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Punto MJD Active 15k kms in 6 months and its awesome

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by adicoza786, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. adicoza786


    Hi All,

    Its been a while that I posted any review on my beauty as I was busy driving it.

    Its been just 6 months now that this RED HOT BABE arrived in my life and I have already made her go around for 15k kms. I never thought initially that I would be using it like a bike. But yes I am and its a pleasure driving it.

    Well about the facts! Here they are -

    City Mileage with AC (Bangalore [Vijaynagar - Mysore Road - Domlur ]) - 15 kmpl
    Highway Mileage (Before 1st Service) - It gave 21 kmpl once when I drove alone from Bangalore to Goa via Hubli (400kms of NH4 and rest state highway).
    Highway Mileage (After 1st Service) - It gave 19kmpl with 4 people and full load (Same route - I went 2nd time to my home).

    I have covered the following routes and never once was GC an issue -

    1] Bangalore - Dharwad - Anmod - Goa (Twice - once it was raining heavily at night and the anmod Ghat road was pathetic - driving was mostly in 1st n 2nd gear for a stretch of 20 kms).
    2] Bangalore - Hubli - Karwar - Ankola- Goa (Nice road but the only problem is distance. Around 75 kms more than Anmod route)
    3] Bangalore - Kolhapur - Narsobavadi - Kolhapur - Amboli - Goa.
    4] Bangalore - Kanchipuram - Bangalore. (Twice)
    5] Bangalore - Hassan - Chikkamagalur- Hariharpura - Sringeri - Annegudde - Kundapur - Kukke Subramanya - Shiradi Ghat(Pathetic Road) - Bangalore (Twice).

    and day after I am on my way to Munnar. So if you have any suggestions please give it asap.
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  2. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Whaaao!! In 6 months you have taken Punto to places !!! Good going.. Please do post a ownership report and travelogue of your visits with pics :up

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