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Punto MJD 75HP - Turbo related issue - NEED HELP

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Narayan, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Narayan

    Narayan Regolare

    MODs, sorry for opening a new thread, though i went through multiple threads on Turbo, but my problem is a little unique. Need some expert assistance to validate what is being told to me by the SA now.

    A few weeks back, there was a small accident near Tanjore hitting a dog on the highway as it just jumped just into the car in just a few feet and the car was moving at aroudn 130+km/hr.

    No choice, but hit it. The lower front grill was hit and the bumper was damaged. In addition, the Radiator, intercooler was also hit. I had the car towed to the nearest service station SSB motors in Tanjore and they replaced the Intercooler, Ratidator and the fan (it had developed a bend) under the claim.

    After this work being done, i had someone help me get the car to Chennai, and then i found the car was lacking the turbo pickup. 2000rpm Turbo was not kicking in at all and the car was behaving sluggish in the highway.

    i took it to Ramkay fiat and they initially said that the pick up was normal as all other Puntos, but since i insisted there is an issue, they looked at it in detail. They said, the had to replace a couple of hose pipes and charged around 2500 for the same.

    After i received the car the performance was the same with no improvement. I went back and pushed for a more thorough check up, and now after inspection, they are stating that i need to change the hose pipes and the turbo unit itself. The reason cited is that there is oil leak into the hose connecting intercooler and turbo unit. I saw that the hose connecting the intercooler and turbo is damaged and was not replaced initially.

    My need your expert advise since Im not convinced that i need to replace the turbo unit by itself.

    1. Will the minor accident caused, damage the turbo itself? I see the hose also just bent, and not completely cut off etc.
    2. the oil leak, that is cited as the reason, will tha tbe corected if just replace the hose pipes and check?

    I would need to replace engine oil since im told that there is loss of oil due to this issue.

    There is also soot observed in the silencer outlet.

    Please advise, as i have set up the next meeting with the SA to check if i can claim insurance for this.

  2. Can you post the pics of the same?
    I doubt turbo is damaged by hitting a dog.
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Change ONLY the hose pipe first of all and ask them to ensure all hoses are properly fitted and all clamps fully tightened. It should solve all issues. I had a torn hose pipe recently and the Linea felt like an old Indica ; all is well after replacement.

    Just top off oil and get the oil changed during servicing. And there will ALWAYS be soot in the entire exhaust. It's a diesel engine.

  4. Narayan

    Narayan Regolare

    Thanks for your responses. The hoses are changed and I did a quick service on turbo(RS. 1000+).

    Problem solved!

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