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Punto MJD service and FE issues

Discussion in 'Technical' started by mahen.jnk, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. mahen.jnk

    mahen.jnk Novizio

    My Punto MJD EP has done 12K and recently got 1 year service done at Malik Cars. Can experts on this forum comment on the below?

    1) The service manual says to check for brake pads and replace if necessary at 15K/1 yr service. So, as "expected" Malik Cars chagnged them and charged Rs 2800/-. Not sure why the pads wear out for 12K kMs?

    2) I used to get around 14-15KMPL till 5K service. Not sure what Malik Cars did during the 5K service; FE has come down to 10-11 KMPL in city. I thought they did some mistuning as part of 5K service and it would get rectified during 15K service but it didn't happen even after the 15K service as I continue to get only 10.5 to 11 KMPL. All the above FE calculations were based on MID display and there is no change in driving style or roads or fuel station used since the vehicle was new. I strongly believe they did some mistuning as part of the 5K service which resulted in Low FE. I am planning to send the vehicle to workshop tomorrow to rectify the FE issue? What could be the problem? What points to insist on? What are the acceptable figures when they test drive the vehicle for FE?

    3) How does MID calculate FE? Is it simply based on RPM, Speed and Gear or based on KMs and actual fuel consumed?

  2. aashish_19

    aashish_19 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.2
    Hi Mahen,;)

    When i bought Punto i used to get 15-17 KMPL in city and 20-21 KMPL on highway during 5000kM.

    After second service done at 13700KM i used to get 18-19 in city and on highway i used to get 23-24 KMPL. Even i got the FE of 26.5 KMPL :clap by maintaining the 2000-2200rpm and speed upto 80kmph max for 30 KM drive(15KM highway and 15 kM city)

    May be its software issue u might be having. Check the software as TASS guy use to sync the ECU component with the laptop pc. Mine too was sync but then after i have noticeable pickup but i am ok with that as it compensated with mileage (kitna deti hai funda )
  3. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    @Mahen, it would be better to test your car on a relatively empty road or a highway. When you reach such a road, reset your trip meter by pressing that trip button and continue driving the car at a speed of around 70-80Kmph. Drive for around 4-5Km at this speed if possible. If your car shows an average of 20kmph or more then there are absolutely no issues.

    MOST IMPORTANT- Be safe while driving. Be alert and keep eyes on road. There is nothing bigger than your safety and fellow drivers on road.
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