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Punto Modifications

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by gaur4v, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. keshav



    That's a gr8 looking Punto. You have got great taste. None of the modifications are over the top. They are subtle and add to the beauty of Punto.
  2. anandlnt


    @keshav Thanks my friend. Yeah, that's exactly the point. I do not like heavy modifications. subtle mods but should look distinct.
  3. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Ravi has already referred few threads regarding upgrading Music System. :)

    Rs 4800 looks decent amount and quite surprising that it doesn't require any drilling. I hope it sustain different weather conditions. Hey but where did u got it from?

    The Alloys are looking good, but the fully carbon fibre wheels will look more stunning. As I don't see any silver finish on your car. The fully carbon fibre wheels will go well with your car's character.

    You are one good source to get info regarding any modifications on Punto ;).
  4. anandlnt


    @grandeur Yeah, the threads about the system are very informative. The spoiler should sustain different weather conditions. The spoiler, got it done through a friend. As i already have carbon ORVMs and fog holders from almost an year, this fella should also withstand the wear and tear.
    Exactly I too was thinking of total carbon alloys. They should compliment the car very well. Now I need to source them with a good design.
    Regarding the mods, me being a source, I am always there. Thanks for the compliment.
  5. anandlnt


    Hi all,
    Today I got the DRLs connected directly to the ignition. So no more switching ON of parking lights to make DRLs appear. Now when the parking is ON, the rear parkings are switched on where as the DRLs are always ON as long as the ignition is ON.
    Second update is that I got HID kit fitted for the lo-beams and for the hi-beams, changed the bulbs to Osram night breaker plus. Will post the videos later after it is dark.
    Remaining fitments to be done are LED tail lights and HID kit for the fogs. This I would be getting them done after 10 days. Waiting for the LED tail lights arrival. Expected date of delivery being 22nd Nov.

    [attachment=0:3sw2k57z]Punto DRL ON.jpg[/attachment:3sw2k57z]
    [attachment=1:3sw2k57z]Punto HID.jpg[/attachment:3sw2k57z]

    Punto HID.jpg

    Punto DRL ON.jpg
  6. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    :clap Good going! Looking forward for the video.
  7. anandlnt


    Punto HID Lo-Beam and Osram Hi-beam

    Here is the video of the HID kit for Lo-Beam and Osram Night Breaker Plus for Hi-Beam. The Hi-Beam needs a beam focus which I shall do it tomorrow.
    Inputs are most welcome.
    But as far as I see the Lo-Beams, I do not think hi-Beam is required at the first place as the lo-beams are very comfortable.
  8. Does anyone know whether 1.3 MJD 76 BHP , can have VGT? has any one tried upgrading Turbo?

  9. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Anand, thanks for sharing the Video. Really, appreciate your efforts! HID on your car are really tempting ;). Wish, someone should start importing for Punto's in India.
  10. HI Anandlnt aka Earthed knwn elsewhere
    Welcome to the forum Pal,

    First things first ... good thought in updating yur ride with Fancy Dayline and Power injected Diesel Kit from Diesel express
    May i ask why Diesel Express ? and why not something Kiirus ? understanding the site suggests plug & play no wire cutting
    so theres no void of warranty ... hopefully
    Also after going through this thread ... something hits my mind

    @ 45K : You got tunning kit , tyres, rims, headlights ???
    stanley & CF holdings with ovrm's complimentary ...(as mentioned)
    Can you give in the brakeup for most of the things you got modded...in that budget perhaps?

    Dont you think the price is still too steep ? assuming you had to source it from UK, pay up customs , airfare likewise
    and then handit out to your friend / fabricator for these parts to be installed on the car?
    I am sure DC designs would have given you something out here in a different trim -IMO
    (they also source things which are on warranty including lightings and accessories)

    Check Url :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0UNQkzop8Q&feature=related

    so what make are these dayline running headlamps ? what spects ? I have learned elsewhere that the only installations possible
    is to trade off the entire Stock Punto headlight assy and buy out their Custome Headlight running dayline for the Punto??
    Run me through the deatils of the Bulbs :::
    Earlier all were (front fog , low beam , high beam = Philips DV H1 bulbs with respective wattage)
    and likewise they were direct swap to the Osram night breaker plus ??? Any Reasons for the swap ???
    Why not a OEM HELLA ? or a ImPro 's kit ??

    Referring to the attachment below , what kind of Fabrication is it ?
    As by the looks it looks the Eggcarat grills are painted in Matt Black and the frontal midsection of the bumper is matched/painted
    with the same Blackhue Matt blackHue ? the Custommade name holder is CUTE and standsout

    TO compliment ...why dont you choose to opt for ABARTH Lettering/Strickering run it across the Bonnet or perhaps keep her
    plain jane carry the STOCK RED EXOTICA HUE overall and just do the ABARTH Stickering on the Front Windshield in White...
    My 2 cents

    Awaiting Response

    Punto Front xxx.jpg
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