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Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Dieselhead, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. that looks stunning.... as always though.....even the palio 1.9d was gleaming like this.....
    BTW we are thinking to order a buffing machine..
    any ideas on specific models or makes are welcome..
  2. Thanks drarvindc,gurjinder and kedarbendre for all the appreciation you have got for the buffing job.Its you senors' who let us know how to keep it gleaming.Its your appreciation that inspires us to keep our cars gleam and shine under the sun.:)
  3. Better to go for the machine that you can order at ebay for Rs.4500.It has got higher rpm as well as a better buffing head.you can also use it as a sander,wet sander and polishing machine.
  4. pradhan9293


    bla bla

    Can i know about you as i am also a fiat fan fron cuttack but staying i chennai
  5. I stay at Khandagiri,Bhubaneswar pradhan9293.whats your ride?
    Sorry for being off topic.Why not make a teamfiat meet at bhubaneswar,for all the TFIans of Orissa?
  6. sharma_sanjeevin

    sharma_sanjeevin Regolare

    Dieselhead, your Punto looks gleaming HOT..!! Do post some interior pics also.

    And, also update on the performance, FE, ride & handling part that you have experienced.

    Happy riding with the GP MJD.
  7. Review

    You'd Love:

    solid built quality,

    italian flair in the styling,quite evidently from the house of giorgetto giugiaro,

    glides on the road,no matter what the road offers,

    robust engine for highway driving,

    intricate details to give the car "the rich guys car" look,like the leather wrapped steering wheel cover and gear knob,desmodronic foldable key and lots of other goodies.

    You'd despise:

    No Palio 1.9D like Torque,you feel the torque oozing only when you run past the 3000rpm mark,

    No VGT(Variable geometry turbocharger),its FGT(F-fixed),

    Dealership Network.

    Flamboyant,muscular and sporty looks,with the masserati style front end i had love to call it 'MINI MASSERATI'.It has got a more curvy but still machismo look.The sweeping headlamps look a class apart,high mast tail lamps give the car a Rally car look.

    HANDLINGHandles like a 'ferrari Scuderia'(only handling),truly a drivers car,it can handle any indian road("i had say TERRAINS") with ease.ABS with EBD brings the car to a smooth halt at the slightest touch of the break pedal.Doesnt Wobble like the i20 or Vista at sharp turns.
    Even when cruising at the ton,you feel as if the car is slowly rolling down the hill.
    You could easily have a cup of coffee without spilling it,even when you just ditch the wheels in a pothole.
    The steering feels light and the feedback from the hydraulic gives you the road feel.
    The big shockers see to it that the car doesnt bump a lot.

    The 76 bhp churned out by the 1.3MJD feels sluggish at low rpms.Go past the 3000rpm mark and the beast within rises to fury.But still palio 1.9Dian's would miss the heavy torque at any speeds.The FGT does a lot to boost the car at the higher Rpm's.You can infact hear the turbo profiles swirling in a low hissing sound.
    the i20 was good till i touched the 120KMPH mark but at higher speeds a typical sound started to spoil my ride experience.:mad::mad:
    The vista is no where close to GP76 in either of the mentioned characteristics. :sad::sad:

    Last edited: Jun 13, 2011
  8. drarvindc


    Wow Dieselhead,

    Great review from an avid fiat fan. I guess Palio is etched on your mind forever. Never drove a 1.9D but not a single owner who doesn't praise it.

    I think this post of yours should be merged with the first post. I would agree Speed becomes an illusion with Punto, remove the speedometer and most of the guys would be driving 80-90+ normal, without being aware of it.
  9. very true drarvindc the car rides stable even at 90,and you feel you are running slow:D
  10. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Even I also experienced the same thing in my 1.2 Petrol Punto. It was so smooth that you can get to know the car ignition is on or off.

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