it directly to friend's shop and upgraded its shoes. Neo 15inchers with 195/65 R15 MRF ZLOs tires. ZLOs performed really well in all 9800kms (n still clocking)

    Ok now Pros of the car;
    Interior quality is now far better than previous. For me, interior is quite good.
    Love the way dashboard is laid out, Fantastic !!
    Clutch is super smooth
    Car is not that much slow as various forums have pointed out, infact in city I found it quite easy to drive. Fiat has really spread the power band well.
    Speed masking is super good and effective.
    Ride quality...... (we all know it)
    Handling... (.......;))
    For me ergonomics are fine. I did't faced much of that common 'thigh touching the dashboard' problem, power window switch too far etc etc.
    Sound insulation is good. Shut the door and outside noise stays out making cabin quite silent.

    Now cons;
    and ya, TATA too :D

    Problems faced;
    Having this issue of faulty bearing kinda noise from front right hand side while driving which increases to some extent with speed. Its still waiting to get resolved, thanks to tata.
    Click sound while brake pedal is pushed, again this problem is waiting to get resolved.....

    Thats all frnds.

    My BNW as of today...
    2012-07-29 19.23.27 - Copy.jpg
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  2. mayank

    mayank Amatore

    nice review sunswape :) congratulations for your buy and i hope it will keep on bringing on smile on your face like this :) btw can you plz posy more pics?? this one is not much clear..but i really liked the cosmetic change you have done to your gp's lower grill :D also i wanna see which neo alloys you have put on your beauty ;)
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  3. sungoa2010


    Congrats. Good review. Have a great fun with MJD.
  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Just 2 sentences...
    1.) Great choice, Great car and have a great time on the road
    2.) Just 1 picture?
  5. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Just 1 pic, that too a shaky one, for your ownership thread !! bad..
    I liked that alloys in your ride and the treatment for the lower grille, resembles polo bumper. You may also consider some design cues from this 2012 nova punto.. a black strip alongside would be sportier. Add to that a black roof and smoked headlamps like what nimish have done without affecting visibility would make it a killer looker !!!
    July 30, 2012 | Facebook

    @ mayank.. Here is it.. http://www.teamfiat.co.in/tyres-alloys/151-98-pcd-alloys-73.html
    This design is still not updated in their site...whereas 5 new designs have been put up.
    Welcome to Neo Wheels - India's No. 1 Official Brand in India
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  6. sunswape

    sunswape Regolare

    Thanks guys for appreciating.
    But there is a major typo in the review. Tyre size is actually 195/60 not 195/65 :rolleyes:

    And alloys has been changed now and believe it or not, I've shifted to 100 PCD from 98 :confused:
    Just 4 days back switched to Apollo Accelers, loved the alloy design and it was just the right design I always wanted. I'll be using Hubcentric rings coz even in 98pcd alloys I was facing vibrations from 80kmph to 110kmph speeds.

    And that lower grill mod is an experiment. Iam not liking it that much. Thinking to revert back to stock look.

    Meant to put a teaser so posted that shaky pic ;-):D Anyways, Iam just experimenting right now. And smoked out headlights are definitely on the list but there is no1 who can do this job perfectly here. I had to make a trip to Delhi to get it done. Iam also considering a good projector setup with 4300k 55w Hids.

    Here are the previous NEO alloys. Its not listed on there website, but available in perfect 98 pcd.

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  7. sunswape

    sunswape Regolare

    Here are the new alloys. Please excuse such amateur pics. I'll soon post proper pics.

    IMG_20120724_174105.jpg IMG_20120726_163045.jpg IMG_20120728_171146.jpg IMG_20120728_171204.jpg
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  8. sunswape

    sunswape Regolare

    And yes I too feel that the raised height, to some extent, spoiled the looks of Punto. Even 15inchers seems so small :-|
  9. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Sun.. is this new alloys 15 or 14 inchers? they look small.. i had liked that neowheels one, which had a distinct identity, the new one can be seen commonly in all cars.

    The projector work is done by a lott of guys nowadays. where are you based at? Ponder into the lighting threads here, you might get a lead. phew can be of help.
  10. Great car and great choice...Happy puntoing!!!:redcar

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