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Punto MJD Emotion Pack alloy wheels and tyres question

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by harmeet_gm, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Proud owner of Punto MJD Emotion Pack.

    Didn't took car for 3rd service at 45000 KMs, it is now completing near 58000 KMs, Planning to go for service this week.

    Here are the problems I am facing in my Punto:-

    1. Wobbling of car just above 80 km/hr.
    Reason: All four OEM alloy wheels are bent, even Alignment/Balancing person refused to do balancing of tires.

    2. Windshield is having crack in it, may be because of temperature difference of Inside/Outside. Because it is always parked outside.
    Cost of New windshield if anybody has replaced the same.

    3. Steering wheel is making noise if you turn it left or right.

    4. Noise from suspension while crossing path holes.

    5. Rear left window glass not going down, when try to open it, it makes noise and stops after rolling down an inch.

    6. Left window door handle from inside the window is broken, has fixed with some jugad by myself.

    7. OEM head unit was dead after just 9 months, same was replaced by TASS Dhingra Motors,Gurgaon after too much struggle by me after 3 months.
    After just 4 months of use the new Head Unit was dead again with "Can Check Error". Not replaced till now.
    I had amp(Hertz), front Component speakers(Focal), Sub Woofer(Hertz) so I am running this setup by directly connecting 3.5MM lead to amp via split RCA cable.

    As I already mention above it didn't went for service after completing 45000 KMs, can we claim for the steering wheel noise form the ASS.

    Scratches here and there, even as I have to park it outside daily some children have scratched out ABC on the boot lid.

    So now as I am taking it for service this week, should I go to TASS, because there is no Fiat Serivce Center in Gurgaon yet.
    or I should go to FASS in delhi.

    and my punto need urgent tyre change, so "which tyres", is a major question???:confused:
    I have already changed front 2 tyres with goodyear GT3, to which I am very disappointed.
    So I want to know which tyre, from my research, I think Michellin XM2 will be good, what you all say about this??

    Last thing,
    when I last went for alignment, the alignment person told me that 1 side tyre support lever or something is bent also, which needs to be replaced from ASS only.
    So I should first go for service or first go for tyre change and then for service.

    Please help me here..
    And sorry for such a long post.....
  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Did you get a service done outside or are you using the same oil which must've been put in during the 30,000km service? That would mean a total of 28,000km's on one oil. Is this the case? :-|
  3. yes Gurjinder 22ji...
    same oil.......:(
    Last service done was at 34000 Kms...
  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    I think it'll be good to get an estimate from FASS. They have all the reasons in the world to reject your warranty (extended , if you have it) , so get an estimate first of all.

    Head to Kashyap FIAT in Noida. Mr. OP Sharma is good with FIATs there.

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