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Punto Modifications

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by gaur4v, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. anandlnt


    so what make are these dayline running headlamps ? what spects ? I have learned elsewhere that the only installations possible
    is to trade off the entire Stock Punto headlight assy and buy out their Custome Headlight running dayline for the Punto??

    ANS: First things first, you said you have learnt that installations are possible with a trade off... thats absolutely ridiculous, do you need my stock head lamps, i can send them to you but with out the adapter plugs (pass on your address).

    and why not something Kiirus ?

    ANS: Show me a proven kiirus in south india. if they are so successful, then why only in mumbai?????? South india too is a part of india.

    @ 45K : You got tunning kit , tyres, rims, headlights ???

    ANS: Tuning kit 7k, trade stock tyres and rims for 22k and get a new set for 42k (42-22=20), headlights 12k. total 20+12=32

    Earlier all were (front fog , low beam , high beam = Philips DV H1 bulbs with respective wattage)

    ANS: what made you assume that earlier were all Philips DV H1? are you the supplier by any chance? And for your information, I changed only the head lamps not the fog lamps. FYI, EP comes with OSRAM for fogs not philips. if only OEM Hella are choice, then why do philips, osram etc exist?

    Referring to the attachment below , what kind of Fabrication is it ?

    ANS: where is the fabrication at the first point from the picture which you were referring to? Painting the grille and mid section is not fabrication.

  2. I Will never favour any such mods especially on the headlight assembly ..come what may!
    Preserve your headlamps + Plugs - keep them
    Secondly would still help with the "dayline make" who would be interested for these mods ,
    if willing to share amongest others in this open forum ?

    I am not favouring anyone for that matter Kiirus or baised to it
    Too sorry to know if they dont have proven Kiirus in south india...
    I think you should ask him that now that he is a member here?

    Perfect! Thanks for the math pal. Supposed to be 20+12+7 = total 39K ?
    FYI 45k was your expenses quoted earlier by you

    Brother , Not a supplier and i think am not here to state the abvious, about you being RUDE - But no offense
    Fair point! Hella + Impro , etc etc anytime cannot be part of a whacky Modd job either

    Fine , Would you still not add the painting cost not to be a part of the Modd job then ?
  3. anandlnt


    @torquey thats your perception not to favour HL mods. That being a relative term. And I had used the stock HL for almost 1.5 years. So after I changed them, I see so much better visibility compared to the stock as of today.
    Yeah, I could ask kiirus about that. But had to reply to you as you posed that question not kiirus.
    Regarding the paint job, on a serious note, I did not pay any thing for that small paint job for the grille. Now you might ask how come, the reply is the authorised service center belongs to a very close friend of mine. so it was done. anything else?
  4. anandlnt


    @torquey if you felt that I was rude, I am really sorry cos I did not mean to offend anyone. And regarding the make, its sonar.

  5. No issues Anand -- it happens
    above all the fact remains we all Love Fiat and it always takes two hands to clap
    Peace ::T

    please keep this space updated time and when more mods kickin on your ride ,
    i am sure this should help most members (me included) and keep them on their toes while curiosity prevails

  6. anandlnt


    @torquey Thats the point that we are lovers of Fiat. Yup buddy, i shall surely keep this space updated.
    But, I guess there's nothing much from my side to update. Still, lets see.
    anyways, Cheers and have a lovely weekend.
  7. if you want to give your headlights the look like anands you can either smoke them or use sun films the latter being a difficult task . but looks same here i have done this you can have a look
  8. anandlnt


    @vishal Looks nice friend. But how about the light beam? is it bright as before? As for my headlights, the outer glass is of normal opaque color but the casing inside is black. So it does not hamper the brightness.
  9. no there is just 10 % change or maybe less no problem in driving
  10. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    I ordered Spoiler for my Punto. Waiting for that & will get it on Sunday. Will upload pics once it is fitted to my car.

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